I Saw Scully Kissing Skinner

I saw Scully kissing Skinner
On the elevator surveillance tape last night
She doesn't know I've seen her
This is making me more than envious of Mr. Skinner
And I'm beginning to wonder if I should even tell her
That I saw her kissing Assistant Director Skinner
All I want now is to confess my love for her; to hold her tight--but
She thought that I was stranded on the SS Queen Anne
And I wish I hadn't seen her kissing another man
Oh, I saw Scully kissing Skinner last night.

Maybe Eddie Van Blundht was right
And I should treat myself one night
To kissing the present Scully instead of the look-alike
But my jaw met with her fist and I can only reminisce
About how wonderful it was for us to finally "lock-lips"
And when I finally told her that I love her
Her only response was an "Oh brother"
And a part of me can't help but wonder
If she feels the same way I do
Maybe I should kiss Scully one night.

All these years I've lived in fear
Not of shadow conspiracies
Or of the Smoking Man being so near
But of my true feelings for her
I hadn't the will to tell her
Until she was standing at my bedside--with Skinner
Realizing that her belief in me is what gives me the power to go on
And I don't quite know how she felt
When I told her that she is what I can't be without
And I'm wondering if I should tell her again.

When I gaze into Scully's eyes
There is a love there that keeps my hope alive
And I know I don't deserve her
But I can't help how I feel--I need her
She is my beacon light
In this world that's as dark and as cold as night
She's what makes me even want to try
To uncover the truth and expose the lie
And I'm wondering why I hadn't told her sooner
That I wish she had kissed me instead of Skinner.

It's been six years that we've been partners
And we've been through a lot together
I told her that I couldn't continue my crusade alone
That she is what keeps me strong and makes me whole
And I know someday I will tell her
That I do love and need her
But I believe in my heart she already knows
That as the years pass and our friendship grows
So does my love for her
And hopefully sooner than later, Scully will kiss me instead of Skinner.

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