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emily - 11/22/00 04:56:18
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how u doin'? hehehehe I love your site I think friends is a awsome show... It's a show you never get tired of watching it's always funny... I bet ya it will be 4EVER!!! So I think your site is really cool......

Lindsay - 08/01/00 08:54:17
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I love your site! Don't forget to visit my friends site!

Americus - 05/10/00 19:37:17
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This was a cool site

Karl Pountney - 04/08/00 19:22:33
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This site is cool and all the credit goes to the creators, but the real credit has to go to the six most coolest people on the planet Jennifer Ansiton, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc and David Schwimmer

Andrew Hutchinson - 03/28/00 01:51:59
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This is a great page, I love all the sounds (all of which I downloaded). Friends is a great comedy and this page does it justice!

Sean Thompson - 03/20/00 13:48:12
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Why are the sounds over three pages? Why aren't they all wave files? Why??

Sandra - 03/17/00 02:55:39
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awesome site!! I love Friends so much. I think it's the best show

Stacy-(unbelivably!) - 03/12/00 03:09:00

Stacy, I love your page! I, myself am an enormous friends fan! I batcha that I have seen every episode! Thank you for having such an entertaing and fun-filled website! Sincerly, Stacy

Riccardo - 03/10/00 09:39:41
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Hey Stacy, how you doin'? I love your homepage, especially those funny audio downloads. Hopefully there will soon be some more cool stuff here . Keep it up! Friends is the best show ever!!!

Raleigh - 02/29/00 01:42:52
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Stacy - 02/21/00 15:22:49
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Just a Test

Stacy - 03/28/99 19:49:25
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Just testing

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