(I haven't made a pretty pic for this page yet! Oops!)

Updates for Friday, June 2

To answer any questions, yes, I am still alive and no, I have not abandoned the Haven. It's been six months but I'm back! ^_^

Not too many real updates today, other than the new layout and updates on a few links (the Tomb, the Starlight Senshi, and the CD List). However, to fit with this new layout, I'm thinking of making a seperate graphics-heavy and a graphics-light page. And since I'm on summer vacation now, I'll have the time to do it!

As to the story, I'm almost finished with Chapter 1! Sorry for the eternally long wait, but I'm a perfectionist at heart and I'll go nuts if it's up here and it's not to my liking. ^_^ So Chapter 1 is nearly finished... just some little nitpicking to do.

The Knight of Selenity and Sailor Star's outfits have been completely revamped, and that's why the gallery's down. I'll make some new pics in the future (oh, how I wish I had a scanner) and put them up... give it a month or so.

I think that's about everything that's gone on... Oh, I took the profiles down too. I want to have a chance to rewrite them a bit, fix any mistakes and whatever. They'll be back up soon. :)

So... until I update again (we're hoping for next week)... see ya!

Sailor Dayhawk