2004.7.24 - Starting to learn how to put things together from the creator of the layout. Made my homepage, me page, quotes page, and add a guestbook.
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Park Eun-Mee's Own Little Corner

This is my own little corner where I will share with those who want to know who I am. If you have no interest, just close this page. This is mostly to say hello to my friends in my own little way and also to share a little of myself with the rest of you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at SerenityTalk@hotmail.com Please remember this is a work in progress and that I just started on it. Thanks^^


This midi is the Sailor Moon Theme song.

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I got this layout from Digital Dreams. Thank you for all your help!! ^^
I got my cursor and midis from La-Soldier[dot]net.


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