8:30 A.M.

"You wanted to see me, agents?" Skinner emerged from his office to see Mulder and Scully waiting for him on the couch. The agents stood up.

"I was drugged" Mulder proclaimed.

Scully looked at him sternly and slapped him on the arm.


"Yes, Yes sir, Agent Mulder and I would like to talk to you."

"Come in then."

The agents took their usual seats, and Skinner sat behind his desk.


"Oh, yeah," Mulder cleared his throat. "Well, you see sir, Agent Scully and I-I mean we've been..."

"We're getting married." Agent Scully to the rescue. She figured that this was kind of like pulling off a bandaid. It was less painful if it was done quickly.

Skinner took a deep breath, and sat silently for a moment. Finally, he spoke. "I just have one question for the two of you"

UH-OH. Here it comes.

Oh God.

"Does this mean that I have to call both of you "Agent Mulder" from now on?" The Asst. Director smiled.

Both agents let out the breath they had been holding, and they also smiled.

"Well, sir, if that's your only concern..." said Scully.

"Look, you're both good agents. I know that you'd never do anything to jeopordize your work. I have faith that you will continue to do your jobs well, and if you do, everything will work out fine. I do know that if you're as good at being married as you are at your jobs, you'll have a very successful marriage. Congratulations."

"Thank you sir." replied Mulder.

"So," Skinner asked, "when's the wedding?"

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