Date: May 1, 2001
Hey Janet
I hope everything went well
with that test from hell. You sure
did study enough for it so I'm
sure you did fine. I've never
seen you like that before. It was
so not you to be so sad your usually
smiling all the was a rather
sad moment. I was looking for an
email card to send you that would make
you laugh but I'm telling ya the
selection was horrible. The only cards
that were a lil funny were very
nasty....bathroom stuff and crap like that,
I highly doubt you would have found it funny.
There was this one card with a few monkey's
running all over the place and at the end
it said Happiness is like a warm monkey...
thinking of you. To me something just didn't
sound right with that. I really miss ya
Janet and I'm really hoping this email makes
u smile in some way or it will
do that I have no idea. What project are you
doing with your friend? What class is it for?
Am I asking too many questions? Well I'm sure
you have plently of other things to do today
since that test is finally out of your way, so
I'll end this email shortly. Once again I hope
everything went well and please try to smile.
I miss ya Janet talk to you soon I hope.

Date: May 2, 2001
Hey how are you doing today? My first
class just ended 1 hour and 13 mins
early lol. She came in and just gave
us our pappers and told us we had to
watch a movie we were supposed to watch
in class that day on our own....I don't
think so. Did you get a chance to hear
that band today? They were playing alot
of rap I think so if you don't like that
stuff you didn't miss too much. I'm
looking foward to talking to you later,
believe it or not it has to be the best
part of my day. I have 2 pappers due
tomorrow that I didn't even start yet
and not to mention a map quiz on Russia,
its gonna be a busy night I think. So
what did u do today, I remember u telling
me u won't be home till about 7 or so.
How is your project going? Well I guess
I'll talk to you later I hope.
Take care Janet.

Date: May 3, 2001
Well, okay, I wouldn't say "again" since I
haven't been able to write you in days. Sorry
about that, I was working on debugging my
computer because it kept giving me all these
error messages. But now that's all fixed,
and I even downloaded AOL 6.0. Yes, I'm an
AOL fan, everybody hates it and it can be
hell at times, but *shrug* I don't know.
Today was incredibly boring, just making
amends with an old friend of mine, which
wasn't much fun but it was something I had
to do. (Don't you hate things like that?)
Then I tried to call you but I couldn't get
through. So now I'm watching "Survivor".
That's a weird show, they take a bunch of
people and stick them in the wilderness with
no food or supplies. They make their own
shelter and find food and compete for a million
dollars. All show business aside, I'd love
to do that. Just go out into the wild and
find myself... well, actually, knowing me
I'd try to find myself by taking a wrong
step and falling down a mountain or something :)
Oh, yes, see that would be my incredible sense
of direction! I can't navigate for my life,
lol. But just imagine it, you and me in the
great outdoors, talking all day and eating
weird roots and berries.. yeah, okay, so it's
an odd idea. Oh, well, heehee. Oh, let's go
through your email and see if I can reply to
the stuff you said. Yes, that'll be fun, right?
Okay, about the economics test.. I got an 83.
Not great, but not bad. I still don't like that
class, the teacher takes points off for stupid
stuff. But, hey, just a few more days for us,
right? I think I've only got ten more days.
What about you? About tuesday.. yes I just wasn't
having a good day, sorry you had to see me like
that, all grouchy and stuff. Just having a
frustrating week, nothing to fret about. I'm
better now that it's the weekend, no class
until monday, and than it's only Karate for
50 minutes. And um.. "Happiness is a warm Monkey?"
Um... that's a little.. odd, to say the least...
But, hey, who are we to judge the popsicle eating
monkey that's traveling the south in search of
vampires just enjoying being warm and happy? :)
Oh, the project was a computer program me and Emma
from my class were working on. It was susposed to
be a group project but she ended up doing most
of the work and I ended up being completely
confused. But she didn't mind, she just laughed.
About the Rap band.. there was a Rap band?
Hmmm.. that's all I got to say about that one.
Okay, I think I got all of your questions
althought I think I ended up shuffling them
around and not answering them in order. Opps.
Geez, I can't believe I wrote this much, you're
probably bored reading all of this, right? I'm
going to try to call you tomarrow so we can talk
and stuff. We need to talk and stuff. Wow, it's
10:00 already! I still have my makeup on and then
I have to get into my pj's and then I get to fall
asleep and sleep in late. Well, actually I think
I'll probably wake up and watch tv yet again.
And eat breakfast and.. why am I tell you this
anyway? heehee. Okay, I'll stop boring you and
just say good night or actually good morning.
Good afternoon? What is it anyway?
Talk to you later!

Date: May 4, 01

Defer19: Janet are you there?

CelticAir1: Yes:-)

Defer19: just read your email

CelticAir1: great

Defer19: u were trying to cal me last night?

CelticAir1: Yes, at around 8:00

Defer19: hmmmm

Defer19: what number were u dialing?

CelticAir1: I'm not sure, the one that you gave me and I put in my address book

Defer19: I wanted to talk to you as well

Defer19: are you home right now?

CelticAir1: No, I'm at my sister's babysitting for the day

Defer19: ok

Defer19: I don't know what happened yesterday exactly

CelticAir1: I'm not so sure either

Defer19: all I knew was that I thought u told me u wanted to go out with an old friend of yours

Defer19: I couldn't think lol then you left

Defer19: so I walked out of the campus all together and went home

CelticAir1: oh

Defer19: yeah it didn't turn out to be a good night for me lol

CelticAir1: sorry

Defer19: I just went home and went online for the rest of the if you were trying to call the 874 2337 nu,ber it would have been busy the whole night

Defer19: thats my room number

CelticAir1: Yes, I think that's the number I called

Defer19: used for my computer

Defer19: when I'm online that line is busy

CelticAir1: oh, that explains it

Defer19: or if my father is online its busy too

Defer19: the main phone line is 874 4017

CelticAir1: I'll try that one when I call tonight :)

Defer19: problem number 2 arises there

Defer19: I work

CelticAir1: oh, damn

Defer19: 3-9 tonight

Defer19: by the way the other night where I guess I woke u I was trying to call almost the whole night I called at 7:45 and it ws a constant busy till the time when I actually got through

Defer19: I remember u telling u me go to bed at ten thats why i called then

CelticAir1: My sister was on the phone I think

Defer19: I didn't mean to piss anyone off

CelticAir1: I'm sorry

Defer19: u have call waiting though

Defer19: I called once when she was on the phone and she told me she was on the other line

CelticAir1: She doesn't usually pick up call waiting when she's on the phone

Defer19: oh

Defer19: its just that I was wondering what was going to happen that day all together since the next day was kindda in question

Defer19: and I kindda missed ya too

CelticAir1: :)

Defer19: lol Happiness is a Warm Monkey right

Defer19: so clarify this whole thing for me please

Defer19: or would u rather just talk to me later

Defer19: u can always call me at 878-0001 later

Defer19: but I might have to go though because its the work number

CelticAir1: Okay, I have to go check on the baby anyway.. I'll call you later.

Defer19: would u rather do that or do u want me to call u when i get off work?

CelticAir1: I'll call you, you don't have to be the one who always calls me you know. I'm very capable of picking up the phone :)

Defer19: ok I should be home by 9:30

Defer19: and thank you

CelticAir1: I'll talk to you then!

Defer19: I'm really looking foward to hearing from you

CelticAir1: Me too!

Defer19: Can I ask you something really fast?

CelticAir1: what?

Defer19: Do you still want to go out with me or do you want to just be friends because I don't want to wreck a friendship either

Defer19: I really do love your company

CelticAir1: I want to go out with you

Defer19: :)

CelticAir1: :)

Defer19: I want to go out with you too

CelticAir1: good!

Defer19: well you've just made me alot happier

Defer19: why the hell did I run away from school yesterday lol

Defer19: oh man all those classes I cut

Defer19: lol

Defer19: they were boring anyways

CelticAir1: heehee, *shrugs* oh well...

Defer19: yeah

Defer19: oh well is right lol

Defer19: I don't want to go to work tonight :(

Defer19: they yell at me Janet

CelticAir1: LOL, yell back then

Defer19: and I'm sensitive to old people with attitudes

Defer19: I do

Defer19: one of these days I'm gonna get fired

Defer19: so I'll hear from you tonight right?

Defer19: and try the 874-4017 number just incase my dad goes online

CelticAir1: And then you'll just have to find another job, it's not the end of the world, just have patience with the old folks, most of them are senile anyway :)

Defer19: we share the phone line so if either of us are online a call can't get through

CelticAir1: I'll call that number

CelticAir1: Talk to you later!

Defer19: yeah I know but I'm afraid of them waiting for me outside

Defer19: ...with canes

CelticAir1: lol

Defer19: lol

Defer19: I'll talk to you later Janet

Defer19: have a good day ok

CelticAir1: You too!

Defer19: oh I will lol

Defer19: :) I'm looking foward to later now my day is gonna crawl

Defer19: oh well talk to you later Janet I have to go to a doc now I think anyways

CelticAir1: Okay, bye :)

Defer19: Thanks for the email I was never bored reading it, it made me laugh

Defer19: buh bye

Date:May 5, 2001
Hey Janet
how was your day? Thanks for calling
me last night I really did enjoy talking
to you. Happy Cinco Day Mayo lol. I'm
kindda worried though, I really hate the
city and I know thats where your going.
I went into the city last year on this
day and we got delayed in a riot. I'm
sure you'll be ok though. I hope you
have a good time with your friends today,
so its her 18th birthday? Well i can't
wait till I can talk to you tomorrow, your
gonna call sometime after 7 right?
Have a wonderful night.