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Welcome to the website that STRICTLY serves as a partial mirror to the Stargate Sg-1 fan site found within The Chronicles main website. There's plenty of fan fiction, a fairly large links section, an episode guide, and more. For important information concerning this website, please peruse the Site Notes. For all other announcements, where to go if this site goes offline for some odd reason, and more, please visit my Live Journal. Thanx a bunches! ~smile~

Episode Guide * slowly coming back on-line *
My personal, rather quirky, reviews of the episodes with a Daniel appeal and a collection of cast photos and screen shots I've grabbed from a variety of places (with permission).

Character Guide * under re-construction *
See the people (and aliens) as I see them: sgc personnel, sgc sleaze, goa'ulds, tok'ra, jaffa, nox, replicators and more.

Fan Fiction
My collection of stories: poetry, one shots, multi-parts, arcs, and more.

Links * under re-construction *
Browse my favorite sg1 sites and 'dem some: official sites, unofficial sites, sites with fan fiction, mailing lists, web rings, and more.

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