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me wilting in 35C+ heat

Hi, I'm firelizardee

I'm in the process of moving in - so I may be round to borrow the odd cup of coffee. And of course there will be lots of boxes lying about, so things may be a bit untidy.

Not even Sinclair of B5 moved in without lots of empty boxes kicking around - just take a look at down below. Those boxes were still there after 20 years.

I'm interested in SciFi and Fantasy in TV/Film and print. Pop in and have a look & see whats on. Have you any chocolate? plain's my favorite and I feel the need for some and luckily someone's put up some info about what chocolate does to us
I also love going on holiday...anywhere hot....and with sites to see.  Year 2000 holiday was in Crete.


If you're into TV/Film SciFi such as: Babylon 5,Star Trekor Star Wars, then I've some photos of conventions I've been to.

Then again if you prefer reading I'd recommend the books of A Mccaffrey (Pern) or J R R Tolkien (Middle Earth ).

What connects all these? You might ask. Well B5 has Techno Mages (Wizards) and Elrick said 'Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger'** (see 'Geometry of Shadows') which is also said in Lord of the Rings. TLOTR has dragons, so do the stories of Pern. (so does Crusade mmm). B5 and Star Trek have many links: actors/directors (Majel Barret, Julie Caitlin Brown, Andreas Katsulus, even the actor who played Elrick). So what connects Star Trek to Star Wars? Well I've seen a Klingon kissAdmiral Oz***. Does that count.

Let me know if you know of any links between the two.

** Of course I may be misquoting the quote.


I suffer from depression and have done so for many years. There's a support and advice forum at There's help and advice for people with depression, anti-derpessant medication, bipolar disorder, GAD, SAD etc.

Email : keeping it safe! font>

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