Xander LaVelle Harris

Xander LaVelle Harris - The key guy

Xander LaVelle Harris was born and raised in Sunnydale alongside his best bud, Willow. Not much is known about his parents except that they don't have lots of money.

All throughout his life he was pretty much known as a dork. He grew up as a normal kid and there wasn't much special about him and his parents even suspected that there might be something wrong, like him being retarted but he passed the test (The Zeppo).

Probably the best thing that ever happened to him was Buffy summers, the slayer moving to town. This introduced him to more excitement and also some new friends. He had a giant crush on her for quite a while but it wore off after he developed a liking for making out with Cordelia Chase in the broom closet.

He then became Cordelia's boyfriend and they went out for quite a while. But it ended after she caught him making out with Willow. That, she never forgave him for and soon became even snobbier to him than she was before they went out. But he proved to her that he didn't care much in the Zeppo and in the Prom the two became friends again but not like going out for anything.

Also during ascension his military knowledge made him be able to be the key guy which really gave him an ego boost. Xander has often been the object of curse. Having remembered being a hyena and also being a soldier. So often times he si the pawn.

My Thoughts

Xander: Xander is one of my favorite characters. His wisecrack's are one imperitive part of the show and that is why he is adored by many. And even sometimes he can be so nerdy that it is funny.

Xander's episode would have to be The Zeppo. He learns a lot int his episode, he loses his virginity, he meets three corpses, and he matures because he ignores Cordelia's crude remarks.


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