Yes, I still watch cartoons.. got a problem with that? I didn't think so :)
Here are some of my all time favorite cartoons:

TaleSpin - classic! Well, to me at least. I loved Kit! I think he was the first crush I had *laughs* Man, I miss that show. (that collage was made by me by the way)

Gargoyles - One of the best dramatic cartoons ever made. The show had a great premise, with all these mythic beasts running around. This is one of my favs. of all time! Here are some of my collages I made featuring gargoyle characters:

B.R.U.N.O. the Kid - starring Bruce Willis...

And then there is Saturday Morning Cartoons. I get up early every saturday so I can watch them, it's the only part of my life that's as simple as it was when I was a kid. These shows totally live up to the 'Kid' quality in all of us:

Pepper Ann


These people have donated pictures to this site:
Talitha Cumi (one of the Puck pics from the collage)
Laura Mir Wilson (one of the Puck pics from the collage)

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