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Hi people, as u can see, I had once again given my page a new lease of life! So do u like this layout, or do u prefer the old layout? I use image map in this layout so if u think that the home made interface on the left is taking too long to load, then maybe u can switch to the other old layouts instead. This layout works just like the previous one, a new window will pop up when u click on the various segements. The only difference I can say is the visual impact. One very important thing, my page works best when view with Internet Explorer 3,4 or 5 and some problems might arise if u use Netscape. Please proceed to other layouts if u cannot view the what's new applet. Hope u will like this new design of mine and enjoy your stay! Lastly, don't forget to bookmark and advertise my page!

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*Created on August, 1998

Some Notes: I am taking a major exam this year, so due to my tight schedule, I won't be able to update this page as often as before, hope u can understand my plight. Thank you.

Also, I am just a 17 minor, so due to my limited knowledge, I do not know much about copyright laws. If I had in any way infringed your copyrights, please notify me immediately and I will make the necessary amendments as soon as possible. I hereby apologize for any inconvenience or unhappiness caused. If u want to take anything from this site, please email me first. Thank you for your cooperation.

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