Vital Stats
Name: David William Duchovny
Date of Birth:
August 7, 1960
Place of Birth:
New York City, New York
170 pounds
Distinguishing Marks:
Mole on Right Cheek
Marital Status:
Married to actress Tea Leoni(The Naked Truth, Bad Boys, Deep Impact)
Madeliene West Duchovny, Born April 24, 1999 Mother: Margaret "Meg"
Amram "Ron" Ducovny (Dropped the "h" in his last name)
Daniel, older
Laurie, younger
Blue- border collie (Named for the song Tangled Up in Blue)
David Duchovny grew up in New York. His parents divorced when he was 11. As a kid David was quiet and his brother would call him "retarded", but David was far from retarded.
He received a scholarship to attend Manhattan's prestigious Collegiate
Preparatory School. David excelled among the other children, children which came from richer families.
After Collegiate, David attended Princeton University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He then moved on to Yale University. He had been in the process of writing his Ph.D. dissertation when he decided to try acting.His dissertation would have been called "Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose".
David's first acting gig was a Lowenbrau Beer commercial. All he did was sit at a bar, tossing pretzels up and catching them in his mouth.
From then on David was a struggling actor, until he got the part of Fox Mulder on
the X-Files. In between that beer commercial and the X-Files, David had other acting parts, both big and small.
Some of which include: Working Girl, New Year's Day, Twin Peaks, Julia HasTwo Lovers, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead, The Rapture, Red Shoe Diaries,Beethoven, Chaplin, Babysnatcher , Venice/Venice,Kalifornia, The X-Files (series),Playing God, and The X-Files movie: Fight The Furture.
Today David Duchovny lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tea Leoni, after successfuly having the location of The X-Files changed.
David likes playing sprots such as basketball and baseball. He also likes jogging,swimming and practicing yoga. David has also been known to take surfing lessons.
As for David's intellectual side, David likes reading and writing poetry. he has written for The X-Files.

Other Facts:

David learned to drive when he was 27.
David is a vegetarian.