Sound Files
Click on the file....if you want to download it to your puter, choose save file to disk. If you just want to listen to these hilarious files, choose open file from current location. Enjoy! Oh yeah, by the way don't listen to these if you have to pee! :)
Ross and Chandler discussing what women say to eachother about sex
Phoebe's Jingle Bitch Song
Chandler.......Lesbian Life Partner
Phoebe doing her impression of the way men talk
Phoebe's Shower Song......Lather, Rince, Repeat
Phoebe's Cow in the Meadow Song
Monica slips up on the phone thinking it is Richard
Phoebe and Chris Isaac sing Smelly Cat
Of Course.......The "Friends" Theme Song
Chandler and Ross and Breast Milk
Rachel's resume mess up......compuper skills
Ross and Chandler talk about I look fat?
Rachel and Chandler......Tit for Tat
Rachel talking about how she thought Chandler was gay
Chandler and his Internet romance
Rachel wants Ross to grab her ass
Rachel on "Being Your Own Windmaker"
Ross's dream about playing football WITH Ben
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