David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz
Boreanaz, the 29 year old hottie that we refer to as Angel is really new to tinseltown. Having wanted to act at a young age David was inspired when he was exposed to Yul Brinner in the "King and I". He knew that he wanted to act and he sure was right because he is very true to his talent. Buffy's producer Marcia Shulman stated, "David is a man in a world full of boys." and he really is. Most teenage shows have small[er] 20 year olds that play the characters. But David Boreanaz has the look of someone older and more intense, such as lets just say a vampire.

David graduated from Ithaca college and soon moved to Hollywood to try to persue his dream of being an actor. He wasn't getting to many good roles at his first start. He was only getting jobs like guest starring roles such as "Married ... with Children" and "Men Don't Lie". He also got a few extra roles but this wasn't enough for this gorgeous one of talent.

David, after probably almost giving up was finally spotted by an agent. All he was doing this time though was taking a mere walk with his dog. David was cast as Angel in a new show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Though everyone's hopes where not held high becuase of the [un]success of the movie. The first season began in 1997 and it soon became a hit with teenagers all around. By its second season David was to be seen on Teen Magazine covers all around and admired by most teenage girls.

David in real life is just an average 29 year old. He is married to his wife Ingrid (sorry girls) whom is a social worker and he does work to get that shaped body. He enjoys do average "man" things to workout such as basketball,baseball, football, bungee jumping, tennis, skiing, boxing and even just cardio workout. David hasn't exactly been in last summers #1 horror flick or anything like that, but his Buffy character has become so popular that it has triggered its own spinoff entitled Angel, due out fall 1999. What's next for the Philedelphian born actor, only the future can tell us that.

David Sites
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Acting Credits

Angel (1999) (TV)... Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) (TV)... Angel (1997-1999)
Macabre Pair of Shorts (1996)... Vampire's victim
Married... with Children (4/11/93)...Frank in episode: Movie Show

Best of the Best II (1993) (uncredited)
Aspen Extreme (1993) (uncredited)


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