Joyce Summers

Joyce Summers - The slayer's mom

Joyce Summers is Buffy's mom. She raised her perfectly normally in Los Angeles with her husband Hank Summers. She had a pretty normal life until in Buffy's teen years her and Hank started having a bad relationship and fighting a lot. This upset Buffy a lot so much that Joyce didn't really know about.

After divorcing Hank Joyce decided it was time to get out of Los Angeles and she decided to pick the small town of Sunnydale. There her and Buffy lived pretty happily, she was a little suspicious of the blood she always found on Buffy's clothes but she just tried to ignore it.

Later Joyce found out that Buffy was actually a vampire slayer which was pretty shocking at first. She was in such shock that she kicked buffy out of the house not meaning it. After a summer Buffy returned and Joyce was really sensative.

Joyce currently works at an art gallery. She hasn't really had too many boyfriends since Hank but she did have Ted whom was actually a robot. Although in Bandcandy she did have sex with Giles so she is a little uncomfortable around him, a realtionship may spark up between the two.

My Thoughts

Joyce: The first two seasons Joyce really annoyed me because she was so clueless. Now she just kind of knows to stay out of the way and I like her for that.

Joyce's episode would have to be Bandcandy. This is because it shows her as a kid personality having fun.


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