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Hi! This is my main index page, which was suggested due to the fact that I've got quite a few pages up and running now. It started out with a modest page for my favourite television show, and has expanded to include personal stuff, pages on my animals, shows, and actors.

The following is an Index (of sorts) to my many pages, so that I can now just attach this one addy to things, for easy access!
The Adrenalin Junkies Fan Page
This page is dedicated to the Australian hospital drama Adrenalin Junkies (aka Medivac). It's my pride and joy, and includes Biographies of the cast, Episode Guides, (the potential for) Fan Fiction, News, Information, and the newest addition: In Character (where you can view pictures of the cast as their characters).
FX: the Series Shrine
This page is dedicated to the Canadian drama FX: The Series (based on the two movies). It stars Cameron Daddo and Christina Cox. The page itself basically contains my own Fan Fiction, as well as links to pages, and a brief bio of the characters.
Buffy: The Couples That Couldn't Be
Unfortunately, Buffy: The Couples That Couldn't Be has been discontinued at this time, for many reasons. Although I will continue to support a Buffy/Angel relationship, I no longer support a Xander/Willow pairing. I absolutely adore Xander with Anya, and am a huge shipper of Willow with Tara.
Geraldine Somerville Appreciation Page
This is an appreciation page dedicated to the British actress, who portrays Jane "Panhandle" Penhaligan on the British series "Cracker". Contains the movies she's been featured in, information, (or pleas for), and pictures from her television series' and movies.
My Angel & Freddie's Rainbow Bridge Page
& Hunny's Rainbow Bridge Page
Dedicated to my animals; the first to Angel, my Tabby cat, whom I adopted from a local animal shelter (contains pictures and info); the second for Freddie, my Basset who passed away in 1990 (contains pictures, info, poems, Basset links); and the third for my beautiful rabbit, Hunny, who joined her sibs over the Rainbow Bridge in 2000 (just a small page with pics and a write up).
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Cuddles and Puddles to Reilly Carpenter, beloved 'son' of Chapin, who passed away on October 6, 1999.
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