So, awhile ago I asked the Cupid Mailing list:
(snip)So, let's take a poll, who thinks Trevor is Cupid and why? And Who thinks Trevor is just delusional, and why? (snip)

I got this response from Bons and it was just so good I had to put it up on my web site for everyone to see. Thank you Bons for letting me put it up :)

An Essay by Bonnie Rutledge

In the end, I think this question signifies one of the themes of the series so far. Believing in the possibility that Trevor really is the Roman god of love is a declaration of freedom, of being open to possibilities. It's romanticism in the face of common sense and possible persecution, an admission that things like love at first sight, fairy tales and true love might exist despite a lack of personal evidence of either phenomenon. This comes down to a matter of faith, trust and imagination.

The need to control, a desire to classify and explain the world in concrete, scientific terms drives the belief that Trevor is delusional. Our society has become increasingly skeptical, in a large part due to the mass marketing of icons. We grow up learning that people we believed in, like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, are so much shiny packaging, parental fabrications and television fiction. Barbie tranforms from the gotta-have- gal-with-the-most-pink-accessories-ever! to a unreasonable, unobtainable- unless-you-pay-for-the-plastic-surgery-and-want-to-be-a-porn-star role model as we hit puberty. Is it any wonder we want explanations of how things work that we can count on? Forget instincts and hoping for the best. Don't count on your heart when you can have couples therapy and a copy of 'Mars and Venus On a Date.' It's far less dangerous than the anarchy of irrational alternatives. A certainty that Trevor is delusional comes down to logic, practicality, and a need for safety in the world around you.

Okay, I went off on one of my little essay freaks that happen once every few weeks (I do not post at length like this usually, I swear!), but I do think the topic is inspiring. This is probably why I haven't participated in any of the online votes about the question that I've seen thus far. Somehow, just checking a box, saying 'yes' or 'no' seems sterile in comparision to the magnitude of the subject.

Can I really believe in the unbelieveable?

In 'End of an Eros,' Dr. Snowcone pointed out to Trevor that he was the most vocal believer in love, yet he'd never actually experienced it. That was enough to send the majority of the singles' group running for subtitutions d'amour, but both Claire and Trevor eventually acted on the idea that love between two people can exist. They had a list of drawbacks, they had Dr. Wyatt's arguments that there were more reasonable alternatives, they had uncooperative subjects, and they had Trevor's hangover. Despite all these, the episode ended with love triumphant and our man nyah-nyahing in Dr. Wyatt's face.

So, in spite of my scientific degree, despite the twinges of need for proof that there's something concrete to argue with, regardless of the threat that this may make me sound like some stereotypical female consumer susceptible to any romantic mush you throw at me, I want to believe. No, not in aliens.(g)

Trevor is Cupid.

Or maybe *I'm* delusional.


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