The Joker's Wild

  1. Pilot episode from 1969 hosted by Allen Ludden and with "living categories" Don Drysdale, Rosemary Clooney, Rich Little, Irene Ryan, and Pat Paulsen. Fair video quality. (TR-2/23514)

    1972-75 CBS

  2. First show aired September 4, 1972. First game: Susan vs. Ed. Triples are worth $150, a player wins 4 games to win Joker's Jackpot, three jokers means automatic win and "circled prizes" bonus game. (TJWCBS-1/02225)

  3. Second episode aired September 5, 1972. First game: Ed vs. Mary. Mary wins Kellogg's frozen food in first bonus round and Lipton onion soup in the second. (TJWCBS-1/05222)

  4. Third episode aired September 6, 1972. First game: Mary vs. Tex. Car or trip is now on the wheels for bonus. A car is won. (TJWCBS-1/12216)

  5. Fourth episode aired September 7, 1972. First game: Tex at Bonus Game. Features the first 3 joker spin. (TJWCBS-2/00000)

  6. First game: Joan vs. Nelson. The decision to go on is made before the bonus game. Joan wins a car!. (TJWCBS-2/10138)

  7. First game: Winfield at Bonus Game. Winfield wins a car! (TJWCBS-2/13222)

  8. First game: Nancy vs. Steve. (TJWCBS-3/02952)

  9. First game: Ernest at Bonus Game. Different theme music. Now a player must win 3 games to win Joker's Jackpot. Triples now worth $200. A player must now answer a question to win with 3 jokers. "Jokers and Devils" bonus game begins (on day's second bonus). The decision to play on is back to after bonus. (TJWCBS-3/13119)

  10. First game: Ernest vs. Kira. Somebody wins a car!. Maggie Brown from the "Second Chance" and "Press Your Luck" pilots is a contestant (I assume it's the same person). (TJWCBS-4/00000)

  11. First game: Bill at Bonus Game. A car is won. (TJWCBS-4/03047)

  12. First game: Nancy vs. Bob. (TJWCBS-4/10037)

  13. First game: Nancy vs. Gar. (TJWCBS-4/13126)

  14. First game: Gar vs. Lynn. (122500/00000)

  15. First game: Cindy at Bonus Game. (122600/00000)

  16. First game: John vs. Catherine. (122700/00000)

  17. First game: Cathy vs. Sophie. (122800/00000)

  18. First game: Bill At Bonus Game. Video problems last 5 minutes. (010101/00000)

  19. First game: Susan vs. Bob. (010401/00000)

  20. First game: Chuck at Bonus Game. Two bonus game losses. (011001/00000)

  21. First game: Steve vs. Debra. First segment and first minute of second segment missing. Two bonus game losses. (011101/00000)

  22. First game: Debra vs. Steve. A $4,650 jackpot is broken. (011201/00000)

  23. First game: Karen vs. John. (011601/00000)

  24. First game: John vs. Ann. Two bonus game losses. (011701/00000)

  25. First game: James at Bonus Game. (011801/00000)

  26. First game: James vs. Elizabeth. (011901/00000)

  27. First game: Erin vs. Adie. Two bonus game losses. (012901/00000)

  28. First game: Kathy vs. Frank. A $5,750 jackpot is broken. (013001/00000)

  29. First game: Helen vs. Mary. (013101/00000)

  30. First game: Mary vs. Herbert. Two bonus game losses. (020101/00000)

  31. First game: Rose vs. Richard. (020201/00000)

  32. First game: Mary Anne vs. Jim. (020501/00000)

  33. First game: Debra vs. Tony. (020601/00000)

  34. First game: Dave at Bonus Game. A $5,850 jackpot is broken. (020701/00000)

  35. First game: Bonnie vs. Suzanne. (020801/00000)

  36. First game: Jerry at Bonus Game. (020901/00000)

  37. John vs. Marilyn. A $4,850 jackpot is broken. (021201/00000)

  38. First game: Michael at Bonus Game. (021301/00000)

  39. First game: Linda vs. Jim. (021401/00000)

  40. First game: Marilyn vs. Charles. Two bonus game losses. (021501/10057)

  41. First game: Gloria vs. Patrick. (021601/00000)

  42. First game: Samantha vs. Morris. (021901/00000)

  43. First game: Bill vs. Lana. When Jack calls Lana "Lola," Lana gets back at him by calling him "Bill." A $5,650 jackpot is broken. (022001/00000)

  44. First game: Karen (who returns after an incorrect judgement) vs. Lee. (022101/00000)

  45. First game: Karen vs. Michael. (022201/00000)

  46. First game: Suzie vs. Irwin. (022301/00000)

  47. First game: (022601/00000)

  48. First game: Maura vs. Don. Two bonus game losses. (022701/00000)

  49. First game: Joe vs. Eesa. Bonus game is lost twice. (022801/00000)

  50. First game: Eesa vs. Bill. Bill wins his second game with one spin. (030101/00000)

  51. First game: Bill vs. Mary Ann. A $6,400 jackpot is broken. Announcer Roy introduces the wrong player. (030201/00000)

  52. First game: Donna vs. Olin. (030501/00000)

  53. First game: John vs. Nancy. Someone gets three jokers on her first spin and wins. Bonus game is lost twice. One of the contestants is 16 years old. (030601/00000)

  54. First game: Pat vs. Lindsey (who is 16 years old and attending UCLA). (030701/00000)

  55. First game: Rand at Bonus Game. (030801/00000)

  56. First game: David at Bonus Game. (030901/00000)

  57. First game: Robin vs. Ted. (031201/00000)

  58. First game: Robin vs. Alen. (031301/00000)

  59. First game: Barbara vs. Richard. No bonus game is played. (031401/00000)

  60. First game: Gail vs. Gilbert. (031601/00000)

  61. First game: Hugh vs. Cassandra. A $8,800 jackpot is broken. (031901/00000)

  62. First game: Dorothy vs. Bill. Announcer Johnny Jacobs introduces the wrong player. (032001/00000)

  63. First game: Wendy at Bonus Game. (032101/00000)

  64. Christmas, 1972 episode. First game: Susan at Bonus Game. In the bonus game, instead of Jokers and Devils, there are Santas and Scrooges. Susan's next challenger is Santa Claus (it's actually a shopping mall Santa). (032201/00000)

  65. First game: Peggy vs. Carol. (032601/00000)

  66. First game: Dave vs. Larry. (032701/00000)

  67. First game: Jackie vs. Carlos. (032801/00000)

  68. First game: Lannie at Bonus Game. Video problems in the ending segment. (040901/00000)

  69. First game: Stu vs. Lois. (041001/00000)

  70. First game: Carmen vs. Michael. A $3,550 jackpot is broken. (041101/00000)

  71. First game: Terri at Bonus Game. Program cuts off during ending prize plugs. (041201/00000)

  72. First game: Phyllis vs. John. When Jack comments the picture looks like Tom Jones, he has to throw away the question (the answer was Tom Jones). (041301/00000)

  73. First game: Linda vs. Brad. (041601/00000)

  74. First game: Franz vs. Cleo. (041701/00000)

  75. First game: Margie vs. Albert. (042301/00000)

  76. First game: Nancy vs. Steve. (042401/00000)

  77. First game: Uda vs. Steve. (042601/00000)

  78. First game: Suzanne at Bonus Game. (042701/00000)

  79. First game: Kathryn vs. Merwin. (043001/00000)

  80. First game: Francis at Bonus Game. Bonus game is lost twice (both on the first spin). (050101/00000)

  81. First game: Boyd vs. Susan. (050201/00000)

  82. First game: Jean at Bonus Game. (050301/00000)

  83. First game: Enie vs. Ivan. (050401/00000)

  84. First game: Janet vs. Al. A $8,500 jackpot is broken. (050701/00000)

  85. First game: Lynn vs. Claudio. (050801/00000)

  86. First game: Ethel vs. Tim. (051001/00000)

  87. First game: Farrell at Bonus Game. (051401/00000)

  88. First game: Joe vs. Mary. Jack flubs when he reads the categories. (051501/00000)

  89. First game: Carolyn vs. Chuck. (051601/00000)

  90. First game: Glen vs. Cherise. A champion can now break more than one jackpot. (051701/00000)

  91. First game: Bob at Bonus Game. (051801/00000)

  92. First game: Bob at Bonus Game. (052101/00000)

  93. First game: Christine vs. Jerry. A $6,300 jackpot is broken. (0522a01/00000)

  94. First game: Christine at Bonus Game. (052401/00000)

  95. First game: Bill at Bonus Game. A $3,550 jackpot is broken. (052501/00000)

  96. First game: Bill vs. Margaret. (052801/00000)

  97. First game: Ivan at Bonus Game. A $3,000 jackpot is broken. (052901/00000)

  98. First game: Ivan vs. Natalie. Part of beginning missing (cable system doing a test). (053001/00000)

  99. First game: Martha vs. Steve. A $2,500 jackpot is broken. Jack announces the premires of "The $10,000 Pyramid" and "Hollywood's Talking." (060401/00000)

  100. First game: Chris vs. Gale. (060501/00000)

  101. First game: Mary at Bonus Game. (060601/00000)

  102. First game: Chris vs. Terri Lynn. (060701/00000)

  103. First game: Mike vs. Nava. (060801/00000)

  104. First game: Carol at Bonus Game. (061101/00000)

  105. First game: Barry vs. Patricia. Bonus game is lost three times, the first two times on the first spin. (061201/00000)

  106. First game: Claudia vs. Steve. (061301/00000)

  107. First game: Elaine vs. Steve. (061401/00000)

  108. First game: Barbara vs. Barry. An $11,350 jackpot is broken. (061501/00000)

  109. First game: Barbara vs. Joel. (061801/00000)

  110. First game: Jane vs. Nan. (061901/00000)

  111. First game: Ken vs. Patty. A 3,050 jackpot is broken. (062001/00000)

  112. First game: Ken vs. Catherine. (062101/0000)

  113. First game: Ken at Bonus Game. Ken becomes the first double jackpot winner. (062201/00000)

  114. First game: Carol at Bonus Game. VCR program cuts off during ending prize plugs. (062501/00000)

  115. First game: John vs. Cynthia. (062701/00000)

  116. First game: Jonathan vs. Shondell. (062801/00000)

  117. First game: Shondell vs. Walter. A $6,250 jackpot is broken. (062901/00000)

  118. First game: Shondell vs. Mark. (070801/50243)

  119. First game: Ed vs. Karen. (071501/13028)

  120. First game: Julie at Bonus Game. (071501/40023)

  121. Young people's show. First game: Irene vs. Michael. (072901/12956)

  122. Young people's show. First game: Jewel and Bobby spin for prizes. (072901/40041)

  123. Final young people show. First game: Wendy vs. Ricky. (081901/23056)

  124. First game: Diane at Bonus Game. (090801/13021)

  125. Final CBS episode aired June 13, 1975. First game: Fred at Bonus Game. Fair to poor video quality. (TR-3/33705)


  126. First syndicated episode aired September, 1977. First game: Ann vs. Glen. (TR-7/40034)

  127. First game: Ken vs. Marie. Jack accidentally calls announcer Jay Stewart "Wink." No ending prize plugs. (TJW-1/00000)

  128. First game: Ken vs. Charlene. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-1/02652)

  129. First game: Ken vs. Janne. Features two bonus game wins. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-1/05403)

  130. First game: Rick vs. Terry. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-1/12030)

  131. First game: Barbara vs. Kirk. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2/00000)

  132. First game: Ann vs. Dana. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2/02748)

  133. First game: Andy vs. Lynette. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2/05341)

  134. First game: Andy vs. Denise. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2/11843)

  135. First game: Ted (a train freak) at Bonus Game (one of the prizes in a train set). On the second bonus game, Ted stops and on the next spin, the Devil comes up. (TJW-2a/00000)

  136. First game: Ted at Bonus Game. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2a/02711)

  137. First game: Joy at Bonus Game. Jack tries some fake moustaches and gets a meditation lesson. Hal Shear's reign of terror begins (but he's not wearing his lucky suit). No ending prize plugs. (TJW-2a/05507)

  138. First game: Hal (now in his lucky suit) at Bonus Game. (TJW-2a/12448)

  139. First game: Hal vs. Barbara. After Hal wins the bonus game, Jack forgets to give him the money! (TJW-3/00000)

  140. First game: Hal vs. Cathy. When he REALLY needs it, Hal spins 3 jokers! No ending prize plugs. (TJW-3/02944)

  141. First game: Hal vs. Eileen. (TJW-3/05924)

  142. First game: Hal vs. Kathleen. Hal wins his 10th game and becomes the all-time highest money winner! (TJW-3/12907)

  143. First game: Diane at Bonus Game. Intro missing. Hal returns to get a proper send-off. (TJW-4/00000)

  144. First game: Joanie at Bonus Game. Joanie wins her 5th game! No ending prize plugs. (TJW-4/02917)

  145. First game: John vs. Jane. (TJW-4/12844)

  146. First game: Linda at Bonus Game. No ending prize plugs. (MISC-SUN/03031)

  147. First game: Max vs. Jean. Missing intro. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-5/00000)

  148. First game: Gail vs. Sam. (TJW-5/02936)

  149. First game: Gail vs. Scott. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-5/05914)

  150. First game: Yas vs. Rick. (BWSN-1b/05943)

  151. First game: Rick vs. Patricia. (TJW-5/12856)

  152. First game: Richard vs. Paula. Two bonus game losses. (TJW-6/00000)

  153. First game: Paula vs. Frank. No ending prize plugs. (TJW-6/13136)

  154. First game: Frank at Bonus Game. Frank wins his 5th game. No ending prize plugs. (031801/13133)

  155. First game: Frank at Bonus Game. Jack has contestant Diane read the game's categories. No ending prize plugs. (032501/13132)

  156. First game: Heidi vs. John. Bonus Game is lost three times (the first two times on the first spin). No ending prize plugs. (041401/53055)

  157. First game: Bev at Bonus Game. (042201/53049)

  158. First game: Bev vs. Peter. No ending prize plugs. (042901/13108)

  159. First game: Peter vs. Lisa. No ending prize plugs. (050601/33146)

  160. First game: Peter vs. Pam. Peter wins his 5th game. No ending prize plugs. (051301/53101)

  161. First game: Peter at Bonus Game. No ending prize plugs. (052001/13127)

  162. First game: Peter vs. Mary. Peter stops and takes the money twice (on the first time, the devil came up on the next spin). No ending prize plugs. (052701/53056)

  163. First game: Peter vs. Janie. No ending prize plugs. (060301/20155)

  164. First game: Janie at Bonus Game. No ending prize plugs. (061001/53054)

  165. $100,000 Tournament of Champions. Quarter-Final matches: John vs. Ann and Tom vs. Pat. No ending prize plugs. VCR program cuts off during credits. (070101/30242)

  166. Episode from 1980 $1 million Tournament of Champions. Preliminary matches: Tom vs. Gerry (the front of Gerry's scoreboard falls off) and Cassandra vs. Bob. (GSSN-TJW/00000)

  167. $1 million Tournament of Champions continues. Preliminary match: Camie vs. Mark. Quarter-Final match: Cassandra vs. Mark. (GSSN-TJW/03012)

  168. $1 million Tournament of Champions continues. Quarter-Final matches: Cassandra vs. Mark (cont.) and Rob vs. Hal. (GSSN-TJW/10006)

  169. $1 million Tournament of Champions continues. Quarter-Final matches: Bill vs. Ernie and Darlene vs. Tom. (GSSN-TJW/13008)

  170. $1 million Tournament of Champions continues. Quarter-Final match: Darlene vs. Tom (cont.). Semi-Final match: Bill vs. Rob. (GSSN-TJW/20002)

  171. $1 million Tournament of Chamions continues. Semi-Final matches: Bill vs. Rob (cont) and Cassandra vs. Tom. (GSSN-TJW/23004)

  172. The $1 million Tournament of Champions finals between Cassandra and Rob begins. (GSSN-TJW/25957)

  173. The $1 million Tournament of Champions finals between Cassandra and Rob continues. Regular play resumes between Bob and Lenny. (GSSN-TJW/33000)