Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon
Nicholas Brendon is very new to acting. He was born on April 12, 1971 in Los Angeles. Not much is known about Nick because he has only come into the spotlight after Buffy. He was a nerd in high school with a studder and he was very shy around most people. He has a twin borther named Kelly whom is usually mistaken for him because on the off-season Nick grows a goatee and Keely doesn't.

In 1993 Nick was a production assistant on Dave's World but was fired for napping on the set. Soon after he had a very small part in Children of the Corn 3 as just one of the basketball players. After that he didn't do much acting untill in 1996 he was cast as the wisecracking Xander on the soon to be a hit mid-season replacement Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After Buffy his career took a major boost and he is now at heartthrob status. He also has 2 new flicks coming soon. One which there is little known about is called Phsyco Beach party which kinda sounds a little strange. The other is a teen horror flick about an evil pinata called Pinata. Nick enjoys baseball, being with his girlfriend Wendie and his most embarassing moment was when Sarah and Aly pulled down his boxers in front of 40 extras on the set of The Pack

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Acting Credits

Pinata (2000)...unkown
Psycho Beach Party (2000)...unknown
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-) (TV)... Xander LaVelle Harris
Children of the Corn III (1994)... Basketball Player One
Married... with Children (9/12/93)...Guy In Ray-Ray's gang in episode: Hood in the Boyz


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