Buffy FanFic

Top Ten Fanfics written by people who aren't me :)

I could get lost in writing fanfic, it's great fun to have your way with certain characters. I'll try to get all of my fanfic up here.

I want to thank the WB channel for choosing to air the show, and Joss Whedon for writing it. ("Damn, he's as messed up as we are" J/K Joss, If you're reading this by some odd occurance: "I Love you man!") The Buffy characters used in these stories belong to Joss, and he's being kind enough to share, so thank you... please don't sue.

To begin with:

Summary: After the 'Graduation' Faith/Buffy battle Faith is sent to purgatory, and she's got a lot to learn.
Notes: This is my first fanfic, treat it nice. FAITH IS NOT DEAD (told ya Gregg!)

A Typical College Day
Summary: Buffy thinks about Angel during College English.

Spring Cleaning
Summary: Just a bunch of teenage hanging out, searching through a messy room, trying to find an ancient spell book.
Notes: Written for a challenge

A Disgruntled Spike is a Scary Thing
Summary: Spike hates bad fanfic. Spike hates bad fanfic authors.
Notes: Lots of author bashing... yeh!!! Comments on my story "Hardships Unnumbered"

Hardships Unnumbered
Summary: Things are not well in Sunnydale. Willow, Xander, and most of the citizens of the world have been turned into vampires. This is a new age of darkness. And only a few brave souls remain. Who will win this war between good and evil?

Uncertain Identity
Summary: Pearl is Buffy and Angel's daugther, but doesn't know it yet. In fact, she knows nothing about the dark side of living in Sunnydale. Good thing Spike's here to inform her... but will she listen?
Notes: Written for a challenge

Never Mess With Spike!
Summary: Chris said he could take on Spike, but is he really up to the challenge? Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Mr. Shaw from Centereach High feature.
Notes: A bunch of inside jokes with some friends in Senior year Media Literacy inspired this piece. I miss you guys and that class if you're reading this somehow.

A Slayer's Death
Summary: What is your best friend thought she was the slayer? What would you do? Would you be able to save her in time?
Notes: All original characters, no Buffy characters, but it does tie in with the show.

Resposibility vs. Social Life in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Summary: An essay that explains how responsibility vs. social life plays a role in the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series.
Notes: Written for Mr. Rowland's college english class Senior year of high school.

I Wish I Felt Nothing
Summary: Faith and Xander, both of them feel nothing for the other... right?
Notes: Takes place mid-season 3 but doesn't quite follow the events of the season, because half of it was finished during the fourth season/fifth season break. The song "I Wish I Felt Nothing" is by The Wallflowers.

Tv Night
Summary: I'm having a blast inside the tv, wish you were here.
Notes: A pretty dumb story, which is written rather badly, but its interesting to see how much I've grown creativly. I had to write a science fiction story for creative writing and I got my idea from the movie "Stay Tuned”. The only character that is mine is the narrator. The others belong to the creators of the shows. Let me see if I can do this disclaimer without screwing up. Gargoyles belong to Disney, Due South to Alliances, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Early Edition to CBS, and X-files to FOX.

The Rules for a Safe Halloween.
Summary: Just incase you have forgotten the rules for a safe and non-deadly Halloween.
Notes: Not written by me