20 Episodes
  Koo Tin Lok
as Wan Lik

Yung Hung
as Chai Siu Yuk

Timmy Ho
as Wan Jang


"War and Rememberance", covers the story of the feud within the Royal Family between 2nd Prince Wan Jang and 4th Prince Wan Lik during the Ching Empire. Wan Lik ends up gaining the throne despite the efforts Wan Jang and rule under the title of Kin Lung. During his rule China prospered and entered into it's last "Golden Periods". Looking at historical paintings of Kin Lung he isn't really that handsome to suggest that he would suduce many beautiful women. However TVB always seems to use handsome actors to potray Kin Lung in various different series from Adam Cheung, Eddie Cheung, Felix Wong and now Louis Koo. Timmy Ho plays the role of evil prince Wan Lik. Yung Hung gets the role of Chai Siu Yuk, the Han daugther of a government offical who was accused of treason and was thus executed. She has since been living with a band of mountain robbers untils she met Kin Lung who had been captured by the group.