Two For the Money

  1. Aired October, 1952. Herb talks about the movie scene. Highest score: $420. (WKEND-3/43136)

  2. Aired October, 1952. Herb talks about the candidates. Top score is $600. (SNBW-7/32950)

  3. Herb talks about selling papers when he was a kid. Top score: $1,120. (WKEND-1/42911)

  4. Herb talks about winning money. Highest score: $1,440. (WKEND-2/42906)

  5. Herb talks about Eisenhower's trip to Korea. Top score: $800. No ending segment (cut by GSN). (WKEND-5/42946)

  6. Herb talks about the recent election. Top score: $600. (SNBW-9/42900)

  7. Herb talks about making a movie in Hollywood. Top score: $800. (SNBW-12/23236)

  8. Highest score is $2,000. (SNBW-33/23118)

  9. Herb plays the harmonica. High score: $540. (SNBW-33/63248)

  10. Herb reads from his hometown newspaper. High score: $1,800. (SNBW-34/00000)

  11. Herb talks about Christmas as a kid. Top score is $3,600 (12 at $5, 10 at $60 and 6 at $600). (SNBW-32/22952)

  12. Herb makes his New Year's Resolution and plays "Auld Lang Aye" on the harmonica. Top score: $1,200. (SNBW-31/22953)

  13. Herb talks about President Eisenhower's State of the Union Address (held the previous night). High score: $1,890. (SNBW-30/00000)

  14. Top score is $720. (SNBW-28/23109)

  15. Herb talks about his hometown hospital. High score: $1,890. (SNBW-27/23148)

  16. Herb discusses the coronation of the Queen of England. High score is $3,120 (13 at $5, 12 at $65, and 4 at $780). (SNBW-26/22813)

  17. Top score is $450. (SNBW-23/23107)

  18. Herb does a song using three different harmonicas (not all at the same time). High score is $1,200 (won by identical twins). (SNBW-22/30005)

  19. A contestant has a son named Dennis James because his wife would watch the real Dennis James on TV (Dennis gives him an extra pack of Old Golds). High score: $1,400. (SNBW-24/22833)

  20. High score: $2,310. (SNBW-20/30130)

  21. High score: $1,680 (twice). (SNBW-20/65806)

  22. Herb reads his hometown newspaper. Highest score: $180. (SNBW-14/33105)

  23. Top score: $2,205. (SNBW-19/00000)

  24. Intro cut out by GSN. Herb performs a harmonica solo . Two couples win $300. (SNBW-13/33140)

  25. Top score: $1,980. (SNBW-13/35956)

  26. It's guest host Walter O'Keefe's first show. Top score: $1,485. (SNBW-17/43037)

  27. Guest hosted by Walter O'Keefe. Walter gives a plug for "Judge for Yourself." Includes a $550 win. (SNBW-16/00000)

  28. It's guest host Walter O'Keefe's last show. Herb Shriner and Fred Allen are contestants. After being told they could win over $80,000, they back out (it's all an act. There's no way they would have a question like "name the letters in alphabet soup in alphabetical order" for real). Fred advertises his show "Judge for Yourself." (SNBW-15/02933)

  29. Herb's back from Summer vacation. Top score: $900. (SNBW-18/00000)

  30. The "Old Gold" clock malfunctions. High score: $2,000. (SNBW-21/02943)

  31. Top score: $840. (SNBW-25/00000)

  32. Herb talks about his hometown resort. Top score: $1,575. (SNBW-29/00000)

  33. Herb talks about the subway. High score: $1,050. (BWSN-3/14425)