Letters & Conversations

Date: 4/22/01
Hiya Chris,

Oui! My computer has been broken
this weekend. Finally got to read
my email. I can't make my schedule
on Monday because I have to get
an appointment with my advisor first
because I don't know what classes
I have to take. See you Tuesday.

Gotta go do homework, *sigh*

Date: 4/24/01
Hi Chris,
So, um, where are we going this weekend?
I know you said something about Danny and
Catherine and us going with them... but
I don't think you ever told me where. But, hey,
hanging out with you guys this weekend would be
awesome and it doesn't really matter where we go!
Er.. as long as I haven't set myself up to go
to some like cult meeting or something, heehee.
I have a weird sense of humor, just nod and smile
at me :) I feel so bad, this guy from my computer
class just called and I thought he had been staring
at me for the past couple of weeks, and it was true
apparently, because he asked for my phone number
today for homework (I kinda figured it wasn't about
homework by the way he asked for it) but anyways,
he called and asked if I had a boyfriend. And I
lied to him. I said I did. I really don't, but I
have my heart set on someone (and for once I'm not
waiting around for Spike, imagine that! Some guy
has managed to make me not think of Spike!
Whoa... weird!) and anyway.. uh, I don't know...
it was just really mean of me to lie to him, especially
because he was really sweet. But I like someone else,
and.. life just got really confusing. Isn't it weird
like that? But, ugh, I have a hard economics test to
study for so I should go. See you on Thursday and
sometime on the weekend where we will go... somewhere. :)


Date: 4/24/01
Hey Janet how are you doing tonight. I think tonight has
to be the worst night of my entire life I don't know if
I should just scream or go completly insane. Dan and his
girlfriend are not going to be able to go this weekend...
and I thought we were going to go as like a date but reading
your email it seems as though you have your mind set upon
another anyways. I'm sorry I must have totally misunderstood
you its just that I have really liked you and I thought we
were gonna go out but I'm sorry. So who is the guy if you
don't mind me asking, and don't feel so bad about the guy in
the computer class....even if he liked you if you didn't have
the same feelings towards him than don't worry about it,
sometimes a regular friendship is better then anything. The
same goes with us...if you don't feel like dating me that is
fine because I'm sure we will be friends, just please tell me
whats going on ok lol? I've never felt so bad in my life my
life has completly fell apart in 5 hours. I wish I had someone...
or something to talk to lol....hey where are my dogs? Nah
they don't talk back sometimes you need some fead back.
I thougt I would be able to graduate next semester but I
found out that that dream might just be a far fantasy. I'm
on probation at work because someone that was on my draw a few
weeks ago was short and they have no record of who so I get
in deep shit......tonight they say I was 284.56 dollars
short. So I guess that means I could be fired. Please
send me an email ok and I'm sorry about this long email.....
lol its moments like this that make you happy to be alive.
Anyways I'll talk to you Thursday worst comes to worst, I'm sorry.

Date: 4/25/01

I have my mind set on you. I just couldn't say it.


Janet you have no idea how much better that has made me feel! How did your
test go? I hope you did better then I think I'm gonna do on this one coming
up. I have a test in Calculus coming up at 2 I'm so nervous. I found out I
need Calc. 2 to graduate from here...so I might be here with you for a lil
while longer since it took me 3 semester's to pass Calc. 1......boy I'm
really jynxing myself since I haven't really passed it yet. They found the
284 dollars this morning from my draw, I flipped out on the store last
night...I'm surprised I'm not fired from that alone. I know Dan and Kat
can't do anything this weekend but if you want we can do something, and then
next weekend or so we can all do something? I need your number first of all
though lol....u have mine right? Well I have to start studying for my test,
once again thank you you've just made my day much better.

Chat on 4/25/01
Defer19: hello

CelticAir1: Hi, what's up?

Defer19: the test was a horror lol

CelticAir1: oh, that sucks

Defer19: yeah...how was yours?

CelticAir1: I still have a week till my economics test.. but the way I'm doing in that class I'm using ever second of this week to study

CelticAir1: Except if we go out this weekend :)

Defer19: best luck to you

CelticAir1: Thanks!

Defer19: :)

Defer19: I'm sorry about the email

CelticAir1: It's fine

Defer19: I was just so upset from work last night

Defer19: and I thought I totally confused the crap out of you so I felt worse lol

CelticAir1: Well, at least they found the money and you could prove that you were right, and we're both feeling better now so.. life is good

CelticAir1: no worries

Defer19: yeah no worries

Defer19: except for the eco. test

CelticAir1: Oh, yeah, had to bring that up. LOL

Defer19: sorry :(

CelticAir1: It's okay, I think it'll be pretty easy

Defer19: hey u can make happy faces in this place and no sad faces what is up with that

Defer19: I hope so

Defer19: so I'm the person u have your mind set on?????

CelticAir1: yes

Defer19: wow

Defer19: that made my day you know that?

CelticAir1: Good to know, and I feel so good telling you

Defer19: lol I wish you told me sooner...do you have any clue how long I've liked you?

CelticAir1: Really? LOL Me too, for awhile

Defer19: but I guess I should have said something sooner too

Defer19: that is so awesome

CelticAir1: Yes, it really is!

Defer19: I broke up with my ex in Feb....since then...but even before then I thought u were really cute

CelticAir1: Awww...

Defer19: lol

Defer19: so.......

CelticAir1: Yeah, um, what now?

Defer19: Kat has to go to Mass this weekend to visit her grandpa for his 80th birthday

Defer19: I was going to go on like a double date to the mall over there as a group..kindda double date

Defer19: but since its going to be the 2 of us this weekend I've been really thinking

Defer19: and I can't think of anything lol

Defer19: what type of movies do you enjoy?

CelticAir1: Hmm.. Anything really

Defer19: would u want to go to a movie?

CelticAir1: Sure!

Defer19: great

Defer19: I think Mummy 2 starts Friday actually

Defer19: the first one was awesome

CelticAir1: Yeah, great special effects

Defer19: and The Rock is in this one woo hoo j/k

CelticAir1: lol

Defer19: or there is that Knight's Tale movie or something like that

Defer19: you might just know more movies then I do

Defer19: and as long as I can go with you I'd see any of them

CelticAir1: I think I want to see Knight's Tale.. my friend was an extra in that, which is kind of weird actually.. I have weird friends :)

Defer19: cool I'll see that

CelticAir1: Great

Defer19: lol can i get your number?

CelticAir1: 588-5596

Defer19: thank you

Defer19: u have mine right?

Defer19: or do u need it?

CelticAir1: I kind of lost it in Dan's car somewhere

Defer19: lol d'oh!

Defer19: 874-4017

Defer19: or 874-2337

CelticAir1: Good, I'm going to go write that down so I don't forget it

Defer19: the 2337 number is the number directly to my room

Defer19: ok

CelticAir1: Ok, I have to go drive my sister to work now, I'll see you tomarrow

Defer19: ok

Defer19: see you tomorrow morning

Defer19: have fun and good luck

Date: 4/26/01
hey janet
how are you? How was public speaking? I actually went to my
class like a good boy but Dan and I were bored out of our minds. I was
thinking about going to the Brookhaven theather out on exit 64 of the LIE,
they have alot of movies playing at a time so I'll find a time the movie is
playing and then we can determine what we are doing from that. I'm really
looking foward to going out with you, I'm sorry that I acted so shy
before...its kindda a first for me, so anything I do please don't let it
offend you I usualy mean the best lol. I'll call you up later on....if for
any reason you don't get a phone call from me then something happened
bad...I have your number writen in my book and in a book at home....588-5596
right? I'm going to find out my grade is on that Calc test from yesterday
in a few minutes, I'm really nervous. Ever have a song stuck in your head
that no matter how much u want to get rid of it, it just stays there! I'm
hoping over-playing the song will take care of that problem....I hope Dan
doesn't mind me listening to his cd's though lol. Would you like to get
something to eat before the movie???? Or even afterwards...we never get to
spend too much time together I'm really looking foward to this. I'm sorry
about the long email, talk to you later.
P.S What was that poem you had written on the bottom of the email entitled
What's up?

Date: 4/28/01
I made it home..its now 22:54 lol.
I just wanted to thank you for
everything tonight. I'm gonna have
nightmares about what happened to that
poor monkey I just know it. You really
looked great and it had to be the
best night of my life so thank you.
I can't wait to hear from you again.
I'll try to call you tomorrow when I
get off from work, hopefully we can do
something this week and this weekend.
Well take care, if you get a free few
minutes give me a call I can't wait to
hear from you again.

Date: 4/30/01
Hey Janet
how are you? Monday's really are not my friends,
I'm so not looking foward to another full week of school.
How are your study's for economics going, I give you
credit with that class I had a hard time with it in High
School I couldn't imagine taking it now. I'm not sure if your
really angry with me or what, I tried calling you a few
times yesterday but I could never get ahold of you.
I really miss you and I want to hear from you again but
I can't get ahold of you at all. Last night I was rather
surprised, instead of going out and buying diner for
everyone at my brother's friends house my brother
actually bought diner for everyone. I really like you alot
Janet and I'd love to go out with you again. If you
get a chance can u please send me an email or even
give me a call? If I did get u angry in any way I'm really
sorry, see you soon I hope.