Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan
Allison Lee Hannigan (her real name) was born on March 74, 1974 in Washington D.C. Both of her parents where photographers and even as a baby she perked up for the camera. She would model anytime it was needed and she had a natural ability to look great in front of the camera. After years of small modeling Alyson realized that she liked acting a lot better.

She then began appearing in numerous commercial for things such as Mcdonalds, Six Flags, and even Oreo cookies. After the successful recent commercials her family decided that it was time to progress her career by moving to L.A. So when Aly was 11 they packed up and moved to the land of showbiz.

Alyson's first major role was a leading one in the 1988 film, My Stepmother is an Alien. This role is very recognizable to anyone whom has ever seen the movie. Also oddly enough Aly's character, Jessie's love interest is portrayed by her on-screen lover, Seth Green (oz).

After her first film she had a few major and minor roles in small productions that where mostly television. A memorable role is that of Samantha on the Torkelson spin-off Almost Home in which she plays a country girl that goes from geek to chic. She had a few bad streaks in her career but she always hung tight and had a good attitude.

Then in 1997 she was cast as Willow which was the biggest move of her career. The role was originally cast to some other girl if you have ever seen the unaired pilot. But, Aly is just made for the role of Willow, it is almost as if the role was made for her because it fits her perfectly.

Alyons gained much popularity from her Buffy role which led to some film roles. She had a small part on Dead Man on Campus which didn't do too well in the box office. Then this summer came American Pie, which she has the most risque line in the film. A line that made her popularity sky-rocket and also one that anoyone uner 17 shouldn't be hearing.

Sometime nest year you can look for Aly in Pushing City Limits. In this film she plays a role that she has never played before and it is almost hard to imagine her. She plays a heroin-addict with a baby which she'll be able to pull-off.

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Acting Credits

Beyond City Limits (1999)... Unknown
American Pie (1999)... Michelle
Dead Man on Campus (1998)... Lucy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) (TV)... Willow Rosenberg
For My Daughters Honor (1996) (TV)... Unknown
Indecent Seduction (1996) (TV)... Kelly
Stranger Beside Me, The (1995) (TV)... Dana
Touched by an Angel (10/26/1994) (TV)... Cassie Peters in episode: Cassie's Choice

Almost Home (6/5/1993) (TV)... Samantha in episode: Hot Ticket

Almost Home (4/17/1993) (TV)... Samantha in episode: Dance, The

Switched at Birth (1991) (TV)... Gina Twigg, Age 13-16
Free Spirit (1989) (TV)... Jessie Harper
My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988)... Jessie Mills


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