You know you're obsessed with Cupid when______

(created by Cupidians, for Cupidians)
Send me any others you think of:

You panic over the Chicago weather reports because the snow might screw up filming of the next episode of Cupid.

You insist that there was a Milkman in the Village People.

You change every reference in Bulfinch's Mythology from "Cupid" to "Trevor".

You call people "Champoo!" even when sober.

You make a list about being obsesses with Cupid.

You stand around all day, hoping to be selected to jury duty, figuring "What if ... ?"

You check your mail every seven minutes to see if there are any new Cupid posts.

You'll watch ABC shows that you don't like just in case there's a Cupid promo during the commercials

You have named any of your pets Trevor, Claire or Champ

You are expecting in August is going to be named Claire if it's a girl

You don't know which to be more excited about: the fact that next Friday is Christmas, or that you're gonna see a Cupid ep. you missed on next Saturday.

You get hit on the head with a volleyball in gym class because you're contemplating whether Trevor is really Cupid.

You're playing Taboo (a very cool party game) with a non-cupidian and the word is "Cupid" or "psychiatrist" and you now have another reason to make a convert out of your teammate.

You make a list of the top ten people you would like to date, putting Trevor on the top of the list.

You have a dream about Cupid at least twice a week.

Everyone in you're house is drunk on New Year Day and you have flashbacks to "End of an Eros".

The cute guy in your math class finally has a long and intimate conversation with you and you're wondering if Trevor had anything to do with it.

You start to belive in true love again!

You get into an conversation with your psych teacher about Cupid while descussion delusions in class.

You type up transcripts for the episodes.

You only have one ep. of Cupid on tape, but that broke because you watched it too many times.

You would rather watch a rerun you already have on tape than open your own birthday presents!

I've been thinking of getting a Furby and naming it Trevor. Think of the similarites! They're both adorable and neither of them will shut up!

You've been listening to aloop of the theme song on your computer for the past hour and a half

You begin having your own delusion and believe your pet dog is Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards Hades

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