Naughty Lorianne

  • "Goodie Goodie, I Am Gonna Steal Me Some Cookies From The Cookie Jar"
  • "Does Anyone Knows I Just Broke Wind?"
  • "Wonder If The Gals Are Getting A "Party" Going Tonight?"
  • "I Wonder If My Afterglow Is Visble?"
  • "I Wonder If That Hunky CelebWatcher Will Be In Town Soon?"
  • "Does Anyone Know I Dented Charlie's Car On The Way In Tonight?"
  • "After The Show, I M Gonna Kick The Sheeeeeeet Outta Roseanne"
  • "Hey Butt-head...Hhe Hhe Hhe..." [Also Could Be]
  • "Hey Bevis....Hhe Hhe Hhe..."
  • "After This Show Has Run It's Course, I Am Gonna Break Out In XXX pictures...!"

  • & Finally...
  • "I Loooooooooooooove When They Drool At My Legs"

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