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Welcome to Mantrid's Lexx Site!
Kai, the last of the Brunnen G!!
The lexx, the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes!!
Stanley H. Tweedle, the Arch Heretic!!
Zev Bellringer, of B3K!!
Xev Bellringer, of B3K!!


The Dark Zone Stories.

Lexx: The Series.

Alien Races.

The Picture Galleries (NEW!!).

Lexx Links.
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Lexx is back THIS year, god knows when!!!

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Filming on Lexx: Season 3 began over the summer, at present there are 13 episodes, where the Lexx crew are trapped on a broken lexx and the majority of action will take place on two planets.

Photos courtesy of Salter Street Films.

This site is intended to be an un-official fan page which is dedicated to the best Sci-Fi show in the world!!

If I have made any kind of error or mistake with any of the images, sorry. It is not my intention to break any laws, please E-mail me if any errors have been made and I will make the necessary modifications.

The Official Lexx site!!
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Official Lexx site!!

This Ultimate Sci-Fi/Fantasy Webring Site is owned by: Mantrid .

This Lexx Ring site owned by Adam.
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