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if it ain't here, it's not worth watching.
nothing here is what wouldn't be on tv or a pg13 movie.  kiddies go home.  you wouldn't understand these stories anyway.
i know i haven't updated in along time. i'm sorry. i will as soon as summer semester is over and i have time to type what i've written. the spelling is bad. i know. i don't have time nor energy to fight with my spell check.   send all comments to please, no flames.  if you don't like my point of view or don't agree with it, polietly tell me.  if you don't like my writing, don't be cruel.  i appericate constructive critism of all types to both my work and my ideas.  one can not grow if one is not stimulated. even if you hate the site and think my work is horrible, i don't care. mail me anyway.

chicago hope (primarly billy and diane.  trying to deal with the fact that peter berg was leaving before i found out that jayne brooke was too and most of the stories reflect that.)

what if kate hadn't burst in durning cabin fever
on the eve of billy's departure to south america , all is not well
a powerful thing
an favor for a friend proves that a parent's love is a powerful thing
bruises on the living
thrid in the soap opera series
what can billly do about diane's new relationship.  slight er crossover
chicago contemplations
the sequal to disney dilberations. definately a parrel univers being created. er crossover.
chicago hope; life on the streets
a chicago hope homicide crossover.  a death in baltimore sends lewis and munch to chicago.
a sudden illness causes billy to reflect on his relationship with diane
diseny delbreations
a confernce in the happyest place on earth reunites seperated lovers.  major er crossover.(what can i say, they're in the same city for crying out loud.)
billy had disappeared, will diane let him go
let me come home
an old addiction causes new problems for billy and diane
life after hope
a short sketch of what could be next for billy and diane. may write more
lost and found in las vegas
can lost love be found again
memories best forgotten
yet another diane is traumatized story and billy is there to support her. i like it
mothering ivy
the title sums it up
rains out of africa
what if billy hadn't come after diane to africa and emily had made her debut a little sooner in the show?
more trauma over alan's death
a tramatic experience leads diane do anything she can to survive
teach me to swim
fourth and final in the soap opera series
diane's depression reaches a head
the long way around
diane returns from africa with a suprise
the unfinished files of chicago hope
short scenes i've played with but haven't written more
when a leave of absance  isn't enough
first in what i fondly call the soap opera series
alan's death leaves diane traumatized
when the best isn't good enough
ever wonder what ever happened to sam tate?

star trek voyager
the facts of life from a to q
a amusing piece cowritten with some friends, from the same writing team that brought you a very brady voyager. sap warning.
the killing game continued
the title sums it up

a very brady voyager
a strang virus reeks havoic on voyager

space above and beyond
fighting the enivitable
a transfer lands shane in hostile waters
semper fi
part one of three. love forces shane to make a painful choice.
semper fi part 2
see part 1.
semper fi part 3
see part 1.

earth 2
seasons to remeber
a contiuation of the show
gaul causes more pain and suffering

babylon 5
hell and back part 1
susan has reprocussions dealing with her telapatic ablities
hell and back part 2
a ghost gives susan hope

one in a billion
the one billionth birth brings mulder and scully to the midwest

what should have been
marks attack brings susan back. (oh look, i made a rhyme)

humor and comments
be for warned, it's strange and unusual, but it's clean fun and you might find i new idea you like

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