ANGLE- What is planned to happen during a show to interest the viewers

BABY FACE- The good guy (In this day and age usually booed more than the heel)

BLADE- To use a hidden razor to draw blood

BUMP- To take a maneuver that actually does cause bodily damage (Taking a chair shot as an example)

GETTING OVER- When the crowd is interested in what is happening

HEAT- When the crowd cheers in excitement

HEEL- The bad guy

INSIDER- Someone who actually works in the wrestling business

JABRONIE- Look in the mirror

JOB- To lose a match

JOBBER- Someone who loses more matches than wins (Example:  90% of ICW's roster)

MOLE- An individual working for one organization but illegally helping a different and often times rival organization

NEUTRAL- Neither a fan favorite or a rule breaker

NO SELL- When someone acts as though they are not effected by a maneuver

OPEN A CAN OF WHOOP @$$- What should be opened on you if you don't know what this expression means!

OUTSIDER- Someone not in the wrestling business

POP- When the crowd erupts with excitement

PREZ- Short slang term for President

PROMO- Also used as "to cut a Promo" which means to conduct an interview

RIP- To tell someone off

ROLE PLAY- To act as though you are someone else

RUN IN- When an individual or group of people interfere in a match

SELL- To act as though a wrestling maneuver caused pain or unconsciousness

SERIES- A set of maneuvers and/or counter maneuvers

SHOOT- An interview or angle that could be believed to be the truth

SPOOF- An interview designed to make satirical fun of someone

SPOT- A move by a wrestler and the selling of the move by the recipient

STORY LINE- What is happening between two wrestlers, a series of angles

VALET- A female manager

WORK- A storyline which is conceived from an occurence backstage or from the real world