Touched by Charlie's Angels

by Jim Rosenberg

Disclaimer: The characters of Charlie's Angels are the sole property of Spelling-Goldberg Productions, Columbia Pictures, and Sony Television.


(HOLLYWOOD, JRI) - Aaron Spelling, capitalizing on the success of CBS' "Touched by an Angel," announced today that he will produce a new hour long prime time drama "Touched by Charlie's Angels." Spelling has already reportedly negotiated bargain basement contracts with the original stars, whose careers have reached bottom. The format will be vintage Spelling, with the Angels dressed in essentially lingerie throughout the 60 minute program. They will be "summoned up" by desperate unattractive losers in need of an Angel, whereupon they will engage in every permissible act short of intercourse which can be shown on network television. Della Reese, in a bitter contract dispute with CBS over her "Touched by an Angel" earnings, is said to have contacted Spelling and offered to do full frontal nudity for a few thousand dollars more, but was flatly refused.


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