Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku was born on December 20, 1980 to her two college professor parents. She wasn't born into a showbiz family or anything but rather she started out performing at her local theater, Watertown Children's Theater. She gained many skills from the performing which gave her enough experience to make her film debut at the tender age of 11 in a movie called That Night.

She had a pretty generous role in that film which led her to be in her second film, This Boy's Life 1993. Which starred a then un-famous Leonardo Dicaprio. She was often badgered and bullied for being in showbiz from the kids at school. But, Leo (Dicaprio) taught her how to deal with them and hid advice really helped her through high school.

From 1994-96 Eliza got okay roles in films that where notable but nothing to get her very recognized. After those films she decided to concentrate more on her school work. After spending her Junior and Senior years going to school she finally graduated with better grades. Summer of '98 was when Eliza signed on to be in Buffy the vampire Slayer the role that would finally give her the recognition she deserves.

To rule out working complications Eliza had to be legally mancipated from her parents because she was only 17 at the time she signed with Buffy, she then moved form Watertown, Massachusetts to L.A. She now is 18 years old and lives with her brother Nate, in L.A. Her Buffy character is in a coma so it gives her a choice to come back whenever she decides. She has been offered many roles but is pretty sure she wants to concentrate on college.

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Acting Credits

Cheer Fever (2000)...Unkown
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998-1999)...Faith
Race the Sun (1996)...Cindy Johnson
Bye,Bye Love (1995)...Emma
Journey (tv) (1995)...Cat
True Lies (1994)...Dana Tasker
This Boy's Life (1993)...Pearl
That Night (1992)...Alice Bloom


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