DRUSILLA, the Dark Vampiress-
First Angelus drove her insane and killed her family and friends. Then he made Drusilla a vampire the day she was going to take her vows to become a nun. Dru is incredibly insane, she holds tea parties for her dollies, especially Miss Edith, and treats them like best friends. Her eternal love is Spike, he takes care of her and they have a really twisted relationship; what else would you expect from two vamp lovers? They used to live in Prague. When Angel became Angelus again, he and Drusilla became very close. He was only using her to make Spike jealous, and he did a good job. Spike tried to kill him and then left Sunnydale.

OVERHEARD SAYING: "Do you love my insides, Spike? Do you love the parts you can't see?"


SPIKE- The cutest real Vamp I've ever known
Angelus sired Spike too about 200 years ago. Once known as William the Bloody, but because of the way he killed people with railroad spikes he received the nickname "Spike". He has killed two slayers over the past century, but form a rocky alliance with Buffy to save the world. The reason he chosen to save the world was to get his lover Drusilla back.

OVERHEARD SAYING: "It's a big rock. Can't wait to tell my friends. I bet they don't have a rock this big."

True Eternal Love

"I'm gonna tie her up and torture her till she likes me again." ~Spike

"Ooh . . .he fills my head. I can't hear anything else!" ~Drusilla

"Love’s a funny thing." ~Spike

"Do you love my insides, Spike? Do you love the parts you can't see?" ~Drusilla

"I may be loves bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it" ~Spike

"Now will you dance?"

"I'll dance with you, pet, on the Slayer's grave." ~Drusilla & Spike

"He's perfect, my darling. Just what I wanted." ~Drusilla

"I gave her everything: beautiful jewels, beautiful dresses with beautiful girls in them." ~Spike