[Tip Of The Ole Austin Hat To The CapMan For Writing This...]

Recently i heard that the few Lorianne fansites that existed on the net shut down due to threats from TNN and it made me mad, real mad. I find it ridiculous that they would demand a non-profit fan page to shut down, i mean really! how clueless are these people? it's FREE publicity for them and the C & C show and just makes more fans of Lorianne, it's not hurting the network in any way, nobody is profiting from using copyright material so what harm is there in posting pictures taken from the show?, it's just the same as if someone taped the show on VHS and lent the tape to a friend, would you sue them for that?. We are just Lorianne fans who like to post and trade pictures with one another, it's no big deal. It really drives me crazy when celebrities or companies that are completely internet illiterate overblow everything and start trying to shut fansites down due to their own ignorance, paranoia and fear of what's being done with their "copyrighted" material, the fact is that it does no harm to the network if someone uses something that you own the copyright to on a non-profit website, how can it?

If anyone from TNN is reading this remember, suing fans who run non-profit fansites won't go over well with the public and your viewers who are the people who buy products from your advertisers, the internet is powerful and word of mouth spreads fast, Actress Alyssa Milano's mother Lin has been suing fans of her daughter whose websites she doesn't approve of and it backfired on her, now she has the image of a bullying hypocrite, she has even gone on several tv talk-shows complaining about it and now most of Alyssa's former fans have turned against her, it's done major damage to her image and career, so don't go down that road and drag Lorianne's image down and make her look like someone who picks on her fans the same way the Milano's do, just lighten up and be happy that people are interested in your shows at all. Anyway, if you want to continue to shut sites down, go ahead, but don't be surprised when the shows ratings start to take a major dive when people start spreading the word about your bullying tactics around the net and then people stop tuning in to your shows completely and your sponsors start pulling their ads.

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