Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar was born and raised in New York city by her mother Rosselan. She never had a father figure and in an interview she stated that she never really sees him or thinks of him as her father "she wants to believe she was an immaculate conception, but her mom says no" she tells Detour magazine. She wasn't born into an acting family, her mom being a schoolteacher. Actually she was discovered by a talent agent while dining at a local restaurant when she was the mere age of 4.

She began her career by doing small child modeling sessions such as the cover of "Parent's" magazine. The modeling soon led to acting where she landed very small extra parts in shows, etc.

Then by the time she was 5 she did a long chain of Burger King commercials. These commercials where the first commercials to actually use another businesses name in comparison. Sarah said in her cute little voice along the lines of "Do I look 29% smaller to you because Mcdonald's hamburgers are 29% smaller than Burger King's". Mcdonalds was not very happy so they launched a lawsuit on not only the company but also a 5 year old little girl we now call Buffy. This was a very famous lawsuit enititled "The Battle of the Burgers", but the lawsuit was shortly dropped. When the lawsuit was dropped they said in there new set of commercials "Merry Christmas, Mcdonalds!".

She moved on to bigger roles and was, by the age of 6 on the set of her film debut "An Invasion of Privacy". She played Valerie Harper's daughter and the role is often forgotten because of how different Sarah looks now. Sarah has been seen in numerous guest appearances on various shows and soon led up to roles that where a little bigger.

In 1989 she wooed New York on the pre-teen show Girl Talk. Too bad this was cancelled after only five episodes. She also had a small part in the movie "High Stakes" that year. We weren't witnessed to much more of Sarah not counting commercials until 1991. She landed a part as young Jackie Kennedy in the critically acclaimed miniseries "A Woman Named Jackie".

Casting agents got a look at this talented fresh faced actress and she was soon cast in "Swans Crossing" This was set in 1992 around the Guns n Roses era and delt with normal teenage occurances. The show was cancelled after 65 episodes for an unsure reason. Some say it was because of poor time slot, others say they advertised dolls when they weren't supposed to. Sarah also on top of her acting excelled in schoolwork and graduated two years early with a 4.0 average at the age of 16.

Sarah got her first really big break in 1993 when she got to be the daytime diva, Erica Kane's daughter in "All My Children". She played the evil Kendall Hart and critics loved her. They liked her so much that they gave her the nominations for Emmy awards. She didn't win 'til 1995 but the day after the announcement that Sarah was leaving the show was made. The choice was decided a long time ago. But, rumors filtered that she was leaving because Susan Lucci despised her for her win or her ego was blown up.

The truth was, Sarah was looking for more challenging roles. It took her a while to find the perfect role until her problems where solved in 1996. Though it seems like Sarah got the rolle in a flat second but that is anything but the truth. Sarah was first cast as Cordelia because she had her soapy vixen llok. The 200 something auditions later after a shortage of matched for the role of "Buffy" Sarah was finally cast as Buffy, the role that was meant for her. She then adapted her new blonde slayerish look.

Buffy the Vampire slayer wasn't a hit at first because of the WB's previous misses with shows. But, towards the end of the first season a large fanbase started to develop. By the second season Buffy was one of the most watched shows on television.

After the first season Sarah's Buffy fame landed her two parts of the same genre. The movies "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Scream 2". She soon became one of the biggest teen queens in Hollywood. During the second season of Buffy her popularity skyrocketed and she was seen on the cover of almost every teen magazine. She even got to host "Saturday Night Live" and was the object of every teenage boy's effection.

The following summer she filmed two more films. One which flopped in the box office "Simply Irresistible" and another which did pretty good "Cruel Intentions". In Cruel Intentions the part required her to kiss a girl do most of the tabloids said she was a lesbian. That, of course was completely untrue. She continued the next season of Buffy and is still a success.

She now lives in Los Angeles with her furball, a maltese terrier name Thor and films Buffy. Unfortunately Sarah was too tuckered out to do anymore movies this summer. So instead she is using her remaining energy to help build houses for the poor in the Dominican Republic.

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Acting Credits

Cruel Intentions (1999)... Kathryn Merteuil

Simply Irresistible (1999)... Amanda Shelton

She's All That (1999) (uncredited)... Girl in Cafeteria

King of the Hill (9/22/98)...Marie (voice) in episode: They Call It Bobby Love

Small Soldiers (1998) (voice)... Gwendy Doll

Scream 2 (1997)... Casey "Cici" Cooper

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)... Helen Shivers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) (tv)... Buffy Anne Summers

Beverly Hills Family Robinson (1997) (TV)... Jane Robinson

All My Children (1993-95) (tv)... Kendall Hart Lang

Swans Crossing (1992) (TV)... Sydney Orion Rutledge

Woman Named Jackie, A (1991) (TV)... Teenage Jacqueline Bouvier

Girl Talk (1989) (TV)... Herself

High Stakes (1989)... Karen Rose


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