Welcome, A tribute to Nicole deBoer's appearance in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 7 and 8, 1998.

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This page will include overviews of the Sector 001 convention and phtographs of Nikki LIVE. Please ask me before you put a link to my photographs to use these photos on your own site.

I apologize for the quality of the scans. They were scanned with the plastic cover still on. That is why some of the photos have glossy streaks over them...otherwise they are PERFECT!

Autographed Photo #1

Autographed Photo #2

Autographed Photo #3

Autographed Photo #4

Jenn Merritt's autographed photo.

Lolita Fatjo's autograph.

Unofficial Photo.

These photos were not a complete disaster, even though all my pictures of Nikki had the dreaded red eyes and white pupils. The dye pen did cover up most of the reddness but when I colored in the white parts by mistake, she ended up having green eyes. If anyone has a super duper graphics program and can fix these pictures up better than I can, let me know and I'll send you a few of the photos. Actually, Nicole deBoer with Green eyes looks pretty nice.

Nikki on Stage.

Nikki at table #1.

Nikki at table #2.

Nikki at table #3

Nikki at table #4

Nikki at table #5

A nice picture of Nikki stretching.

Created on: November 10, 1998

Last updated: September 9, 1999

The Spectrum. Sound Files and Scanned Pics and Stories...oh my!

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