Willow Rosenburg

Willow Rosenburg

Willow Rosenburg though somewhat nerdy can prove to herself strong. A practicing and improving wiccan she hekps the gang out a lot. She is the information getter and the hekper of the group. She has pretty much distinguished herself at Sunnydale High as a nerd and a brain. So everybody looks past poor Willow with the exception of Percy West whom was scared nearly to death by the Willow from the alternate universe.

Willow has always been nice and never really had a boyfriend until Oz came around. Oz and Willow are now steadies and they have a pretty good relationship. They ran into a little detour with Willow and Xander doing a little kissy-kissy but Oz learned to get passed it. But, now she made a new partial enemy, Cordelia.

Her and Xander have been long-time buds and have a good relationship. Except they learned they had more than friend feelings a while ago. I think that these feelings are still lurking and they just haven't come to terms yet.

Now Willow and Oz's relationship is sturdier than ver and Willow is becoming stronger. Her wiccan powers are improving and she is getting aven better at twrling a pencil. Now that she finally faced up to that personal demon, Faith she is even stronger.

Willow and Oz, right before Graduation made love. This made their relationship a lot stronger and they now are even more in love than before. Lets just hope they stay together.

My Thoughts

Willow: can be a nerd sometimes so much that it bugs me. That is what I said third season. Now I like her and after "Dopplegangland" and "Choices" I love her.

Willow's song would have to be "No Rain" by Blind Melon. Sometimes she reminds me of the little bumblebee thriving for attention but pretty soon she becomes cute.

Willow's episode would have to be Choices becuase she finally faced up to Faith and said that she wasn't afraid of her.


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