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       Welcome to Assorted Anime Tarot, the website where Japanese cartoons, otherwise known as anime, and the mystical Tarot deck merge. I thought of this idea myself in 1999 and I hope that this Tarot deck will be worth it. You can read about how I started it, explore Tarot's history and the spreads used in it. You can even explore the whole deck itself. Make sure your browser supports CCS and JavaScript (preferably IE or Netscape). You can now start your tour with the links below.
History and FAQs
Know the general history of Tarot, as far as evidence is concerned. Know how I started Assorted Anime Tarot. Read the FAQs about AAT and my views about Tarot in general.
The Assorted Anime Tarot Card Deck 1 & 2 (Merged pages) --- Explore it!
Cups Swords Major Arcana Wands Pentacles
Other Things
Posted here are spreads, complete with interactive spreads for you to try. Read the names of the cards of Major Arcana in different languages If you want to immediately try the interactive spreads without exploring first the Tarot Spreads pages, you can now do so here. The All Important Guestbook Links to other sites.

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       And though Assorted Anime Tarot is now the main website, there are still other pages that are under AAT's helm. Check them out also.
Other Pages
Amercan Pie Parodies, here will you see my versions of Don McLean's 'American Pie,' along with Weird Al Yankovic's version. About Me -- Let's get a little intimate -- briefly. The Cartoon Network Akazukin Cha Cha Homepage -- Now semi-retired, this is a homepage of the anime Akazukin Cha Cha
       There are more things coming soon. Also as Geocities might close this site down due to my transfer status, this site might also have a mirror site. So stay stuck for details! For the meantime, here's the official banner. Click it to contact me about questions etc. not covered by the FAQs.
The Official AAT Banner, click it to contact me.

Disclaimer: All characters and their respective anime are copyrighted by their respective creators and TV stations. All rights to them are reserved.
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