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Nicole(Noodle Duchovny)
I am the head of DDO. I am 15 yrs. old and I love David because he's smart, inquisitive, hilarious, and fine!!!!!
"Life seems to be long enough, I just don't think I can stay awake."-David Duchovny. Hi, my
name is Olivia and I am from California, and I love David Duchovny, and I am
15 years old, and I love David Duchvony, and I love the song "Invisible Sun"
and "Walking After You" from the X-files movie: Fight The Future album,
and I love David Duchovny, and I love David Duchovny.........and...err...uh......
I love David Duchovny!!!!!!!!!!! He is the hotteset, sexiest...... and sexiest man
alive! I'm sure you agree with me........don't you?........heehee
Love Olivia
Rebecca Stone
Big X-Files and David Duchovny Fan
Jessica Stamp
15 yrs. old, loves the X-files, adores David Duchovny, and loves Ireland alot too.
Valerie Wislo
Hi! I love X-Files and David Duchovny!!!
Anyone wanna chat about X-Files, talk to me!
I'm 18, female in North Carolina and I have been watching X-Files since day 1; never missed an ep. Own everything possibly having to do with X-Files or anyone in it. Other actors I like besides my love, David, are:
Luke Wilson: Home Fries, Bottle Rocket and "Bad Blood"
Nicholas Lea: Krycek, duh!
Owen Wilson: Bottle Rocket, Home Fries, Armageddon (Luke's bro)
Timothy Hutton: Lotz of stuff
Let the truth be known though the heavens fall-Fox Mulder, Redux



I love David Duchovny!!! He is soo sexy
Do you dream about Duchovny every night? Do you want to get in your t.v. every time He appears on television? Do you think about david just about every single day of the week? Well, you are not alone... For more information email me at
I'm 15 and I am seriously obsessed with David! I actually wear a wedding ring he supposedly gave me!!! I wish! I think about him beyond belief and if I ever met him I honestly think I would die of shock! I know every detail about him from his acting career to his shoe size! I'm sure I don't need to tell everyone but DAVID IS THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!! um...wow, I guess I kinda am obsessed!
I am 18 and from New Jersey. I have followed David for about four years now. I love him!
Proof of her love for X-files, a story about cardboard promotion things......
They were standing up in my video store and I asked the lady if I could have them when they were done using them so she said yes...... so a few weeks later, I went back to get them and and some other lady was like "ohh sorry, someone else is taking those"...so I was REALLY REALLY mad!!! So the next day, a few friends of mine went in there and one friend and I picked up a movie and moved it sme place else and asked the lady working if she could come help us find it... while my other friend picked up the promotion things and ran out the door =)
I am a 14 year old female from New Jersey. I have always loved David, since I first saw him on the X-files. And each year I think he gets more and more funny. I think he is going to make a great dad and Tea better know how damn lucky she is.
I 'm...my nickname is Barbie..I like rap, r&b, alternative and some ska music...I think, actually, I know..David Duchovny is the hottest guy on earth! I wish I could meet him..umm..in numerology he's the same number as me..I also think David is a really nice person. He isn't stuck up like most movie stars ar, he also appreciates his fans, unlike most stars who hate or dislike their loyal fans.

Andrea(Dana Scully)
One of the DDO's best fanfic finders.
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