Scully walked into the church, trying to maintain her composure for something that probably was one of the hardest things in her life to do. She hadn't been to confession since the time after she let that innocent girl die, now she was here because her guilt wouldn't allow her to continue normally in life, until she confessed her latest mistake. At another time, maybe she would have laughed at the irnoy of only coming to confesion when she did something terrible, and she would have figured she should take the hint and come to church more often. But this situation was much too dire for her to be thinking about anything else. She had created a wall around herself to not let her emotions escape her, so she was able to do this.

She walked into the confessional and sat down calmly, she stared intently at the floor, trying to gain enough courage to speak.

"For give me, Father, for I have sinned," she said in a shaky voice.

"What is it Dana?" Father McQue asked.

"I killed an innocent man and I don't know if I can live with myself fo it," she stated as briefly and quickly as possible.

"Would you feel better if you talked with me about it?" asked Father McQue.

"Yes, I think I would if I can," said Scully as she clossed her eyes and gathered all thoughts as to how she could tell him this latest turn of events.

"Last night, Mulder and I were on the trail of a possible murder suspect. We were staking out the park when he appeared at the far side of the park. We pretended we were just out for a stroll and walked along, taking in all his actions. As we were nearing him, he pulled something out of his pocket that we saw in the glow of the moon, glinted like a knife. A woman was walking by him and he grabbed her and tried to drag her into the patch of trees on the outskirts of the park. So, Mulder went around behind the trees to get him from behind, while I moved into position in front of him, and I called for back-up and then I yelled 'Freeze, FBI' and he froze for a second and let the screaming woman go, she crawled over towards me and I asked her if she had any injuries, all the while I had my gun trained on the suspect. She didn't answer me, so for a moment I turned my attention to her, to make sure she was all right. When I looked back up at the suspect, he had a gun pointed at me, ready to fire, so Mulder came up quickly behind him and tackled him. In the process the gun went flying a few feet to the right of where they both now lay. Mulder was struggling, trying to get control and I saw that the suspect had been able to pick up the momentarily forgotten handgun. In a panic, I raised the gun and realized there was no way this was going to end peacefully, so I carefully took aim at the suspect as him and Mulder fought, each trying to gain the edge over the other."

She took a deep breath and continued, "When I saw that the suspect had brought the gun up and wasn't going to hesitate to shoot Mulder, I decided that it was now or never. Mulder's life was in danger, so I guess I wasn't thinking very clearly, when I fired. I saw the bullet hit and the man fell backwards. The other man now stood and looked down trying to catch his breath from the struggle, he then walked away, and I assumed that he was trying to calm down from what had just happened. Little did I know that I really had no idea what was going on." Scully's voice cracked at that, and she tried t finish the last part of her painful recollection of what happened.

"He continued to walk, until he was out of sight, so I decided to check the fallen man, to see if he was dead or if I should call the paramedics." Scully now started to cry as she said, "He was dead."

Father McQue, obviously confused at Scully's distraught over killing this serial killer, asked, "You saw him attack that woman, Dana, so then, why did you say you killed an innocent man?"

Scully brought her tear stained face up and looked for the first time into his eyes as she used all the strength she had left to say, "Because it was Mulder that I killed."

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