Michael Saucedo took on the role of General Hospital's edgy yet charming Juan Santiago in May, 1999. A search for his father brings Juan to Port Charles, where he immediately meets and is smitten by the likes of Emily Bowen Quartermaine (Amber Tamblyn). His association with Port Charles crime lord Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) makes him a dangerous suitor for Emily, as the two begin their young romance in the throes of forbidden love.

Born to Irish and Mexican parents, Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At four years old, he landed his first commercial for Band-Aid. He went on to appear in national commercials for McDonalds and Mattel, to name a few. As a child actor, he appeared in such hit television shows as St. Elsewhere, Taxi and Silver Spoons; and he co-starred with Rob Lowe in the television movie, Thursday's Child.

During the last three years, Michael has worked on such television projects as Sister, Sister and Alexandria Hotel, as well as a pilot based on his real-life singing group, Shades of One. He also starred in the feature films, Must Be the Music and River Made to Drown In. Acting is not Michael's only passion. After graduating from high school, Michael took some time away from acting to focus on his other love -- music. Somehow, acting continued to be a presence in his life. Music and acting have finally stopped competing as he is now successfully living both dreams. As part of the pop singing group, Shades of One, and his role on General Hospital, Michael is living his ideal life.

Michael is currently single and lives with his dog, Sierra, in Los Angeles. When he is not working, writing songs or recording, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors, going to the beach and playing basketball.

Juan Santiago

Raised by his adoptive parents in Puerto Rico, Juan is the natural son Lily Corinthos and Miguel Morez. In his journey to learn his true parentage, he has come to Port Charles believing that Sonny is his father.

Juan has now convinced his father that Port Charles is the place for him, so with his new job at L&B Records now at hand and Emily by his side, look for Juan's storyline to be heating up soon!


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