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What does Molly steal from Flanders?

Which "TALL" (hint) drives a Volkswagen Beetle?

Who is Brandine?

Who does the voice of Jebediah Springfield?

Who much is the album "Sax on the Beach"?

What's the name of Shelbyville Principal?

In which episode does the simpsons fly with Transhemispheric Airlines?

Who is Louie?

How did Homer lose his hair?

Who is Legs?

In which episode does Apu appear yellow?

Who starrs as Homer in the New Fox TV movie "Homer S. Portrait of an Ass Grabber"?

Sing the "I didn't Do It" song

What kind of screen saver does Smithers have on his computer?

What does the NRC agent choose during Mr. Burn's bribe offer?

What's Milhouse's First girlfriend?

What kind of Car does "THE LEADER" drive?

What calender is inside the nuclear fallout shelter?

how many assists, did Woodrow have during National Hockey League?

When did Homer send a postcard from Duff Brewery in Captial City?

Who is Stephanie, the weather lady married to?

What does Homer recieve for saving Nuclear meltdown in episode 8F04?

What's the number for Krusty Hot line?

What's Dr. Nick's Slogan?

What's Dr. Nick's phone number?

In what Episode does Homer say "Whoo hoo! Look at that Blubber Fly!"? (i love that line)

In What Episode does Homer say "Whoo HOo! Look ath the Pavement Fly!"?

How much is Stampy's food bill?

How many times have Apu been shot to miss his work?

Who hosts the show "I can't believe they invented"?

What did Apu think he was when he worked for 96 hours straight?

In What episode does Moe cheat playing cards? (except when the episode when Marge becomes a cop)

What's Bart's punishment for "stealing Teacher Edition Books"? (even though lisa did it)

What's the 1st thing Homer put on his "List to do before dying?"

What does Akira attend interest at the Leftorium?

What kind of slippers does Marge wear?

Where was Sideshow bob a street mime?

What's Utter's favorite snack to eat on the bus?

Where is Utter from?

Who is Sparrow?

How many quarters does Milhouse put into "Kevin Costner's Waterworld" Videogame?

Name two episode where Lenard Nimoy was seen

What's Marge's favorite Singer?

Where does Bart's Li'l Bastard Traveling Kit get taken away?

Where can you find the sign "We're Now Rat-Free"

How much does Krusty get paid for just saying "Hey! Hey!"

Who is Lester and Eliza?

Who does Geech belong to?

What kind of Car does Rainier Wolfcastle drive?

What kind of car does Kim Basinger drive?

SAY "UP AND AT THEM" 5 times and "Up and ATOM!" 10 times

Final Fan-of Simpson-tisy Trivia#3 IS COMING SOON!