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The Graveyard
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Welcome to the BOREDNOW RPG Graveyard
Here we honor characters we knew and loved before their untimely deaths.

R.I.P. Joyce Summers

Was Played By:
Time of Death: Sometime before 3:31 Eastern Time on July 20, 1999
Cause of Death: Spike broke her neck  had this to say about Joyce: 
Joyce is the only girl left, so I guess I'll be her. You never know, maybe I can make her not be the way she is 
about Buffy,(maybe an affair with the principal to make sure Buffy's not kicked out of school) ;) lol 
	Giles watched the street as it passed by. He didnt see anything too suspicious. No one attacking humans,
 thank God. Things were starting to die down a little. Seems the sunlight kind of freaked out the vamps. They 
didnt know when or if it would come back. They were almost at Buffys house when Giles noticed something in 
the road.  "What the hell?", Giles said. It was a body, just lying in the street. Another one. Damnit. "Stop the car 
Maria. There is a dead body out there" 
	Maria hit the brakes and threw the van into park.  "A body?"  She, too, saw  the body.  "You kids stay in 
here!" she called back to Faith and Xander.
	"Screw that!" Faith replied as she threw open the van doors.  "I wanna see who it is."  Xander was right 
behind her.
	Maria sighed as she opened up her own door.  The little group walked over to the body.  She thought the 
woman looked familiar, but she couldn't place her.
	Giles walked over to the body. She was face down and he didnt realize who it was. He bent down, took a 
deep breath and turned the body over. 
	"Dear God," Giles said, taking off his glasses. 
	"What? Who is that?", Xander asked, fearing the answer. 
	Giles looked at Maria and Faith, not knowing how to say it. "It's Joyce," was all he could say. 
	Xander was anxious. "Joyce? Joyce who?"
	"Joyce. Summers. Buffy's mother," Giles said sadly. 
	Maria's eyes widened when she now recognized the woman. "Joyce Summers?"  She kneeled down by 
the woman's body, examining her.  "My... God.."
	Faith, too, was shocked.  "Buffy's MOTHER?  Holy sh--"  She cut off her reply when Maria shot her a glare.  
"What happened to her?"  She leaned over.  "I  don't see any teeth marks.  Maybe this isn't a vampire kill."
	Maria noticed the swelling around Joyce's neck.  "Well.. whoever killed her was awfully strong," she said 
as she looked up to Giles.  She pointed to the swelling.  "Her neck's been broken, and judging by the massive 
tissue damage, someone with almost inhuman strength did it."  She let out a breath as she looked at the 
woman's face.  "I'm pretty sure it's a vampire, and one that's more evil than most we've come across."
	"How so?" Faith asked.
	"Because this jerkwad didn't kill to feed, he killed just for the sheer joy of it," Maria replied.  She remained 
quiet for a moment then looked to Faith.  "Get the tarp out of the back of the van, Faith.  We should cover her 
	Faith retrieved the tarp and brought it over to Maria.  She stood back as her Watcher carefully draped it 
over Joyce's body.  "Poor Buffy," she softly commented.  "She's got nobody now..."

R.I.P. Harmony

Time of Death: 3:15AM Eastern Standard Time on Friday  June 18, 1999
Cause of Death: killed by Vamp Willow & Vamp Xander had this to say about Harmony:
Powers: No special powers except for her snotty attitude which can be very stingy at times.


            Xander responded by growling, and putting on his game face. "Well, what do you say we go grab a bite", he said as he walked around the school.
            And Willow was right behind him.
            Xander walked around the school. There were a few students outside. He breezed past them. He wanted to eat someone special. It would be the first kill he and Willow killed, and it had to be good. He smiled when he spotted someone sitting on a bench outside the school. Harmony. He walked over to her. He sat down next to her, putting his arm around her. Harmony gave Xander a dirty look. "Didnt your mother ever teach you not to dabble outside your class?", she said to him snottily. He smiled. This was going to be great. He grabbed Willow's hand and pulled him close to her as he grabbed Harmony's neck. "Ow! What the hell are you doing, psycho boy?", Harmony yelled at him. But Xander cut her off. He licked his lips before diving into her skin. He dug his teeth in deep as he drank her blood. *A virgin*, he thought with a smile. They tasted best. He stopped drinking her. She was still alive, but now unconscious. "You can finish her Will. You deserve it"
            Willow grinned when she accepted Harmony's unconscious body from Xander. She shifted into her game face. "Time to get even for years of torturing, Harmony. You vacuous tramp." She sank her fangs into the other side of Harmony's neck and drank the rest of the blood from the girl's body.She dropped Harmony's dead body as soon as she finished. She frowned a little as her demon faced melted away. "There wasn't much left for me." She pouted. "Let's get some more."

R.I.P. Spike


Was Played By: At first and then by 
Time of Death: Around 4AM Eastern Time on July 27, 1999 
Cause of Death: Staked by Buffy


           Buffy reached insider her jacket and pulled out another stake. She handed it to Angel. "Why have one when you can have two?", she said as she slid her own stake out of her sleeve. She had a feeling she would need it soon. True, there were no vamps in plain sight, but her spider sense was tingling.
           "Well well well," Spike said, stepping out of the shadows. "What do we have here? The little chihuaha come to play with the big bad vamp. And oh look," he said, seeing Angel there, "She brought her little stepdaddy with her."
            He walked around Buffy, checking her out. "You know, Angel. I dont know why you were boffing the mom when you could have been screwing this little tart," Spike said.
            Buffy kept her stake up, watching Spike move around the room, wincing as he mentioned her mother.
            "Yeah, the little slayer's neck is much prettier than the old bag's. And I should know, I broke it. You should have heard the way it snapped. It was such a great sound. Made me wish I recorded it so I could listen to it over
and over," he said, seeing the anger grow in Spike. He loved the smell. It turned him on.
            Angel kept his stake up, watching Spike. "It wont work Spike. Your gonna die" Finally his let his demon come out, playing in his features. "your stupid jokes or attitude wont save you now"
            He perked up, listening for any other vamps that might show up. He would make sure no one interfered and that Buffy did not lose, if nessessary. He felt he owed her because of what had happened.
            A sound drew his attention to the left as two vamps came out. "were back boss. Ready to rumble" They moved up behind Spike, ready for his order.
            Angel growled deep in his throat and go ready to fight.    
            Spike laughed. "Yeah, I'm gonna die. Bit of advice old pal, work on your threats. Cause theyre lame as all bloody hell," he said, watching the slayer.
            Spike turned to the two vamps. "Take out old pops here," he ordered them. "Leave the slayer to me," he said as he rushed towards Buffy.
            Buffy ducked out of the way of Spike's charge, kicking him in the back as he passed her. Spike fell to the ground.
            "OOh, I like it when you hurt me Slayer," he said, laughing as he got back to his feet. "Now, can you say the same?", he said as he punched her hard with his right fist.
            Buffy flew back a few feet. Spike was strong. Very strong. Normally, he would be able to overpower her. But not now. She had the power of vengeance on her side.
            Buffy did a forwards flip towards Spike, ending in a kick which hit his chest, sending him to the floor.
            "Howd you like that?", Buffy asked as she jumped on top of him. She looked over to see how Angel was doing.    
            Angel wanted to go help Buffy but he was being circled now. He gritted his teeth and waited for his opening, gaze whipping back and forth to keep them both in his site. One suddenly ran foreward, swinging and Angel thanked the gods that these were plainly amateurs. Before the vamp knew what had hit it, Angel had ducked below its flailing efforts and it was dust in the wind.
            The other one took this moment to jump him from behind and throw himself at Angel with a viscious kick. Angel barely kept a hold of his weapon as he stubled forward. The vampire followed, full vamp face on. "The great Angelus. Im gonna stake me a legend"
            Angel groaned inwardly at that but decided it wouls play to his advantage. "No...leave me alone. Your too strong" The vamp, feeling very confident now, strode forward to Angel's huddling form. He was right up on him now. "Oh yeah..this is gonna be great"
            Angel watched through his lowered lashes, waiting under his charade. "Say good bye" The vampire realized his mistake too late. A whipping howl ripped through the room as this one too, was not more.
            Angel got a better grip of his stake. That had been close and almost lame even, but he had been very lucky indeed. He turned to buffy, ready to help as need be.   
            Buffy was glad to see that Angel was holding his own. He had already dusted the two vamps and was ready to help out if need be with Spike. She shot him a look that said, "Stay back." She straddled Spike's chest, pinning him down,
            Spike laughed. "Thinking of taking advantage of me, slayer? You know this all turns me on," he said, struggling to get out from underneath Buffy.
            "Does it?", she said, reaching for her stake. "I bet it does. I bet you got a big happy over killing my mother," she said angrily.
            "Hell yes," he said, realizing there was no way he could get up with this girl on top of him. "I loved it," he said. "Especially since she was knocked up. Was that your little brother I killed, slayer?"
            Buffy grabbed her stake and plunged it into Spike's chest quickly. "Bloody hell," he said as he exploded into dust.
            Buffy thudded to the floor, on top of Spike's ashes. She sat there for a second, not moving, not speaking. Finally, she broke into tears, crawling into the fetal position.
           "I'm sorry Mom," she said between sobs.

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