Sarah's Random Babblings and Senseless Utterings

August 7, 1999
Hi there! A little FYI, I have no rhyme or reason to this, I just feel like rambling, so you are the unfortunate victim of my insanity. First of all, Let's talk about DEEP THROAT. I mean, was he or was he not the most perfect informant of them all? Sure, at times he had his own hidden agenda, but mostly he was, as Mulder was, on a crusade for the truth, willing to do anything to help Mulder. Mulder once told him to "cut the Obi-Wan Kenobi crap." Aren't we glad he didn't? Deep Throat was Chris Carter's reincarnated Obi-Wan. Since Deep Throat died, Mulder's pursuit has been harder to follow. Haven't you noticed how he's had to struggle more to find the truth? How he's even struggling to believe (even losing faith completely at one point)? Deep Throat was Mulder's own gardian angel. Now, let's talk about his replacement, X. X was in it for what he could gain. He was rude, inconsiderate, and downright mean! He almost killed Skinner! Okay, so he did save Mulder's life a few times, but you know what? He owed it to Mulder for all the times he lied and was rude, inconsiderate and downright mean! And he lasted two years?! What's up with that?! Deep Throat got one! Oh, and don't even get me started on MARITA COVARRUBIAS! Season 4 - - fine, Season 5 - - alright, Season 6 - - pushing it, but Season 7?! Can you believe she's lasted this long? Isn't it time for another? I am so getting bored with her! She's alright, I guess (she's no Deep Throat), but haven't you noticed how (most of the time) when she talks you only see her bottom teeth? Weird! And what about her love affair with Krycek? Not that I wouldn't have one with him, but where eXactly is her loyalty? And I suppose I do feel bad for her now that she's ill and all, but she deserves it for flirting with danger. What goes around comes around. Aren't I a wench? I can't help it. I'm just forever devoted to Deep Throat and no one else can ever take his place. But how come Marita has survived three complete seasons. She should have died by now. Don't you think? Whatever.
January 4, 2000
Hello! Boy haven't been here in a while, but you know, sometimes computers just suck so you have to go out and buy a new one. So I did! Anyway, let's talk a little about this season. I've missed some episodes (bad Sarah!) but the ones I've seen have been pretty decent. To tell you the truth, I didn't eXpect to be too thrilled with it for several reasons, mainly just for the simple fact that I miss the Vancouver writers. The LA writers try, but it's just not the same. Am I alone in thinking this or am I betraying TXF? Anyway, I was really pleased with Rush because I think that teenagers want everything yesterday and everything goes too slow for them. Actually, we're all getting that way, what with the internet (oh, I'm not complaining). But it was a really good episode and I loved the ending! Pretty cool camera tricks there. Now we've been in a rerun slump and I can't wait until it starts up regular again. Till neXt time!