All the Truth I Need to Find by Sarah Kavanaugh
(Parody of Everything I Want to Be by Save Ferris)

They say that I'm just wasting my time away
No matter what I do it always ends up the same
But nine minutes leave, I know they were here
No one believes me, no one will hear
And it doesn't seem to mean anything at all

And all the truth I need to find
Is just another lie to fool my mind
But I'll keep searching just the same

Sometimes times it's hard to look
When people stand in my way
I get so frustrated
When they cover up this way

They try to mess me up
They try to puch me around
And do anything to bring me down

Well, I'm not gonna be
Silenced that easily
While everybody's trying to
Bring me back down to "reality"
Oh, why can't they see
Just how much this means to me?
One day I will fight the future

My dreams are special to me
Though others don't care
It brings me down when I
Find them disregarded
And when I'm all alone
It's hard to make myself stay
And finish up what it was
That I once started

Well I'm not gonna be
Taken down that easily
When others turn me away
I know I have Scully
I know that she sees
Just how much this means to me
With her I can fight the future

I'll fight the future

It means nothing?
It means everything!
It means something to me!

What're you trying to say?
I'm not gonna play
In this little game
That you have created for me
I'll have my chance to do
All I need to do
And now it's time for me
To step right up and
Win the fight
And set things right

Your plan won't work this time
Cuz in the end the truth will be mine

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