The story so far...

Xander Harris walked up the block to Sunnydale High, his head hanging low. He had had a great summer just chilling with his two best buds, Willow and Jesse, and now...School. "Why not just shoot me, he thought?" School meant boring teachers, mystery meat lunches, and *ugh*, he thought... Cordelia. Cordelia Chase was the bane of his existence, and she always fluttered around the school like the little social butterfly she was.

As Xander started to walk up the steps, he smiled when he saw Amy walking towards him.

Amy was having a *bad* day...her father was going to be two days late. Amy wasn't particularly sad her mother was gone, but being in between houses was no fun at all. And then Xander bumped into her! Her books went flying everywhere. She suddenly smiled; what would a little clumsiness spell hurt? It would be a short one, only for a few days, and it would make her feel better. Amy smiled at Xander, and walked off without saying a thing. This would be fun to watch... She watched as Xander made his first fall under the spell.

Willow curiously watched Amy smile and wave a hand towards Xander. She cocked her head to the side wondering what she was doing. Then she figured Amy was casting a spell. A spell? On Xander! Not on the first day of school! Willow held her books tightly as she pushed the strap of her yellow jumper back onto her shoulder.

"Amy!" she called out, running to catch her friend before she could finish the spell. She didn't get far, because she saw Xander fall on his ass!

"Ow!", Xander said as he fell to the ground for a second time. "Man, I dont know what is going on with me, " he said to Willow. "I ate my Wheaties for breakfast and everything, and now all of the sudden, I am like the stupid clown in the circus that just gets laughs by hurting himself. The dreaded pity clown."

He smiled at Willow. His best friend. Jesse was great, but Willow was like, his sister! "So, Amy seems to be in full No Midol Overdrive. What to do?"

Willow helped Xander up. In the process, she managed to drop all her books on the ground. Then her jumper strap slid off her right shoulder again. She blushed madly, embarrassed she was looking like a fool in front of Xander. She tucked her long red hair over her right ear as she leaned over to pick up her books.

"Oh, Xander, you shouldn't be so mean," she said. She glanced at her best buddy, her pal since they were 2 years of age. "Amy's having it hard at home, with her mom and all." She remembered the spell Xander had cast on him, wondering if clumsiness was the result or a mere side effect of it. She started to mention the spell to Xander, but forgot about it when she saw Amy (again).

Amy saw Willow coming towards her and smiled. She needed her help on a spell she was working at. Uh-oh. She hoped Xander wasn't coming with her! The she *knew* Willow would figure it out...

* * *

Marisa was at her locker getting some books for her classes... after she got all of her books she had to look for a guy named Giles, because he sent her a letter asking her to help fight evil because Giles knows that she is a good witch... she had a bit too many books to carry and then she accidently dropped them all... she started picking them up and then Xander helped her pick up the rest of her books....

"Well, it's good to know that I am not the only klutz today", Xander said as he helped the pretty girl pick up her books. "Seems to be going around. I think I should get a vaccine or something". He smiled his goofy smile at her, and said, "Hey, I'm Xander. Village idiot. And you are?"

Marisa smiled back, "I’m Marisa, the new clutz in town, hey thanks for helping me pick up my any chance to you know a guy by the name of Giles?" she asked...

Xander thought for a moment. "Uh, I think he is the new librarian or something. You want me to show you where the library is? I think I have passed by it a few times on my way to the cafeteria." Xander started walking with Marisa. "So, why do you have to see the librarian?"

"I have to see him because...well..." Marisa stuttered not knowing whether or not to tell Xander why... "umm... he has to talk to me about Sunnydale..." she replied...

"He has to talk to you about Sunnydale?," Xander asked. "What about? I could tell you all about it, if you want. Like, there's The Bronze. That's the club we hang out in all the time. And dance at. Well, I dont know if you could actually classify what I do as dancing. But.." Xander trailed off. Another yammer moment for Xander. He had to try to cut down on the number of those he had in front of pretty girls. "But I dont get it...Why the librarian?", he asked.

"ummm...well...he has to talk to me about ummmm... the bad things that happen in Sunnydale..." Marisa told him, she wondered if Xander knew about the evil in this town...

Xander smiled. "So, Giles is here to bring Cordelia back to the fiery depths of hell?" he asked. He laughed to himself, and then realized that Marisa had no idea who Cordelia was. "Well, Cordelia, is, well Cordelia. You know, the most popular girl in school? Really snotty to everyone not wearing designer clothing. She is about the most evil thing in this town, I am pretty sure"

Willow saw Xander helping a new girl pick up her books. She was pretty and she felt a twinge of jealousy upon seeing Xander smiling at her. She shook it off then spun the dial on her locker. After opening her locker, she put her books inside and rearranged all the herbs for potions and spells Amy had given her. She was relatively new the black arts and Amy was a great teacher, even if she did use her magic to play mean little jokes once in awhile.

Willow shut her locker and looked back to Xander who was still talking to the new girl. She frowned and decided not to tell him about Amy's little spell. Sometimes, just sometimes, she could be a little mean too. "Ow!" she yelped when Amy stepped on her foot.

"Sorry! We seem to be running into one another a lot"

Willow leaned over and massaged her poor foot that Amy just mashed. "Yeah, we do." She stood up straight then looked at her friend. "I saw what you did this morning, Amy. The spell. Why did you do that to poor Xander on today of all days? He'll probably end up breaking his neck or something."

"I guess that was in poor taste. I suppose I could undo it...."

Willow was about to reply, but saw Xander still talking to the new girl. She bit her lip then shook her head. "No, not quite yet," she said to Amy then looked to the fledgling witch. "Leave it on him for just a LITTLE longer." She smiled at Amy.

Amy grins back. "I see what is going on. And maybe add a little extra punch to it?"

Xander looked over at Amy and Willow chatting. "So, do you want me to introduce you to some of my friends?"

"oh boy i just cant wait to meet Cordelia," Marisa said sarcastically... "sure i'd love to meet some of your friends," Marisa said smiling.

"Yep, Cordelia is a real treat. And one that you are going to have to do without for now, as our royal highness has not yet reared her regal head." Xander smiled, "But as for the real classy chicks, let me introduce you. Since of course, I am a real classy man" With that, Xander started to walk over to Amy and Willow, but first tripped over his own feet and fell hard, banging his head. "A real class act" he said as he passed out.

Willow found a devilish smile on her face. She saw Xander and the new girl approaching. "Yeah, make him trip just once, Amy," she said in a hushed voice. "But don't, like, really hurt him or anything!" she quickly added.

"You know, I am starting to worry what you will be like once you developed your powers...Okay, maybe a little something on the side, too. A purple nose?"

"oh my God!! Xander can you hear me??? are you okay??!!" Marisa was starting to go hysterical...

Willow laughed when Xander fell down in front of Marisa. She patted Amy on the arm then pointed to Xander lying on the floor. "Ok, you can take it off him now," she said. Then she added, "And I won't do mean things with my powers. Well, I might put a spell on Cordelia that would make all her hair fall out. Wouldn't that be funny?" She snickered.

"Okay, I will....Actually, that sounds like a great spell to try...."

Xander was out for only a minute, and then stood back up, a little wobbly. "Ok, what the HECK is going on here? I am used to making a fool out of myself by just being myself, but now I feel like a one man slapstick act!" Xander was really embarrassed. He made a complete ass out of himself in front of Marisa.

"Look, I am sorry, but I think I should go to the nurses' office..get some ice before this thing reaches basketball size", he told Marisa, pointing to his bump. "I'll see you", he said as he ran off.

"Awww, he'll probably be out for a few hours. Don't worry, he will be fine. Lets get him to the nurse's office...." Getting knocked out on the first day? That is worse than usual...

Amy and Willow ran after Xander. "We were gonna help you get there, Xander!"

Amy took the spell of Xander, before her careless RPGer forgot about it (cause she was falling asleep at her computer)....but she left on the purple nose...

"ummm bye Xander," Marisa yelled at him as he took off running to the nurses office... Marisa walked up to the 2 girls(willow and amy) that Xander was going to introduce her to... "umm... hi, im Marisa, are you two friends of Xander?" she asked...

Willow noticed the strange way Amy looked at Marisa, but figured if there was something bad about the new girl her friend would tell her. "I'm Willow," she said to Marisa, smiling. Her jumper strap fell down off her shoulder again and she grumbled. I need new clothes, Willow thought as she shoved the strap back in place.

After welcoming Marisa to Sunnydale High, Willow bid farewell to Amy and headed for her first class of the day. She did NOT want to be late. The rest of them didn't care if they missed classes and stuff, but Willow was Super Student. She headed up the hallway for her Trig class. But as she did, she saw the new librarian, Rupert Giles, through the window of the library doors. She thought he was pretty cool. He definitely had a load of great old books in his possession. She opened up the doors to the library and walked inside....

Amy watched Willow walk in the library. Damn! That place is becoming popular...And this spying thing was kind of fun. She was like, La femme Nikita or Xena; 20th Century

"Hi! I am Amy (an RPGer who is getting *very* tired and thinks this is probably her last post for the day)" Amy's eyes narrowed. The girl stank of magick. Not that that was a bad thing, of course....*Powerful* magic...Amy thought she would have a hard time taking her, if it ever came to a duel. But it wouldn't. Amy had a feeling the two would become good friends....

Sabrina walked into the school, and looked around. It was her first day, and she was nervous like any other human being having to go to a new school. She started to walk towards the office so she could get her locker and classes, when she bumped into Amy. "Oh geez! I'm so sorry!!" *puts her hand to her head* "I wish I wasn't so clumbsy." She looked at the person. "I'm really sorry."

Having cast a spell on Xander, Amy was not feeling so bad now. "Thats alright. You look new. Do you need any help getting around?"

Sabrina looks at Amy. "Uh, sure. I'm trying to find the office." She smiles politely. "How'd you guess I was new? Oh, wait, I forget how obvious I am."

"I had better go help Xander--he might get himself hurt....we have Algebra 2 together...I'll meet you there, ok?"

Xander stood outside the Nurses' Office, slightly pressing the ice pack to his head. *Well, this is the look I was trying to go for*, Xander thought. He had already seen a few new girls at school, and this was just the impression he wanted to make.

He looked around the hallway, looking for Willow or even Marisa. But instead, he saw Amy.

"Are you okay?" Amy was starting to feel guilty for the was the first day of school, after all...

* * *

Buffy's mom pulled up to the curb at the front of the school. "I'll see ya later mom." She said and hopped out before her mom could give her a lecture. She looked at the school and smiled. A new life. New friends. And no more slaying. She was happy. She walked up the steps of the school and then into the front door. She walked down the hallway and noticed that some people were looking at her odd. It must have been because she was new. She continued down the hall searching for the principal's office, but she quickly became lost. She walked past a group of girls escorting an injured boy to what she figured was the nurses office.

She continued to walk in circles, but as she rounded a corner she bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry." Sabrina said, picking up one fallen book. "I'm just being so clumbsy today, it isn't even funny!" Looks over at Amy, who disappeared to help Xander. It was understandable. She looked at Buffy. "So, you're new right? 'Cause it's like so easy to notice the new girl, coming from experience." she sighed. "I just moved here from Arizona. How about you?"

"Yeah. I'm new." She extends her hand "Buffy Summers" she smiles. "I'm from LA."

"LA? Wow. City of Angels. That's cool." Sabrina looks around. "You wouldn't know where the office is, would you? We're probably REALLY late, and I hate that for a first day."

Buffy smiles. "I'm as lost as you. Maybe we could ask someone for directions...preferably someone cute." Buffy smiles.

* * *

Cordelia stuted up the school steps with her usual pomp. she was late, but it didn't matter, she had just come back from a nice european vacation the night before, and her father had allowed her to sleep on. She flicked a long strand of her brown hair from her perfectly painted face, and walked gracefully in her high heels to the fronts office.

"hello? Is there anyone even working in this school?" She yelled in annoyence.She spun around quickly and found herself satnding face to face with Ms Calendar.

Ms. Calendar looked down at the girl who was obviously liked to think she was the school beauty queen. "Aren't you a little late?"

"Uh..yeah!" Cordelia snapped, as if it was the most obvious thing ever." But, of course, I have a reason, you see dady took me to Switzerland, sking, and well, we got back late last night, and as I needed my beauty sleep he let me lye on...but..i'll be going now!" she smiled as sweetly as she could manage as the teacher glared at her.

Shuffling down the corridor was hard work in 6 inch heels, and as Principal Flutie flew out the lab door, Cordelia lost her balance and feel right over on to her ass. She was about to snap at the culprit when she looked up and saw who it was....

Cordelia stood, speachless for the first time in the good part of a year, as she stared in to a pair of huge eyes which belonged to Principal Flutie

"Ms Chase", he said, "Dont you have a class you are supposed to be in? Truancy is not accepted in Sunnydale, no matter how popular you may be with the cool gang" He straightened his tie, and smiled his principal smile.

"Well," Mr Flutie said, "Since you are already late, I was wondering if you would like to head up our welcome committee. We have several new students"

“Well, really, with my social circles I have a very over booked week as it is, I would love to but.." Cordy stared in to his cold eyes and shuddered. "Alright then, lead the way!" she sighed, at least she might get to use her popularity in a good way!

* * *

Liz was walking past the Nurse's Office when she saw he brother. "What happened to you?"

"He fell" Amy said, feeling a little guilty...she had took the purple nose off, too, as soon as she realized how badly he'd been hurt. "I am Amy, by the way."

"Yeah," thats it, "I fell. Only six or seven times! I dont know what is going on! I am complete klutz today". Xander rubbed his bump. All I know is I passed out and then when I came to, all I kept thinking was "The meanderings of cows give meaning to life, the meanderings of cows give meaning to life". He saw the strange looks he was getting from his sister and Amy, and said, "Hello? Remember? Head Trauma?"

"Don't worry, the clumsiness will go must just be the first day anxiety. I have to go, but if you keep falling come and see me, K?" Amy scurried off, feeling *really* bad about the spell...

"He fell? So what else is new." She laughed a little and tossed her shoulder length dark hair. "I'm ALEXander's" She knew he hated being called by his full name, and that's why she always called him that. "little sister. We're a year apart." And then she thought, "Not that you'd know it by our maturity levels." She grabbed a pack of cigarettes from her coat pocket. "I'm gonna cut out second period for a smoke, anyone wanna come?"

"Uh, ELIZabeth," Xander retorted, he really did hate Alexander, "I dont think you want to be doing that right now. The part in my head that usually covers up for your dirty little habit with mom and dad seems to have been knocked out of place when I fell". He looked at his little sister and smiled. He loved to torture her. He would never run back to his parents and tattle on her. Mostly because their parents wouldn't care.

"Ummm...smoking is bad for you; and we are about a foot from the Principal's office" Marisa said.

Liz was even more different than she had imagined. "And it wasn't completely his tripped him." *A spell could count as tripping someone...* "I have to go now, anyway..."

"yeah, someone tripped me," Xander said, "_I_ tripped me! Tripped over my own two feet! In front of a girl! Could this day get any worse?" he said. He turned to Liz and said, "Look, you know I hate you smoking, but if you want to go smoke, I am too weak to catch you"

"Geez, you know how to send me on a major guilt trip, Xander." She looked guilty but snapped out of it after a second. "Feel better, bro... I guess I'll be off to class." She looked at her schedule "Math, oh joy, should be *oh* so much fun." Then she walked away.

Xander laughed at his sister. They had so much in common. He started to walk towards the library, hoping to see Marisa there when he saw Amy.

"I just wanted to make sure you are alright. You looked dazed....Want to some help to class? We both have Algebra 2."

Xander looked at Amy. She seemed to be following him around today. Every time he turned around, she was there. It was strange. He kind of liked it. "Well, I am okay to walk, but if you want to, I am not going to stop you."

"Well I suppose your company won't kill me...."

"Well, it has been disproved in a court of law a few times" Xander said with a laugh. They started walking to the library, Xander looking around to see another one of his friends. Amy was cool, but she flew off the handle a lot and there was a rumor going around school that her mom was a witch, so that was someone you usually didn’t want to get on the bad side of. As they walked into the library, Xander stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Marisa.

Amy laughed. Xander may be a dork, but he was still nice. And funny. She turned to look at Xander, who had stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes were popping out. Okay, make that dorky and weird. What was he staring at?

"umm... Hi Xander," she said with a smile, "so how's your head?" she asked...

Xander smiled. "I'll survive" he said. Xander was so embarrassed that he passed out in front of Marisa. "So, how was your first class?", he asked, as the bell rang. "Well, I guess we will have to end this conversation until lunch." Xander smiled and started to walk away.

Amy sighed. And she thought maybe; just maybe, Xander was growing up. She had at least hoped he would get some manners....Yep, it was *way* too much to ask. By now, of course, she was talking about his treatment of Willow. Who could be so blind? It was so obvious Willow liked him...

* * *

Liz had just gone to her locker to put her coat in it as she locked it back up she heard the bell ring for second period to begin. "Oh, great, now I'm late." She muttered to herself "And I'm also starting to rhyme which is kind of scary." She smiled and continued walking hoping to not get stopped by any teachers. But she knew that since today was the first day of school she could always use the "I got lost and that's why I'm late" excuse. As she neared the her Math room she noticed someone else was also late to class.

* * *

Ruby Brannigan walked into Sunnydale High. The whole school was in the middle of the second period, but Ruby could care less. She wasnt enrolled to get an education, she was enrolled to get the skinny on the new slayer that was moving to town.

She was human, but working for the vamps that ran the Sunnydale. She had always been fascinated with vampires, and had even opened an underground club called "The Sunset Club" a few weeks ago. There they worshipped vampires, and it was there that she met Spike, her favorite vamp. He had heard about it and came by to kill her. But he was fascinated with her, and they got to talking. He promised her that someday he would turn her, but for now, he needed her in the sunlight. And she was determined to make him happy.

She walked down the empty hallways, looking all around. All of the sudden, she saw someone at the end of the hallway. It was Amy.

"Oh. Sorry. I hang around someone who--well, I must have picked up a little clumsiness! I'm Amy. Who are you?" Amy's tone was friendly, but her eyes were not. Something was not right about this girl, and she could feel it...

Ruby smiled. "Hi, I am Ruby. I am new here, and late, it seems." she said to Amy. Amy smiled at her, but she had a feeling somehow she had given off a bad first impression. She had no idea how this was possible.

"So, how come you are not in class?"

"Oh well, I am supposed to be in Algebra 2, but I am helping a teacher out. I am going to the library. Wanna come? Or do you have to get to class?"

Ruby laughed. "Class? Who cares about class?" She smiled at Amy and said, "Let's go". Ruby picked up her bag and put it over her shoulder. She flipped back her long brown hair, and started walking to the library. "So, what is there to do for fun around here?"

"The Bronze. The Mall. The--well no, thats about it...There are few people to watch out. Like Cordelia. She is a bitch. Or Harmony, the Cordelia Wannabe."

Ruby laughed. "Let me guess, the cool crowd, right?" Ruby saw the look on Amy's face and could tell that she was right. "Yeah, I know the type. Someone should set them straight. Give them a little taste of their own medicine for once."

“Oh I have--er, I mean, I agree..." Amy and Ruby were right next to the library.

* * *

Emily walked down the hallway, she had moved here with her uncle after her mother died in a car accident, her uncle rupert was all she had left now. she walked down the hall on her first day in both a new school and a new country. she was trying to find the library to find her uncle when she was triped but a passing student and fell into ________

* * *

Rupert Giles was busy flitting around the library. He was new here and knew that it would take a lot of time and energy to get settled in Sunnydale. He looked around at all of the books he had brought with him and said to himself "this is definetly not England!" He was walking down the stairs to the main floor of the library when the doors flung open and a new face walked in. He was about to introduce himself when the person beat him to it. "Hey, you must be the librarian - I'm Xander.

Xander walked in and looked at the librarian. *Could he possibly be wearing ANY more tweed?* he thought. He was sent to the library by his computer teacher, Ms. Calendar. Apparently, some of the textbooks for the class had been sent there and Ms. Calendar sent him to pick them up for her. He walked over to the table and picked up the book on top, "Vampyr?", he said, reading aloud. "What are you? A scifi freak?"

"Sci-fi...what? That's not a library book" Giles said quickly taking the book away from Xander. "I am Rupert Giles, ah Mr. Giles - the new librarian and you're Alexander....what?

"XANDER. Xander Harris." Xander would not let it lie. "So if it's not a library book, it's one of your own personal books?" Xander walked around the table and picked up another book. "Briscoe's Demon Index?" he read aloud. "Man, you have weird taste"

"Taste...yes I have taste. Is there something wrong with the people's senses here - You look like you're having a problem with your sense of touch." Giles saw the embarrased look come over Xander's face and quickly changed the subject. "The books" Giles stated, "are from the estate in England where my sister lived." I did not have time to sort through them before I moved so I had them sent here." Giles had to think quick, he did not think that anyone would come into the library so soon so he had left the books out. "What a cover" Giles thought to himself, "I'll never pull this off. I can't pretend to be a librarian and be a watcher too." "My ahh, sister, she was very interested in the occult and strange things. Did you need anything Xander? Why are you here?"

"Oh, sorry man" Xander put down the book. "Well, I am here to pick up some books for Ms. Calendar's computer class. She said they were dropped off here." Xander smiled, remembering something. "Oh, by the way, I met someone this morning that was looking for you. Marisa. "

“Oh, Marisa is here already, oh, yes it is the first day. Well, thank you, i'll be ready for her arrival. The books for Ms. Calendar are over on that table. It's a large pile, do you need help carrying..."

Just then, Cordelia came through the door. "Hi..I'm Cordelia..oh, xander, um..yes, well, I'm here to welcome all new students, and I suppose libairians as well, as you're new, well, here's a poster, stick it up won't you, coz even book dqwellers have to be at the welcoming thing Flutie has organised..ok gotta fly!" And she turned on her heels, dissapearing as fast as she had appeared.

Emily giles walked throught the door, she was carrying a small bag, as she stood there she didn't sayu a word she didn't want to intrude.

* * *

Marisa had studyhall this period so she figured it was a perfect time to talk to Giles... she found her way to the library and walked in... she saw Xander talking to an older guy, she figured it must be Giles... so she walked over to them, "umm... excuse me, but are you by any chance Rupert Giles?" she asked...

emily giles stood near the counter in the library waiting for her uncle to finish so that she might talk to him, she would have to go soon, her first class at the college would be starting soon but she needed to speak with her uncle first.

"so you must be new here?" Cordelia smiled at the girl standing before her. Before she could anser Cordy battled on, still smiling, she liked smiling, it was all part of the 'new' coredila chase. "well, anyways, I'm realy busy, so here's a flyer, hope to see you there!" Just then she saw Amy in the distance, and decided the new her should have a word with them!

"my word what an odd girl." emily muttered. as she looked down at the flyer.

“Oh gawd--please don't let Cordelia come over here!” thought Amy It was too late, because Ice Queen was coming her way...

* * *

Sunnydale! The land of sunshine, happiness, and hell. Well, two out of three wasn't bad. Talking about the happiness and hell parts, of course. "Here vapid vampies!" She called, provoking. "Surely I am not the only one living in this beautiful little piece of hell?"

* * *

"umm, excuse me, but are you by any chance Rupert Giles?" Marisa asked again to the guy who looked like he would be a librarian...

Emily got close, "um excuse me uncle rupert. i do hate to bothersome, but well i'm not sure how to get to the college and i'd hate to miss my first class." she said interupting a bit. "you don't perhaps suppose you could give me directions then i'd be off and no longer underfoot." Emily finished, then turned to marisa, "so sorry to interupt."

"yes im sure you are," Marisa said to Emily, " Giles i have to talk to you before you leave, i have classes to attend to as well, it will only take a minute to talk to you.." Marisa informed him...

Emily gave her a funny look she wasn't entirly used to americans and wasn't sure if that was snippy or not. She desided not to say anything about it, instead she stood there hoping her uncle would answer them. as it was emily was completely turned around, being in a new counrty and home and now starting college and her mother's death had all been a bit much for her this year.

Giles was too busy to talk at the moment, and he will show up at the Bronze later tonight to talk to them there. * * *

“Oh man! Late *again*. And on the first day of school. He was dead. But before he died, he had to find Xander...,” thought Jesse.

* * *

Cordeila was busy all day, photo copying flyers and posters, organising food, she had persuaded Devon to get the Dingoes to play at teh welocming, and not once had she belittled anyone, and weirdest thing, she felt good. She was happy, because she hadn't been trying to sustain teh bitchy masarade she had been playing for teh past three years, she had been herself, helping organise something fun. She smiled to herself, and thought *perhaps this year everything will change*!

Cordelia was very proud of her work on the flyers for the welcoming party. It was going to be held in the school gym, that saturday night And the dingoes where gonna play, that was if she could find Oz to confirm! But the strange thig was, where were all these new students coming from?

Cordy, still having seen no trace of Oz, although she knew sooner or later he'd raise the cute riffled haired head, decided she better go to class. Waltzing through the door, she explained why sh was late.

"Ok, Ms Chase, please sit down!" The teacher sighed. there wasno point in even raising your voice at Cordelia, she never took the blindest bit of notice anyway!

Cordelia looked around the room and then gasped. There was only one free chair, and *Oh no, you can't make me sitt there!* Coredila thought, smiling through gritted theeth as she saw ____ sitting beside the empty desk.

* * *

Buffy smiles. "I'm as lost as you. Maybe we could ask someone for directions...preferably someone cute." Buffy smiles.

Sabrina laughed. She was thinking the same thing, and was hopeing this school wasn't like her last one. "Yeah." Looks around and sees Ruby Just standing around. "Hmm, why don't we ask that person?" Ruby stood against a locker in the hallway. She had gone looking for the popular girls to size them up, but she couldnt find them. And now she really didnt feel like going to class. She looked over at two girls chatting, looking at her. She didnt like people looking at her. "Yeah, are you here to browse or buy, ladies?"

Sabrina looked at Buffy, and back at Ruby. "We were going to ask you how to get to the office, but I take it you're not the kind that likes to help people, huh." She looked around for a new subject.

"Oh, sorry. It's just, I am kind of paranoid when people are just staring at me. Long story. Well, I am sorry, I am new here also, so I am going to be no help to you guys. I am Ruby, and I am really sorry if I came across like a bitca"

Being a softy, Sabrina smiled warmly at Ruby. "Sorry to bite your head off. ”I'm Sabrina, and this is . . . I never did get your name." Sabrina askes Buffy.

Buffy smiles at the two girls. She looks past Ruby and sees a pretty cute, brunette coming toward them. "Hey, we could ask him."

Looks at Buffy. "Good idea." She calls to the brunette. "Hey! Do you think you could help us find the office?" Sabrina smiles.

Xander had to look twice. Not very often do two beautiful women call out to him. He smiled and walked over to them. "Me ladies, I am at your service. Follow me." Xander started walking towards the office. "So? And we are? I am Xander. Xander Harris. Class Clown Extraordinaire"

Sabrina smirked at the funny guy. "I'm Sabrina Bryant, new from Arizona, and I'm only known as Twinkie Girl back at my school." She smiled at him.

Xander smiled. "Did you say Twinkie? I love twinkies!" He laughed. "I am the twinkie master! May all lesser twinkies bow before me!" Xander could not stop looking at the other girl with Sabrina. She was being quiet and she was beautiful.

Sabrina laughed and looked at Buffy. Then at Xander. "Hey Buff, you gonna tell him who you are?" She smirked. Buffy was being shy.

"Hi. I'm, uh, Buffy Summers." She smiled at him.

"Buff," huh. Xander said. A name to match a face. "And an appropriate name, I see", Xander said, looking at her arms, ripe with muscles. "So, are you guys going to the Bronze tonight? It's the hot spot in town. A lot of people will be there tonight"

Sabrina looked at Xander. "Uh, not to sound so new here, being that I am new, but what's the Bronze? I don't think that's one thing I've heard of yet."

"Ah. It's like a club. With bad bands, no alcohol and lots of spazzy dancing!" Xander said, doing a little sample dance for the girls. "You MUST come!"

Sabrina looks at the strange boy dancing. "Uh, maybe. I gotta see if I'm doing anything." She frowns at the thought of her plans.

"oh, well. Ok. If you can", Xander said. They walked up to the office and stopped. "Well, I am going to be going. I have escorted you to your destination, now I must find mine" Xander smiled and said, "Sabrina, Buffy. See you later. Hopefully at the Bronze"

Sabrina smiled. "Uh, hate to ask, but how do you get there?"

Xander smiled. "Not hard at all. Walk down Main Street. It's on your right. I have to go! Bye!"

"Uh, thanks!" Sabrina screamed, as Xander ran away. She looked at Buffy. "Odd little man." She smiled.

Buffy laughed at Sabrina's 'Odd little man comment.' "He may be odd, but he is kinda cute." She smiles. They walk into the office.

Amy watched, still invisible, as Xander went after every new girl in the school. Oh this is *too* funny....Amy decided she ought to get to class now, but when she tried the spell, it wouldn't work. Oh no; she couldn't be invisible on the first day of school!

* * *

Joyce Summers worried about her daughter. Even though she was a teenager(and had probably learned not to get kicked out of school.....again), she worried about her having to start over in a new town and a new school. Joyce was on her way to the office to make sure Buffy was enrolled ok, which was the reason Joyce had come, when she thought she saw Buffy in the distance. She waved a huge wave with her whole arm and yelled, "Buffy!!!" Joyce wondered why she pretended not to hear her. "Buffy!!!", she yelled again practically from across the school. She walked briskly towards her, and for some odd reason, she looked embarrassed. hmm... teenagers. When she was now next to Buffy she said, "Hi, honey! How's your first day of school? Oh, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?!"

"Mom?" Buffy gave her mom harsh look. "Parents." She shook her head. "Sabrina, this is my Mom." She was totally embarrassed.

Sabrina smiled. "Hello Buffy's Mom." She couldn't help but stiffle the laugh from the look on Buffy's face.

“Well, I came to talk to the regestrar about your classes. Are you coming home right after school, or are you going to go somewhere? If your going to be home, than I need you to help me move into the new art-gallery building.

"Uh," Buffy really didn't want to help her mom. She looked over at Sabrina and and idea hit her, "Well, I was invited out to a club called the Bronze by some of the kids here." She wrapped her arms around her mom's shoulder, "I didn't want to say no cuz I really want to fit in here." She played her mom like a fiddle. "So is it okay if I go?"

"Well, ok. Just make sure your home by 10. Bye, honey", Joyce then walked over to the registrars office. On her way out she ran into Principal Flutie."Oh, I'm sorry." She offered to shake hands. "I'm Joyce Summers, and you are........"

Principal Flutie extended a hand. "Hello, I am Bob Flutie, the principal of this lovely school. Summers, Summers", Flutie thought, "Your daughter is new...Betty right?"

"Buffy", Joyce corrected him. "It's very nice to meet you. Now that I'm talking to you, do you happen to know if there are any good art students here? I just started up an art gallery, and I love the imagination of art from youth.I heard that there was a student about to enroll with an art scholership (spelling?). Oh, I forgot his name. Do you know who I'm talking about?"

* * *

Cassandra looked out the window of her cadillac. She glanced at the school where she'd be working. She smiled, knowing that a watcher was there, though she didn't know who it was, or whom the slayer was. She would find out soon enough. She laughed as she began to drive away, and glanced at her ring. It was gold with a ruby in it, which glowed. The glowing began to fade, and Cassandra hit the gas of the car. Once the glow was gone, her permission in the sun would be gone. She needed to sit in the dark for a few hours, possibly for the whole day. "Oh bother." Cass said. "Looks like I'm going to miss my first day of work." She shook her head. "Nice way to start a job Cass" . . .

* * *

sitiria slowly walked through the tunnels under the city she had caught sight of a vampire once before and desided to take her shape to prove her power to the master, her form became that of darla. right down to the last stich on her little catholic school girl dress, she was close now.

She turned a corner and was in the inner sanctiom of the master in his lair, she walked closer almost skipping, able to copy darla's movements and even her voice. so the master wouldn't know the difference, "master, i've returned." She said in a sing song voice. as...........

"Master? Well I don't exactly mind the title, unoriginal though it may be, but I usually just go by Stardust. And you?"

"i'm darla. and you're not the master, and you're in my home so i get to ask the questions." sitiria said she was even coping darla's attitude. "now who are you and why are you here?"

"Down girl. You are acting like a 50 year old. I already told you my name, I hope you remember it...I am here to have some fun."

"oh really. and why shouldn't i just kill you know, you know i do feel a little hungry." she said it was true everythime she took the form of a vampire se got the same hunger and urges they had, not that siteria didn't enjoy it. but drinking blood wasn't her usually dite.

"Hahaha...oh thats funny. I don't think you'd want to do that. In the grand scheme of things, I am on your side. But until then" Stardust disappears. "tell your Master I dropped by!"

*a witch.* siteria thought, *and now i've seen her i can copy her. this may be more fun of a town then i first thought.* as she thought she walked around looking for the master as..........

* * *

Willow was very surprised to see Amy in the library. How had she gotten there so fast? Hmm... maybe she'd zoned out or something. "Hi, Amy," she greeted. Willow noticed all the people in the library. Never had the Sunnydale High library been host to SO many students. She was worried that the world was ending, because students actually in a library was surely a sign of it! "What's going on?" she asked Amy. "I was on my way to Trig." She smiled at the librarian. "Hi, Mr. Giles."

"Umm, Willow! I was just going to go inside the library. Then I decided I didn't need to" Didn't need to? Good excuse, Madison...."So bye" Amy smiled.

The spying thing was fun...if a bit embarassing. She quickly cast another spell, this time of invisibility. Why not try a little more espionage? It was so fun the first time...and it would give her a chance to see if the spell worked, because, though she had prepared the spell, she still hadn't exactly cast it before...

* * *

Jaden smiled at the girl as she finished up her last minute writings. She said to him , "I really appreciate you letting me catch up on my work. I've just been having troubles at home and haven't had time to get it all done." Jaden nodded and took the proffered papers.

* * *

Xander picked up his books from his desk. *My God* he thought *Algebra is the most boring class ever* As he picked up his books, he realized that there was a paper stuck to the bottom of his computer textbook. He picked it up and read it. It said "Day 1: Buffy Summers has yet to report to me. I fear that she will be a hassle, not willing to partake in her slayer duties. I wait for her, so that in our fight to stop the vampires, we will succeed." Xander looked at the paper and said, "HUH?". Then it dawned on him. The paper was from the librarian, Mr. Giles. And Buffy, the girl he had only met a few hours ago, was a Slayer? *What the heck is that?* he thought. Xander left the classroom, with the note in hand, and walked down the hallway. He was going to have to talk to Buffy tonight, for sure.

* * *

The Master sat on his throne underneath the Hellmouth. He had just been brought a tasty morsel...a 16 year old girl...a virgin. They tasted best. He licked his lips and smiled as he saw Stardust walk towards him.


The Master looked at this girl who walked into his lair. "Hmm. I do not know you. Tell me why I should not kill you now."

"Because you can't. You are stuck in limbo land and your minions are...well, lets just say you ought to have a 70 year old minumum rule. I am new here...I figured I might as well get acquainted with management."

The Master looked at this girl. He liked her. She had guts. Of course, he could easily have her killed. "So, girl. What is your name? And why are you here? Or did you come for the wonderful cuisine?", he asked, pointing to the body of the girl laying at his feet.

"I am Stardust. And I'm your ticket out of here. Circe, my dear mentor, taught me several sorts of magic...I mean to employ them, and I figured I might as well do some good while I was using them...." Stardust paced around, her blue eyes glittering. "So whaddaya say? Partners?"

"master i can get you out of here, we don't need this little witch to help us." darla (really siteria) said.

"Stardust. A pretty name. For a pretty girl. But a naive girl. The only thing that can get me out of here is the blood of the slayer. Which is always harder than it sounds." The Master sits back on his chair. "But I am open to suggestions."

"Maybe it was hard before because you didn't have the right help. I killed the last Slayer...actually, Spike and I killed it, but he always seems to leave me out in his version of the story...But everyone has a weakness. And I am just the person to find it..."

The Master sat on his throne and thought. He was having problems thinking with everyone standing around. There was this new girl, Stardust, a sorceress pretending to be his Darla, and also the return of the glorious Cassandra.

"So, you need to find the slayer's weakness. And how would you do this? We dont even know WHO the slayer is yet"

"Thats where you are wrong. I told you I was more efficient than you minions. Buffy Summers. Dumb blond. No offense "Darla". I am ready to enroll in the High School and find out her weakness. Shouldn't be hard" she said flippantly.

"little witch thinks she can do it alone. i don't think so. besides my plan is so much more fun." dalra said (really siteria))

"And whats your plan? Because I don't think its working so well; your dear Master is still in LimboLand."

siteria shifted faces once more and bodies into that of the witch before her. "oh i don't know i figured i'd cause the salyer to go mad. see, me and buffy go way back." her face and body shifted again to that of one of buffy's old friends back in la. "i was her best friend lacy. we talked and i got to know everything a bout her before and during the time she beacme the slayer." she paused "it was fun. and well i know how she works i know her fears and weaknesses. and not it's time for phase two. i drive her insanse regain her turst then kill her." she paused taking the shape of a demon. "i've been at this game a lot longer then you hon."

The Master smiled. "I may have a use for you then. I already have someone working on the inside as it is. She was to find out today who the slayer was. Her name is Ruby. A foolosh girl, wants to be a vampire. Very smart, and very efficient. You can work together"

"I don't think you understand. I work *alone*. And what if Ruby gets hurt while undercover? I don't want to be a babysitter."

The Master smiled. "You think I care if she gets hurt? She is useful to me now, but not irreplaceable. You will work with her. Or you do not work for me at all. You have already told me who the slayer is, I am not sure how much more I actually need you"

"I could care less. The point is that you aren't the only one around here who has a piece of this town. There are people all over just waiting for you to mess up. Truth is, I don't really mind trying a different side. It just seems that you have the most power, and it would be distasteful for me to offer my services to you firsxt. But I am a free agent, at the moment...."

"I dont like being threatened, Missy", the Master said. "I will kill anyone who tries to defeat me, vampire or not. If you are truly willing to be faithful to my side, come aboard. But I do not like these little head games"

"you don't need her." darla said simply, "in fact you don't need ruby either." she added (really siteria)

"I dont really need anyone. You might want to think of that before your head gets too big, dear Darla", the Master said.

"you don't and i can prove it." darla said with a smile.(really siteria)

"You confuse me, Darla. Have you been snacking on some drug addicted teen?", the Master said. He thought Darla would only be good to fetch a meal for the day, but now it seemed she had more to contribute.

"i haven't been snacking at all," darla said, "though i do grow hungry in this body." she added, "well i suppose there's just one way to prove i can do what i say alone." she turned around slowly as she turned to face him her face changed to that of buffy, "is this what the slayer looks like?" she asked, with a grin.

"Darla," my dear, The Master said. "Play nice. Now what is this plan you speak of?"

"she's not the only one who knows the slayer." darla said, "i saw her when she first became the slayer." she added.

"Darla, dear. This helps me not. I dont care about the history of the slayer, I care about her future. And making it as short as possible.", the Master said with an evil grin.

"oh but it's getting shoter by the second, you see i know her weakness and how to get to her," darla said, "i can kill her while she sleeps or gain her trust and then stab her in the back and i mean that quite literaly." she added(really siteria)

"let me master." darla (really siteria but no one knows it)said comming up behind stardust.

"You poor girl. Do you really believe you can kill me? Might as well take the mask off, by the way, I can see through it"

"Mask?" The Master asked. "What do you mean, mask? That is not really Darla?"

Stardust's grin grew. "What do your instincts tell you, hmm? Something didn't seem right about her, did it?"

"Yes, something was off with her." He looked at this girl masquerading as Darla. "Explain yourself before I have you ripped from end to end"

"Or you could keep pretending you are Darla. The results could be interesting..."

* * *

Marisa had just left the school and was on her way home... she had overheard some girls talking about going to the Bronze later tonight, cuz thats where everyone went... so Marisa decided that she would go to, even though she had no idea where it was... as she was walking home she saw Xander.

Xander smiled. "We seem to keep running into each other, huh?" he said. He thought Marisa was nice, but had thrown all thoughts of a romance out the window when he made a complete ass of himself in front of her. "So, whatcha up to tonight? Going to the Bronze?"

"hi Xander," Marisa said with a smile, "umm, actually yes i am going to the Bronze tonight, but i have no clue how to get there..." Marisa told him...

Xander reached in his bag and searched around for a bit. After a minute, he pulled out a flyer. "Here you go," Xander said, handing Marisa the flyer, "One flyer for the Bronze, with directions attached and everything" Xander realized that he also had Giles' note attached to the flyer, and pulled it off as quick as he could, but he was afraid that she had seen it.

Corelia was having a major problme, she had no way home! She wasn't used to this, and was at a total loss as what to do. Just as she was begining to panic she saw Xander & Marisa coming her way.

Xander looked ahead and saw Cordelia, in all her gloriousness, standing there looking confused. "Cordelia! Hey! Long time no see! I was wondering why I havent broken into hives recently! What's wrong? You look like you have to choose between Versace and Dolce and Gabbana for your prom dress!"

"very funny Xander!" Cordelia snapped, then swallowed her pride. Although Xander was the one person who totally made her mad, and brought out the total bitchyness in her, this year she was going to be nice, not bitca!

"And, sad as this may seem, I need some help!" She smiled, her cheeks flushed."I well....I've lost my mobile, and I have no lift home, ....any chance of a quarter to ringhome?" She asked, her face matching the red top she was wearing...

Xander smiled. "Well, we are walking home, if you want to walk with us. And look, I will give you a quarter either way," he said, digging out a quarter from his pocket and passing it to Cordelia.

"Whats going on? Oh. Hi Cordelia. So nice to see you. Well, gotta go! " Amy started to run off, grateful that she had gotten the invisibility spell off. And she didn't want to spend time with Xander or Cordy...not with them within 100 feet of eachother, anyway.

"umm Cordelia could you give us a minute," Marisa said as she pulled Xander over to where Cordelia couldn't hear them talking... "Xander, why do you have that note? i got a glimpse of it..." Marisa said to him...

"Long story," Xander said. "Kind of picked it up on accident. I will tell you about it later," he said. He was silent for the rest of the walk home.

"jeez, thanks the rumurs are really do have a heart!" Corelia smiled, then turned to Marisa as she whispered something to Xander, "like, um, girl? Do you mind..anything you have to say to Xander you can say to me!" She said, suddenly acting as if Xander was her best mate...

Just then Liz ran up to Xander and Marisa. She saw Cordelia but tried to ignore her. "Hiya, guys. Did you hear the news? They just found some dead guy in the school. I tried to sneak a peak but they wouldn't let me over by the 'crime scene'. I don't know who died.. do you?"

* * *

Cassandra enters the lair. "Well, looks like we have a little reunion, with new people." She smiles at the master. "Long time." She bows down, her red hair falls from it's bun, and her green eyes shine of happiness. She's wearing a sun dress, due to she was supposed to go to work. She waits to be told to rise.

Stardust squints at her. "I know you! You were in on that little escapade in Florence, no?"

Cassandra looked at Stardust. "Please elaborate on that subject. What decade? Who was involved?"

"It was the Castarinian Intervention. I think I had been sired five years before. We had a "raiding party"; quaint, I know, but I was too young to know better. Vildor (I killed him by the way) led us to a bunch of Wiccas who had just finished a spell. Their blood was like a bunch of drugs, we got high and infiltrated a monastery, killing everyone. It was fun. I could've sworn you were there. Decade? I have no idea..."

Cassandra smirks. "I don't know. I've been to many of those." She laughs. "They're always a lot of fun."

The Master smiled at Cassandra. She was always one of his favorites. "Rise, my child It is lovely to see you again. Have you fed? I think I have some food running around somewhere"

Cassandra rose, smiling at the Master. "I have been good, lord. I have learned the finest arts of torture, in the same place you did. Italy." She looked at the Darla imposter and Stardust. She smiled at Darla. "Ah, if it isn't the master of my creator. How nice to see you once again." She turns her attention back to the Master. "I have not fed. It would be an honor to dine with you again."

Cassandra smiled at Darla and then at the master. "What of my creator? I haven't heard nor seen him in a long while. I hear he was cursed, I do hope that was a false tale."

"who angelus" siteria said her voice deeping as she shifted from the form of buffy to that of angel, "always was one of my favorite vampires."

"Drusilla said something about him...But I have to be frank; I didn't come for idle chitchat. Call me when you plan on doing something, instead of gossipping like a bunch of long lost relatives. Bye" Stardust's voice was chipper, but daring at the same time. She disappeared as she said 'Bye'."

Cassandra looked at Darla strangely. "Of course Angelus. Who else would I say? Darla, are you alright?"

The Master smiled at Cassandra. He was glad she was home again. He turned to Darla and said, "Darla, go fetch us a meal."

* * *

The Master's messenger, Gabriel ((random vamp, not a new character)), walked down the stairs to Angel's apartment. The Master had sent him out to bring Angel to him. He was to be peaceful, as the Master had said he only wanted to chat with him. He walked up to the door, and got ready to knock. He was nervous, he had heard stories of Angelus' glory days. Horrific stories. But now he was poor ensouled Angel who couldnt hurt a fly. He knocked on the door, waiting for Angel to answer.

Angel rolled over in bed, opening his eyes to stare at the ceiling. He blinked, scratching his head. Things to do.

Stretching, he got up and noted the time. Almost sundown. Of course, he could have said that without the clock, but it had become a strange habbit for him lately. He shook his head at that and went to pick out a clean shirt.

Something black, preferably....but first a shower.

A couple of minutes later, Angel was stepping under the hot stream of steaming water. It felt good to wash away the days sleep. Tiredly he washed his hair, his mind of other things. Finally, rinsed and clean, he got out and dried himself off with a near by towel. Much better.

Back in the other room, he stood before a mirror. He placed his hand on the surface and wondered why he still had this old thing. To him, it was useles, but he could not seem to bring himself to throw it out. Finally he dropped the cloth that hugged the top of it down, covering the image that was not there.

Velvet black. He liked the feel of it against his sensitive skin. Soft, he smiled into the darkenend room and pulled his black jeans on. The coat was grabbed next, but not put on as yet. He checked the pockets, making sure he had a couple of dollars. Coffee might be nice, even if it did tend to make him jittery.

He looked once more at his watch and headed to the door.

Angel stopped at the door..Someone was knocking. "who is it ?" he called Gabriel was still deciding the best way to handle this.

"Angel. The Master wishes to see you. To speak with you. Peacefully"

Angel frowned and put on his coat. "ill ask again. who are you?" He placed his hand on the door and then opened it. "get in!"

Gabriel was nervous as Angel opened the door. "The Master wants to see you underneath the Hellmouth. He will not hurt you. He gives you his word." Gabriel told him this, and then ran away.

* * *

It was a dark night in Sunnydale. A perfect time and place for Spike to hunt. He could barely be seen slinking in the shadows behind trees, keen eyes scanning the streets and alleys for his next warm meal. He hadn't been hunting or even out very much lately. He is unnerved by all the anti-vampire publicity that has been going on lately. That and the fact that Dru seems preoccupied with this, that and the other. And the Master, well God knows that he has been on more then a bit of a power trip lately. He feels neglected and so this is why tonight is a perfect night to spend feeding.

Who knows, maybe he will even bump into the slayer. "That would just make my night!" Spike smirks. Suddenly, Spike hears a rustle in the bushes ahead and when he moves forward, Stardust jumps out....and...

"Remember me, sire? The uncredited slayer killer?"

"Stardust, geez!!! what is your bloody problem, scaring me like that!!! Spike exclaimed. "Don't you know there are scary things that lurk in Sunnydale at night?" "If I didn't recognize you I may have mistaken you for a midnight snack!"

"Well I wouldn't know. Someone forgot to give me the memo about how we were leaving. But lets leave the past alone, eh? Darla, The Master, countless you have a lot of nerve showing up here. But then, you always did. Didn't mean to scare you" She added, baiting him for his poor choice of words. "Nice to know I can still inspire fear in others...."

* * *

Sabrina entered the Bronze. She'd gotten lost, but finally found it. She was hopeing Buffy would be here so that she'd be able to talk to someone she knew . . . . well, only a DAY, but she could at least relate to her. Sabrina is wearing some jeans and a black tank-top, and her curly black hair falls down to her back. She looks around and sees Marisa.

Marisa just walked into the Bronze... she was wearing capris and a DAWLS t-shirt... she took a seat by another girl (Sabrina)... " umm, hi i'm Marisa," she told her...

Suddenly Jesse barges in. "Howdy yall! More newbies, eh? Well let me extent the olive branch by welcoming you to The Only Place To Hang In Sunnydale. I am Jesse, nice to meet ya!"

To Be Continued…

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