5 Episodes

  Koo Tin Lok
as Yee Mun Hing

Pang Chi Ching
as Lau Mong Sik

Yeung Ling
as Tung Yee


"The Hitman Chronicles", is a series of short stories dealing with ancient legends of heroic deeds. The entire series consists of seven seperate stories, and was 35 episodes in total length. Louis Koo stars in the fourth story, "Yin Fai Che Hak" as Yee Mun Hing, a local beauty therapist who leads a double life as a hitman, with the call sign of, "Yin Fai". At the hitman cult of Tin Bo Tong, Yin Fai, is the best hitman. Yin Fai was given the main responsibility of assinating, Dai Yin Emporer An Lushan. Pang Chi Ching plays, Lau Mong Sik, a local aritist who also leads a double life as a messenger for the hitman cult, with the call sign of "Siu Kiu". Yeung Ling plays the Hon Ling Princess of Dai Yin, Tung Yee.


"Yin Fai Che Hak", takes place at Luoyang. This story is based during the Tong Dynasty (618-907). During the reign of Emporer Tong Ming (712-756), China had entered into a period known as "Propsperity Era of Kaiyuan Rule" in history. In the latter part of his reign Emporer Tong Ming, negelected state affairs and miliatry matters. Emporer Tang Ming spent many hours of the day enjoying the company of Yang Gufei, songs and poets. Emporer Tang Ming placed complete trust in An Lushan to handle military affairs. An Lushan had always wanted to revolt against the Tong Dynasty, recruited many Hu tribesman and Khitan warriors to replace Han warriors in high posts. In 755 An Lushan lead a revolt against the Tong Dynasty in the name of killing corrupt Prime Minister Yang Guozhong, who was Yang Gufei's brother. An Lushan then captured Luoyang and proclaimed himself as Emporer in January 756 with the rule of Dayan.

An Lushan then led his rebel army and captured Chang'an. Immperial guards protected Emporer Tong Ming, during his escape. Hungry and cold the Immperial guards blamed Yang Gufei for all their troubles and ordered Emporer Tong Ming to kill Yang Gufei. Emporer Tong Ming refused at first and the Immperial guards became outraged and shouted that they would no longer protect Emporer Tong Ming unless Yang Gufei was killed. Left with few options Emporer Tong Ming ordered Yang Gufei to committ succide. In order to quell the revolt Li Heng ascended the throne in Lingwu, in 756. Chang'an was recaptured by the Tang army in 1957.


The hitman cult, Tin Bo Tong, discuss plans to assinate An Lushan's big general, Nam Hing. Master Fei Wu, request the cult leader to send his top hitman, call sign "Pin Fok", to assinate General Nam. Through his right hand man, the cult leader refuse. Master Lo Sie, then request the cult leader to send the best hitman from Tin Bo Tong, call sign "Yin Fai" who is also his disciple. The right hand hand informs the cult leader that Yin Fai has been on many missions and has never once failed to accomplish his mission. Behind the dark curtins, the cult leader nods his head, and the right hand man then informs Master Lo Sie to send Yin Fai on the mission. Master Fei Wu is charged with the responsibility of sending a messenger to contact Yin Fai.

Siu Kiu, writes a coded message kite and flies in the sky. From inside his room Yin Fai sees the kite through his windows. He takes the code book from his pockets, and desiphers the message. "Assinate General Nam Hing, - From Siu Kiu". In the evening General Nam Hing was drinking wine and attempting to rape a girl. Yin Fai flies in from the roof tops and takes the lives of many soldiers outside. In a flash he disappears as a heavily injured soldier attempts to warn General Nam. Upon seeing the dead soldiers, Nam Hing, becomes frozen on the spot with fear as the young girl makes in escape. Yin Fai flies from the roof and captures Nam Hing from behind. Nam Hing attempts to bargain with Yin Fai. Unfortuneatly Yin Fai is only interested in Nam Hing's head and cuts it off before making a quicke escape.

Next morning Yee Mun Hing was applying make up to a young girl in his beauty theraphy, when soldiers perform a search through the streets. The soliders then approach Yee Mun Hing, because someone claimed that he was invovled in the assination of General Nam Hing. Yee Mun Hing became a little worried, until he discovered that the Hong Ling Princess, Tung Yee, was just joking with him. The Princess then goes into the beauty therapy to get a new look done. Yee Mun Hing then enquires the Princess, were she had planned to go in the evening. The Princess informed Yee Mun Hing that she was attending an Art Forum in the evening held by local artist, Lau Mong Sik.

Meanwhile Siu Kiu, requested Master Fei Wu, to promote her from the position of messenger to a hitman. Master Wu Fei refused and reminded her not to allow her indentity to be uncovered by other hitman, including Yin Fai. Master Fei Wu, then informs Siu Kiu, that An Lushan's accountant, Gwai Cheung, was attending Lau Mong Sik's Art forum. Master Fei Wu then informs Siu Kiu that her mission is to help, another messenger call sign "Lau Siu", to steal and make a copy of the key from Gwai Cheung and send it to Yin Fai.

In the evening Yee Mun Hing attends the Art Forum with, Princess Tung Yee. Gwai Cheung is at the forum also, as Lau Mong Sik, approaches them. At once both Yee Mun Hing and Gwai Cheung fall for Lau Mong Sik's beauty. Gwai Cheung tries to use his wealth to impress Lau Mong Sik but fails to attract her notice and is made to look like a full. Yee Mun Hing on the other hand uses his class to impress Lau Mong Sik. Gwai Cheung does not give in easily, and attempts to share a drink with Lau Mong Sik. She refuses and spills the drink on Gwai Cheung's clothes. Gwai Cheung then requests Lau Mong Sik to take him upstairs so he could dry his clothes. When Gwai Cheung removes his coat, Lau Mong Sik, notices the key. Gwai Cheung then requested that Lau Mong Sik teach him how to draw. While they were drawing, Lau Mok Sik, steals the key and throws it to Lau Siu who was waiting below in the garden.

Lau Siu makes a copy of the key and throws it back to Lau Mong Sik. At this point Gwai Cheung could no longer resist and attempted to rape Lau Mong Sik. Yee Mun Hing heard the call of help and rushed in to aid Lau Mong Sik, but he was beaten up by Gwai Cheung. Hong Ling Princess, Tung Yee then came to help her friend. Gwai Cheung leaves but vowes to take revenge of Yee Mun Hing. The Princess leaves also to inform An Lushan of the misunderstanding. Lau Mong Sik thanked Yee Mun Hing and they arranged to meet many days later.

In the morning Siu Kiu sends the key in a basket down the river with a map and message. Yin Fai picks up the map and the message, which states that his mission is collaborate with other hitmen to steal the treasure. Once again Yin Fai sets off on his mission. In a flash he kills many soldiers, and uses his key to open the door guarding the treasure. Later a team of hitmen arrive to collect the gold as he watches. Having accomplished his mission, Yin Fai, rushes back to Louyang. Both Yee Mun Hing and Lau Mong Sik, had arrived in time for thier meeting at the resturant. Lau Mong Sik was flattered when Yee Mun Tin told her that she was the most beautiful women that he had ever saw. They began to fall deeply for each other.

Meanwhile An Lushan discovers that the treasure had been stolen and executes, Gwai Cheung. Prince An Hingsu and General See Sin Ling, suspect that it was Tong Emporer, Li Heng who was responsible. Prince An Hingsu also suspected that Li Heng had been using a cult called Tin Bo Tong, to assinate thier high government officials one by one. Later Yee Mun Hing goes to visit, Mo Yung Hei, who is his foster farther. Mo Yung Hei is an inventor who had been summoned to the palace many times by An Lushan. Yee Mun Hing, remembered well how he was accepted as a son by Mo Yung Hei and felt that he could not do enough to repay him. Later Mo Yung Hei enters the palace ridding on a wooden bike, to tell funny stories about An Lushan's rival, Li Heng, Yang Gufei and Emporer Tang Ming. An Lushan is pleased and informed Princess Tung Yee that he had arranged her to marry Liao Prince Hak Han. Tung Yee refused, making An Lushan angry. Prince An Hingsu promised to help Tung Yee to change An Lushan's mind.

Princess Tung Yee then decided to see Yee Mun Hing and arranged to meet with him many days later. Many days later Yee Mun Hing, visited Lau Mong Sik. Tung Yee spotted them together and become outraged. Yee Mun Hing explained that he loved Lau Mong Sik only and treated the Princess as a friend only. The Princess decided to let them go, upon seeing that both were prepared to die for the other. Back at Lau Mong Sik's place she had completed a drawing of Yee Mun Hing to keep by her side.

Later, Tin Bo Tong, planned to assinate An Lushan. Yin Fai was given the responsibilty of accomplishing the difficult mission. An Lushan heard news that an assin had been sent to take his and became so nervous that he killed a palace guard by mistake. Yin Fai dressed up as a palace guard and attempted to assinate An Lushan on his birthday. Upon arriving, Yin Fai, discovered that An Lushan was already dead. Yin Fai became frozen to the spot and was captured by An Hingsu and General See. He was locked in the prison and kept for questioning. Tin Bo Tong discovered that Yin Fai's cover had been blown and the cult leader decided to send Master Fei Wu and his men to kill Yin Fai.

Princess Tung Yee went to see Yee Mun Hing for an explanation. Yee Mun Hing explained that his real identity is a hitman call sign Yin Fai. He also explained to the Princess that An Lushan was already dead before he could assinate him. Yin Fai wanted to remain alive to uncover the thruth. Even when tortured Yin Fai did not reveal any of Tin Bo Tong's secrets. Suddenly Master Fei Wu, and his band of hitmen charged in the prison to take Yin Fai's life. Yin Fai managed to battle his way through and escape. He met with his Master, Lo Sie, many days later. Master Lo attempted to capture Yin Fai, and they battled. Yin Fai could have taken the life of Master Lo but decided to pull his stroke back. Before he left Yin Fai told Master Lo that he would find the truth behind An Lushan's death.

Yin Fai then takes refuge at his foster farther, Mo Yung Hei's house. Yin Fai had wanted to leave so that his foster farther would not get into any trouble. But Mo Yung Hei refused to allow Yin Fai to leave. Yin Fai would then try and find Siu Kiu. One day he sees a kite in the sky and captures a messenger, call sign "Bak Sit". Unfortuneatly Bak Sit did not know who Siu Kiu was, and informed Yin Fai that Siu Kiu was no longer on Tin Bo Tong's list of messengers. Yin Fai then allowed Bak Sit to leave upon hearing this. From the message of Bak Sit, Siu Kiu, discovers that her mission is to assinate Yin Fai. Siu Kiu had always been Yin Fai's messenger and felt it tragic that now in her first mission as a hitman, that she had to kill him. Siu Kiu then set out to kill Yin Fai with an arrow, whilst he was sleeping. From the roof top, Siu Kiu discovered that Yin Fai was actually Yee Mun Tin and decided to leave withou killing him. Yin Fai woke and noticed someone on the roof. By the time he got there Siu Kiu had already left.

Yin Fai then decided to leave Luoyang upon discovering that Tin Bo Tong had sent a hitman after him. He went to see Lau Mong Sik before leaving. Lau Mong Sik allowed Yin Fai to leave, which was spotted by Master Fei Wu. Lau Mong Sik then attempted to warn Yin Fai of the danger but she was struck down by Master Fei Wu. Yin Fai was then ambushed and taken by suprised. He fought bravely but was out numbered and forced down the mountain. Yin Fai was then saved by an old man called Si Mar Leung and taken to the island of To Yin. Upon discovering that Yin Fai my still be alive, Master Fei Wu decided to keep Siu Kiu and Lau Siu alive in case Yin Fai returned to contact them.

Yin Fai was treated like family at To Yin, and with the help of Si Mar Leung was able to send a letter to Lau Mong Sik. Master Fei Wu then allowed Siu Kiu to meet with Yin Fai, after she promised to kill him. Master Fei Wu, kept Siu Kiu's best friend, Lau Siu as security in case Siu Kiu refuses. The next day Yin Fai sends a servant to meet with Lau Mong Sik, and take her to To Yin. A fog prevented Master Fei Wu and his men from following them. Si Mar Leung was uprised and stunned when he saw Lau Mong Sik, because she reminded him of someone. Yin Fai was very happy to see Siu Kiu however he wanted to leave in the morning to save his friend Ng Yung and uncover the thruth. Lau Mong Sik wanted to kill Yin Fai in the evening, but Si Mar Leung interrupted her whilst he was spying on her. Lau Mong Sik then chased outside to see who it was, upon returning Yin Fai had already awoken. Yin Fai then told Lau Mong Sik not to worry, because no matter what happens to him he will still lover, without knowing that Lau Mong Sik had wanted to kill him.

The next day Yin Fai left To Yin in an attempt to save Ng Yung, but it was too late. By the time he had arrived in Luoyang, Ng Yung's head was hanging in the town square. General See then expose government official Seng Yek as a traitor to Dai Yin, to An Hingsu. The cult leader then sends a hitman to kill Seng Yek. Yin Fai sees the hitman receiving a message from a kite in the sky and becomes curious. He follows the hitman and saves the life of Seng Yek who was working as a spy for Li Heng. The hitman then commits succide without revealing any information to Yin Fai. Seng Yek the thanks Yin Fai for saving his life and for killing An Lushan. Yin Fai then informed Seng Yek that he was not the one who killed An Lushan. Yin Fai then enquired why Tin Bo Tong, wanted to kill a loyal subject of the Tong government of Li Heng. Yin Fai had always thought that Tin Bo Tong was doing work for the Tong government. He requested to be taken to see Tong Emporer Li Heng.

Emporer Li Heng then informed Yin Fai that he knew nothing about the hitman cult of Tin Bo Tong. Yin Fai decided to meet his Master, Lo Sei, before returning to To Yin. Master Lo thought what Yin Fai was saying was nonsense. Master Lo then decided to warn Yin Fai that Master Fei Wu, had already sent Siu Kiu to kill him, and that Siu Kiu was already by his side. Yin Fai thought to himself and suspected that Lau Mong Sik was Siu Kiu. Upon returning Yin Fai thought of a test which would uncover the true identity of Lau Mong Sik.

Meanwhile Si Mar Leung had sent a child to spy on Lau Mong Sik whilst she was bathing. Lau Mong Sik uncovered this and became very angry and they fought. Unexpectedly Si Mar Leung knew kung fu and fought off Lau Mong Sik. They stopped fighting when a servant come in to inform them that Yee Mun Hing had returned. Si Mar Leung and Lau Mong Sik, pretended nothing had happened as Lau Mong Sik left to find Yee Mun Hing. Lau Mong Sik then spotted a kite lying on the ground and picked it up. She took out her code book to decipher the message. Yin Fai watched and was now sure that Lau Mong Sik was Siu Kiu. In the evening Siu Kiu attempted to kill, Yin Fai, who woke to block her strike. Yin Fai was disappointed that thier love did not prevent Siu Kiu from attempting to kill him. Siu Kiu then explained that she must kill him in order to save her best friend Lau Siu. Yin Fai the requested Siu Kiu to give him more time to uncover the truth. Siu Kiu refused and they immedaitely battled.

After a long battle, Yin Fai, managed to rip the sleave of Siu Kiu's shirt. Her arm was exposed, and Si Mar Leung saw a red butterfly on her arm and rushed in to prevent them from fighting further. Si Mar Leung then revealed his true identity. He used to be one of Tin Bo Tong's four Masters, call sign "Ji Jek". His wife died when he was betrayed by a fellow Master, and he has been in hidding since. He also revealed to Siu Kiu that Tin Bo Tong was no longer doing things in support of the Tong government. At this stage Yin Fai interrupted to back his statement. Si Mar Leung then went on to reveal that he was Siu Kiu's real farther and Siu Kiu's real name was Si Mar Kiu. He had spent many years searching for her. Yin Fai then and Siu Kiu then made up as they enjoyed the villagers company. Yin Fai then decided to sacrafice his own life and fake his death by drinking posion, so Siu Kiu can save Lau Siu and at the same time uncover the truth behind An Lushan's death. Si Mar Leung instructed Siu Kiu to take Yin Fai back to Tin Bo Tong as quickly as possible, because Yin Fai needed to cure in three days, otherwise he would be dead.

Siu Kiu arrived in time to save Lau Siu's life by returning with Yin Fai's body. The cult leader become pleased and wanted to see her as a reward. Siu Kiu then waited for Tin Bo Tong to release Yin Fai's body at the bottom of the cliff. With the help of Si Mar Leung, Yin Fai was cured. Later Siu Kiu was taken to see the cult leader. As the cult leader sat behind dark curtins, Siu Kiu could not identitfy who he was. Upon leaving Siu Kiu planted a bag of powder under her carriage by pretending to trip over. In the evening Siu Kiu returned with Yin Fai to uncover, Tin Bo Tong's headquarters. Yin Fai used a different powder and placed it on the street. When the powder Siu Kiu used and his powder come into contact, it would glow. This led a trail to Tin Bo Tong headquarters. Having uncovered the location of Tin Bo Tong's headquarters, Siu Kiu and Yin Fai, waited the next day to follow Tin Bo Tong's right hand man.

They followed the right hand man to a secret place, were he met with General See and his son. Unfortunately at a distance Yin Fai and Siu Kiu could not hear what was being said. It was revealed in the conversation that An Hingsu had been the one who had used Tin Bo Tong to kill An Lushan and obtain the throne. In return the cult leader wanted An Hingsu to give Tin Bo Tong, a position in the government of Dai Yin. However An Hingsu wanted Tin Bo Tong to hand over the contract first. The right hand man had no power to make this decision and decided to go back to see the cult leader. An Hingsu was unmipressed and wanted to emlimanate Tin Bo Tong, when General See informed him what had happened. An Hingsu then informed Princess Tung Yee that she would be named his Queen. Tung Yee had always treated An Hingsu as an older brother and refused to the marriage making An Hingsu even more outraged. Upon returning to his room, An Hingsu, drank to his dead farther An Lushan. It was revealed that An Hingsu killed An Lushan, when An Lushan wanted to strip him of his title as, "Tai Chi", next in line to the throne.

Yin Fai and Siu Kiu then went to see Mo Yung Hei. Yin Fai wanted his foster farther to help him sneak into the palace. Upon entering the palace, Yin Fai, saw Princess Tung Yee and explained everything to her. Suddenly An Hingsu come in to talk about wedding arrangments, until General See came to inform him that the right hand man had returned. Yin Fai followed the men to the court room of the palace and attempted to listen in from above. He heard that he had been used, and An Hingsu had already killed An Lushan when he arrived. The right hand man then discovered someone on the roof and Yin Fai was exposed. He fought with many guards, before capturing Princess Tung Yee, who came to help him escape and they left the palace together. The Princess decided to return to the palace after Yin Fai and Siu Kiu were safe. Before leaving, Siu Kiu handed Princess Tung Yee, a code book so she could contact them in times of danger.

General See then uncovered that Mo Yung Hei was Yin Fai's foster farther. An Hingsu immediately sent General See to capture Mo Yung Hei. Upon arriving back, Yin Fai discovered that his foster farther had been captured. Siu Kiu pursuaded Yin Fai to return to To Yin first before searching for his foster farther. Meanwhile An Hingsu rapped the Princess, whilst General See and the cult leader negotiated a deal. Once the deal was completed it was revealed that Mo Yung Hei was infact the cult leader of Tin Bo Tong. By this time Yin Fai went back to Louyang to avenge the death of his foster farther, by killing An Hingsu. At the palace they saw a kite flying in the sky. Yin Fai took out his code book and uncoded the message. Princess Tung Yee had planned to help Yin Fai, kill An Hingsu by taking him out of the palace.

An Hingsu became overconfident and instructed the guards to leave them alone, upon Tung Yee's request. As they were ridding in the carriage, Yin Fai, chased them on a horse. Having caught up, Yin Fai and An Hingsu battled. An Hingsu's kung fu was too good and Yin Fai could not kill him, until Princess Tung Yee arrived. An Hingsu accidently killed Tung Yee and became frozen on the spot. Yin Fai the cut him in half with his life. As life was flowing away from Tung Yee, Yin Fai asked why she had returned to risk her life. Tung Yee replied that she had been raped and no longer wanted to live. Therefore she sacraficed her life so Yin Fai can kill An Hingsu. After the death of An Hingsu, General See ascended the throne. Mo Yung Hei was made into a big General of Dai Yin.

Upon discovering that Yin Fai was with Si Mar Leung, Mo Yung Hei sent everyone from Tin Bo Tong to kill them. Siu Kiu and Yin Fai were preparing to get married. On thier wedding day, Yin Fai and Siu Kiu were taken by suprise and ambushed by Master Fei Wu, Master Lo See and Pin Fok. Lau Siu was killed during the battle, and Siu Kiu suffered an injury. Yin Fai battled on as Si Mar Leung prepared a boat so they could escape. Yin Fai was starting to struggle, and Si Mar Leung went to help him. Yin Fai was too busy fighting and accidently killed Si Mar Leung, before killing Master Fei Wu and escaping on the boat. Mo Yung Hei was unhappy and sent more men after Yin Fai. Master Lo See knew all of Yin Fai's tricks and uncovered that Yin Fai had remained at To Yin.

Yin Fai was too clever however, and captured Master Lo See who had captured Siu Kiu. Yin Fai decided to let Lo See go because he was his master. Master Lo See then committed succide, and told Yin Fai, that his foster farther was the cult leader. Yin Fai was happy at first but became outraged when he discovered that he had been used all along to do Mo Yung Hei's dirty work. Yin Fai then went to kill Mo Yung Hei to avenge the deaths of all the people who had died at his hands. Mo Yung Hei was helping, General See, prepare the burial of An Hingsu, when Yin Fai ambushed him. They were both pushed and trapped in the burial. The right hand man was then made the new cult leader by General See, who was happy to see Mo Yung Hei dead.

Siu Kiu rushed to help Yin Fai but arrived too late. She overheard the right hand man tell General See that they could still save Mo Yung Hei because the burial was not constructed properly, and could be dugged up from the hill. Inside Yin Fai and Mo Yung Hei battled. They dueled for three straight days, and suddenly Mo Yung Hei stepped on some traps inside the burial. Blades went flying all over the place in the burial. Mo Yung Hei and Yin Fai was struck many times. One blade hit Yin Fai on chest as Mo Yung Hei continued to rush at him. Yin Fai then used his inner power and flung the blade from his shoulder. It hit Mo Yung Hei and cut his neck, and died. In three days Siu Kiu mananged to dig her way into the burial. She personally carried Yin Fai out from the burial to the hills. Above them in the sky fireworks were exploding, to celebrate General See's induction as Emporer of Dai Yin. Yin Fai smiled and told Siu Kiu not to cry or get upset, because he was like the fire work above them. As long as he lived and achieved success he was happy. He smiled and then died, as he acknowledge how beautiful the fireworks were.


"Yin Fai Che Hak", was an entertaining series. It was filled with lots of action, romance and a touch of tragedy. The acting was good in some spots and flat in other spots. The music and tunes used matched the mood of many of the scenes very well. The fighting in this story was excellent and fluent. Like most of the stories in "Hitman Chronicles", it ends with the death of at least one of the main characters.

This story reminds us that finding the truth is not always good. Yin Fai is determined to seek to uncover the truth. Uncovers that his true love, Lau Mong Sik, is also a killer. He then discovers that his foster farther, Mo Yun Hei, had been using him to achieve fame and fortune. In order to avenge those dead, he battles with his foster farther leading to his ultimate death.


In this series, Louis Koo, portrayed the hitman, Yee Mun Hing, with the call sign of Yin Fai. The lead character is complex to portray, because he leads a double life. One the one hand the lead character, is Yee Mun Tin, the local beauty thearapist. In this life he is a gentleman with soft hands, and a perfectionist. With his hands he makes women look beautiful. On the other hand he is Yin Fai, a cold blooded killer, who has never failed to accomplish his mission. In this life he is stone faced and has nerves of steal, risking his life everyday.

Louis Koo portrayed this role well and looked convincing as both a gentleman and a hitman. I was pleased with his acting in this series, and Louis Koo seems to have improved with every series that he has appeared in.




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