Dedication to Ann Kok (II)

This is the 2nd homepage of Ann Kok, created by Terence Ho.
Please also give Ann Kok your warmest support!!!

If you happen to come to this page, it contains excerpts
of songs by Ann Kok.

Some excerpts of songs by Ann Kok (in Big5) :

1) 愛情點心
2) 把我交給你
3) 期盼你在我身邊
4) 記得我的樣子
5) 包容
6) 困惑
7) 心甘情願
8) 愛情 101
9) 每了纏綿
10) 愿和你分享
11) 對待
12) 忽略
13) 盡頭
14) 怎么捨得