If Truth be Told

Written By The Fic Bug

"I don't see why you're bloody doing this again. It didn't work the first time."

Spike stared up his tormentor, who at present was waving around some sort of foul-smelling herb. He simply smiled snidely at him and continued to chant.

"Yes, well, that would be because I was blind, and now I'm not, so do shut up."

The bound vampire scowled at the former Watcher from his restraints, grimacing as the incantations finished. Giles stared down at him in triumph and closed the book.

"Don't look so smug, Watcher, we don't know if it bloody worked. I don't feel any different."

"You're not supposed to feel different. You're just supposed to have to tell the truth."

"Like I bloody care. Just ask me the questions already so you can stake me and have done with it. I'm tired of being treated like a bloody pansy-arse anyway."

"Much as I'd love to see you squirm, Spike, I do believe that it's Buffy who's doing the interrogation."

Spike whitened even more than his already deathly pallor. "You're joking… please be joking…"

Giles grinned innocently down at him. "What, don't you like Buffy?"

"Of course I like her, she's a gorgeous little minx, but -" Spike stared in horrified astonishment at his words. "Hey, wait a bloody second!"

The former watcher turned away and stifled a huge laugh. "I do believe the spell worked…"

"You can't bring her in 'ere now! I'll say something embarrassing!"

"What, like she's a 'gorgeous little minx'?" The laughter began afresh.

Spike glared at the hysterical older man. "I was thinking more along the lines of 'I wish I could rip her clothes off and shag her into oblivion' actu-" His jaw dropped open in disgusted amazement. "Now *this* isn't funny!"

Spike scowled even deeper and bit down on his lip to prevent himself from speaking. Giles, meanwhile, was staring at him in disbelief from his previous statement. "You - you… oh good God…" He reflexively removed his glasses and began to clean them, clearly stunned and on edge. " I, er, think it would be best if perhaps I left this with Buffy now… yes… please don't… don't say *anything* else." He began to walk unsteadily towards the stairs. "I'm just going to go upstairs and pretend I'm deaf…"

Spike surveyed the silent room, biting down harder on his lip and almost drawing blood. He couldn't believe he'd said to a man who was almost Buffy's father that he wanted to shag her. He couldn't believe that he actually wanted to shag her, but that was beside the point. If this spell was uncovering things that even surprised him, imagine the field day Buffy would have. In fact, he didn't want to imagine that. He had admitted his attraction to Buffy, that was fine, any man or vampire who had met her would be crazy not to be attracted to her… But the fact that he had told her ex-watcher of his desire to sleep with her… things were going to be --

Buffy entered the room with an evil grin on her face. "So, any *deep*, *dark* secrets you wish to share?"

-- absolutely terrible.


Buffy sat across from Spike, whom she had now freed from his restraints, and stared at him intently.

"It would be a lot easier on the both of us if you just started talking."

Spike stared back at her, his hands clamped in a vice grip over his mouth, and shook his head.

"Spike! It's been half an hour already! *Please* just tell me what you know so we can get this *over* with."

Hesitantly, he lifted his hands from his mouth. "Ican'ttellyouanything." And then he was biting his tongue again.

Buffy sighed in exasperation. "*Why?*"

Spike stifled a groan and buried his head in his hands.

"Look, Spike, I've been really nice so far, but I'm going to have to chop off your hands if you keep pulling this crap."

Spike peeked over up at her from the table and stuck his tongue out at her. Buffy began to seethe.

"That. Is. *It*. You are telling me about those stupid Commandoes, and you are telling me *now*."

She shoved her chair away from her and marched to the other side of the table, grabbing Spike's hands and bent them behind his back. If it had been up to her, she would have kept him tied up, but he had insisted that he wouldn't say a word until she untied him. She had reluctantly agreed, and he still hadn't said a word. Pissed beyond belief, she twisted his wrists sharply until he cried out in pain.

"Ow! Bloody hell, woman!"

"What do you know, Spike?"

"I know that you're turning me on…" Spike squeezed his eyes shut and mentally slapped himself. "Oh bloody hell!"

Instantly she let go of his wrists, all traces of anger drained from her face. "I'm what?"

Spike shook his head even as he was speaking, trying to will the words back into his mouth. "You turn me on, Slayer. You're the sexiest creature to walk the face of this bloody earth."

With a low moan he thumped his head onto the table and began bashing it repeatedly.

Buffy slid bonelessly back into her chair, her features completely blank from shock.

"So the truth spell's working then…"

Spike continued to speak with his face muffled by the table. "Working completely. 100% absolutely bloody perfect. Much like you - oh fucking hell!"

She raised her eyes from an interesting spot on the carpet. "You think I'm perfect?"

The skull bashing began anew. "In- *thump* every- *thump* bloody- *thump* way- *thump*."

"Well… I think I'm going to… yeah, um… we'll… talk later."

"I'd rather shag - oh come on, make this bloody *stop*!"

Buffy's attention was brought back to the thoroughly miserable blond vampire. "You seriously want to… to have sex with me?"

"Course I bloody do. Over and over and over and can I get a bloody *grip* on myself?"

"I thought you said I wasn't worth a second go…"

"I was trying to get you all riled up, Slayer. You're incredibly sexy when you're pissed."

"So you didn't mean it?"

Spike sighed exasperatedly. "Anyone with half a brain would know you're worth a second, third, fourth - sod that, you're worth every bloody go in the book. And anyone who says otherwise should have their cock ripped off and shoved up their arse."


"Yeah. Oh."

Buffy cleared her throat and tried to will away the naughty Spike thoughts that were rapidly surfacing. "Well, I think I… I'm going to go… out." She raised herself from her chair. "Bye."

She looked down at Spike briefly. Mistake. He simply stared up at her with surprisingly gentle eyes. "Don't I get a kiss?" He broke gaze immediately and began cursing.

His words struck a chord and Buffy sorted through the jumble in her head to find the source of familiarity. *Don't I get a cookie?*. An innocently evil grin crossed over her face as the rest of the conversation went through her head. "Did you really want to get Buffy-taste out of your mouth?"

Spike shook himself out of the self-loathing and blanched. He knew where this was going. "What?"

"Yesterday. Willow was giving out her grief-cookies and you said you wanted one cos you still had Buffy-taste in your mouth."

Spike shook his head is exasperation. He might as well just let the words come out and accept them. *Here we bloody go…* "If it meant that I had to never drink blood again for the rest of my unlife I would happily do it as long as I could still taste your lips."

Buffy simply stared, wide-eyed. "Wow."


"Yes, wow. Despite the gross blood thing, I think that rates high on the 'sweetest things people have said to me' list."

"Oh. That's good."

They stared at each other a moment longer. Each unsure of what to say to the other, as well as rather afraid of what would come out. Eventually, the silence came to an end as Buffy smiled the smallest of smiles.


"Yes what?"

"You said 'don't I get a kiss?'. The answer's yes."


"Yeah. Oh."

The only other thing that passed between them was a grin on both ends, as their lips met in the most delectable kiss.


The first thing Giles expected to see when he returned to check up on Buffy was an extremely pissed off Buffy and a much worse for wear Spike. The last thing he expected or *wanted* to see was the two of them making out on his dining room table. Unfortunately, the latter was what he did see. So he did the only thing a highly respectable Watcher of his age would do. He turned right around and ran upstairs, fully intent on never leaving his room again.

The couple on the dining room table, however, were planning to never leave that table again. However, when they heard a loud door slam and a cross between a scream and a sob, they broke apart.

"What the hell was that?"

"No bloody idea, Slayer. Don't care."

He bent his head to her lips again, but Buffy pushed him away, her face paling.

"What the hell did we just do?"

"I believe it's called kissing, pet. And rather a lot of it, I must say."

Buffy blanched completely and looked up at him. "I can't believe I just made out with you on *Giles's* table! We had Thanksgiving Dinner on this table!"

"I'd wager you taste a sight better, ducks."

"Stop it!"

Spike frowned at her, trying to keep the funny grin off his face. "Stop what? Telling the truth?"

"Yes! Well, no, but… yes! Stop being so sweet and semi-romantic!"


"Well the whole talking about blood kinda makes you lose points… and I can't believe I'm even talking about losing or gaining or any sort of points with you! You're *Spike*!"

Spike chuckled dryly. "Well spotted there, kitten."

Buffy sighed, trying to fight herself as well as the vampire on top of her. "Look, Spike, just get off me. This whole truth spell-kissing thing was a mistake. Tomorrow you'll be your normal obnoxious self and there won't be any problem. *This* -" she gestured to herself and the table as well as him, "-never happened, and-"

"Yes it did."

Buffy growled. "No it didn't."

"Yes it *did*." He raised himself off of Buffy and sat up on the kitchen table. "It happened and I'll be damned if it was a bloody mistake. We ended up kissin' on your Watcher's table because we're attracted to each other and I'm not going to let you be all… womanlike about all this and panic and say it never happpened. It did. And it was a bloody good kiss and there's going to be more of them-"

"No there won't."

Spike cast an aggravated glance at the Slayer now sitting next to him. "Yes there, will, Buffy, and I'm not going to let you crawl out of this. There's something here. I don't know what, but I'll wager we could have a bloody good time if we actually let something happen. I'm not saying it's love or any rot like that - I know you're still mad for my ponce of a sire - but still… can't you at least think about what could happen? I know you enjoyed that kiss as much as I did - you enjoyed the kisses before that as well. Even though we were under a spell then, it was still bloody fantastic." He glanced sideways at her and saw her about to interrupt. "Yes, I know we fought 90 percent of the bloody time but the kissing was damn good."

Buffy managed a small smile at that. "Yeah, it was." She raised her head to look at him. "You know when the spell broke… the last thing on my mind was being disgusted. I just…" she ducked her head and blushed, "I just wanted to keep kissing you."

Spike grinned. "Same here, pet. But you started acting all horrified so I decided to do the same." He frowned curiously at her. "So why did you get all huffy about it?"

"I figured that's what you'd do. So I... well I wanted to be the first to do it for once… I wanted to be able to act like it was horrible instead of someone else immediately doing it to me."

Spike immediately caught on to what she was talking about. "Oh, pet... any wanker who'd do that to you isn't worth a second thought. They don't know what they're giving up…"

Buffy sighed to herself and turned to him, a wry half-smile on her face. "If you'd stop being so damn sweet for a second I might be able to concentrate on convincing myself that I don't *really* want to start making out with you on the dining room table all over again."

He couldn't help but grin. "Wearing you down, am I pet?"

Buffy could only nod helplessly. "Just kiss me already."

Spike leaned forward, then stopped as Buffy raised a hand. "Just a question, Spike. When this spell wears off… are you going to become a jerk again?"

He had the grace to look stung. "You really think I'm a jerk?"

"Well, not really... but you're being a lot nicer than you'd usually be."

Spike took her hand in his. "This spell isn't affecting the way I feel about you. It's just forcing me to tell the bloody truth instead of being a cowardly old bugger and hiding behind cookies." They shared an amused smile. "I might not be Mr. Lovey Dovey when it wears off, but I'm still going to want to shag you into the floor as much as I do right now."

Buffy raised an eyebrow. "You want to shag me into the floor?"


"Right now?"

"Right now."

Buffy smiled wickedly as she moved her lips over his. "Well get on with it."

Spike groaned and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her with a joyous hunger. "Gladly."


When Giles finally summed up the courage to go downstairs after a few hours, he was hoping against hope that Buffy had finished and left the annoying bleached vampire alone. He was also hoping against hope that they weren't still making out on his dining room table.

They weren't.

They were doing something *so* much worse.

So with that, the former Watcher screamed like a woman and ran back to his room, convinced that the life of a hermit was the best way to go.

Buffy and Spike either didn't hear him or didn't care, because they didn't move from there for another three hours.

And of course, when they did move, it was only to go to Buffy's dorm to be more… comfortable.

The truth had never been sweeter.

:: End ::