The Buffy Code Version 2.0

Download Version 2.0 of the Buffy Code (.txt)

Welcome to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer .sig code! For those of you who don’t know what a .sig code is, it’s a code that your put in your e-mail signature file (.sig, signature, get it!) for e-mail and newsgroup postings. I suppose the inspiration for this code came from others I happened upon, and thought 'Hey, I can do that!' . It can tell others in short-hand form what applies to you regarding your favourite(!?) TV show. Remember this is only Version 1.0, any bugs haven't been ironed out yet. If you have any modifications or suggestions for other sections then please let me know on the e-mail above, they're greatly appreciated!
Hopefully later versions will include more, but without further ado, grab a pen and work out your code:


You should set out your code continuously with no full stops or commas but a single space between each component of code. As this is version 2 of the Buffy Code it will begin like this:

BtVS 2.0 (then main body of the code ...etc. etc. etc.)


The first major section is composed of favourite characters, as many as you like, either marked using the plus or minus scale (+++ to - - -) for how much you like/respect/fancy them or you can use the ‘extra’ codes below the character names. Bear in mind, the more characters you choose the longer your code will be. They are all coded (as far as possible) by initials. If you want to add another character fine, just use their intials, and please let me know so I can add them to the next version. If you're looking for a character I split them into 3 sections, The Good, The Bad and The Others. P.S - I'd limit your characters to at most three or four:

The Good

AL - Angel
AM - Amy Madison
AY - Anya
BS - Buffy Summers
CC - Cordelia Chase
DN - Devon
DO - Oz/Daniel Osborne
FH - Faith (sometimes)
FT - Forrest
HS - Hank Summers
JC - Jenny Calendar
JS - Joyce Summers
KA - Kendra
LC - Lily/Chanterelle
LY - Larry
PF - Principal Flutie
RF - Riley Finn
RG - Rupert Giles
TA - Tara
WR - Willow Rosenberg
Wy - Wesley
XH - Xander Harris

The Bad

Aa - Acathla
Ad - Adam
Am - Absalom
Ap - Ampata
As - Angelus
Da - Darla
DK - Der Kindestod
Dl - Darryl
Dn - Dalton
DS - Drusilla
ER - Ethan Rayne
EW - Evil Willow
EX - Evil Xander
FE - The First Evil
GB - Gorch Brothers
HG - Hansel & Gretel
Lg - Largos
Ma - Machida
MT - Mr Trick
MR - Mayor
OT - Order of Taraka
PoE - Priests of First Evil
PS - Principal Synder
SD - Snake Demon
SE - Spike
Sn - Sunday
TAO - Anointed One
TB - Ted Buchanan
TG - The 7 Gentlemen
TJ - The Judge
TM - The Master
Ts - Thomas
TT - The Three
Va - Veruca    

The Others (Good then bad or unclassified)

CI - Chumash Indian
BF - Billy Fordham
FS - Spirit of the First Slayer
GN - Grace Newman
GP - Gwendolyn Post
HY - Harmony
JS - James Stanley
WR - Whistler
WY - Willy      

If you want you can follow the code for a character with these extra codes to give a bit more insight for those decoding it into who you are, remember to set it out like this:

e.g. BS+++/# (where # stands for the extra code)

& - I identify with this character
% - I share personality traits with this characters
! - I want to be this character
= - I'm attracted to this character


The next part of the code is what you add for what type of being you would be if you lived in Buffy land. Whatever you like, it doesn’t have to correspond with the favourite character code you picked above, oh and before you ask, you can be more than one, but I would suggest you don't pick more than two, if you do pick two, separate them with a / like so:

Sr - Slayer
Wr - Watcher
Ve - Vampire
Wh - Witch
Dn - Demon
Se - Slayerette
Wf - Werewolf

Now, pick your weapon and do your worst, choose as many as you like or are drawn to, again separate them with a / symbol:

Se - Stake
Cw - Crossbow
Hr - Holy Water
Qf - Quarterstaff


And now choose the various evil you'd love to fight, pick one or more from the charcter list above. Again, no more than 3, or your siggys will be longer than your e-mails! Use the +++/--- codes to decide just how much you hate them!


The next part of the code involves you having to pick your favourite episode(s), to do this find the episode in the list below and set it out like this:

E: 22@S2

That would be Becoming Part 2 at the end of Season 2. Or you could have multiples, just set them out like this with a semi-colon between each episode:

Episode Listings:

Season 1: 1---->12

Welcome to the Hellmouth
The Harvest
The Witch
Teacher's Pet
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
The Pack
I Robot, You Jane
The Puppet Show
Invisible Girl
Prophecy Girl

Season 2: 1---->22

When She Was Bad
Some Assembly Required
School Hard
Inca Mummy Girl
Reptile Boy
Lie to Me
The Dark Age
What's My Line
What's My Line 2
Bad Eggs
B, B and B
Killed By Death
I Only Have Eyes for You
Go Fish
Becoming 1
Becoming 2

Season 3: 1---->22

Dead Man's Party
Faith, Hope and Trick
Beauty and the Beasts
Band Candy
Lover's Walk
The Wish
The Zeppo
Bad Girls
The Prom
Graduation Day 1
Graduation Day 2

Season 4: 1---->22

The Freshman
Living Conditions
The Harsh Light of Day
Fear, Itself
Beer Bad
Wild At Heart
The Initiative
Something Blue
A New Man
The 'I' in Team
Goodbye Iowa
This Year's Girl
Who Are You
Where The Wild Things Are
New Moon Rising
The Yoko Factor


Some of this stuff may apply to you, some may not. If it don't apply, don't include it in your code, or if you don't want to don't include it.

Wg [y/n] (delete as applicable to owning the Watcher's Guide.

Bf [y/n] (delete as applicable) to seeing the BtVS film.

A [y/n] (delete as applicable) to seeing Angel.

WS [y/n] (delete as applicable) to owning a Buffy or Angel website.

£= Amount you've spent on merchandise during your time as a Buffy fan
or for our American friends,
$= Dollars you've spent on Buffy Merchandise

{#} Amount of Buffy videos you own, followed by b for boxsets or i for individuals)

<#> Amount of Buffy books you own

And thats it! Well done you've just completed your Buffy .sig code! Now, copy and save it and post it into your e-mail signature file and use it on MBs and Newsgroups.

P.S - Any ideas for additions for a next version would be gratefully accepted!


You are welome to use this code and work out your own to display on your website, e-mail signature file or anywhere else. However, copyright of the code creation belongs to me and you can't try and make out its yours. You can distribute this text file freely as long as you DO NOT modify the code or the notices that are attached to it. If you have any ideas about possible modifications then you must contact the creator (ME ;-) ) and I will include them in the next version of the code if I see fit.

Design and Contents © 2000 Lindsay Ince.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the characters of Willow and Oz belong to Joss Whedon, Fox
Television and Mutant Enemy. I simply toy with them for my own amusement, no copyright infringement intended.