It was hard being so unidentifiable. I fyou ever thought that having a twin was bad then how would you like to have 50 identical siblings. That wasn't even the worst part, it was the space that you are allowed to live in, it's so cramped and confined that you have to stand all the time. when ever someone would let me out the pure joy i would have at the release. You wouldn't understand unlees you've actually experianced it, i hope that you never do.

Usually i would be let out by a woman. She was a beautiful, short red head. She always took such care as not to break me. It was almost like a romance the way that she used me. Today i wasn't so fortunate, and it wasn't just me either all my siblings were tortured today to.....

He was way to rough the way he shoved my head into the dark, suffocating hole. I had to be sharper, otherwise his evil plan wouldn't work. I wondered where the woman was, i know that she would have never allowed such mistreatment of me. She would have scoulded him as usual and he would have given her his puppy dog eyes, then she would have stiffled a forgiving smile and he would then gently place me back. But today she was no where in sight to rescue me. I was doomed to the fate chosen by this man.

I could he hear the screams of my fellow siblings as he repeated the whole head shoving incident with them. He was lining us up, so articulatly. as if it was an art, a sciece, funny how science had never guided him before. Just my luck that it would start now. I knew i was beyond saving i just hoped that it would be quick and painless.

Finally he finished with all of my brothers and sisters, all of us lined up evenly, all sharpened and precisly so. He smiled at his handy work for a while just thinking of the emotional high he is about to have at my expense. As he is now done admiring his hady work he is now ready for the next step. He brings his arm back sloly as to not lose the aim or accuracy. then whoosh his hand comes speeding down. Whack, i go flying up, my head now painully stuck in the ceiling. I can look down and make out that the man is preparing for another round.

As he is almost done with the preparations he is very quiet and cautious. then i hear the sweetest sound in the world, the turn of a door knob. Quickly the man tries to hide what he is doing, very unslickly i might add, as the woman graces us with her peseance. He tries to play it off like he wasn't doing anything. I wiggle a little, i fi can do this, the slight pain i will feel will all be worth it. They carry on a conversation below me, she is very suspicious to what he has been up to. Yes i'm almost there. Ahhh, it worked, i fall smack on the mans head and cause the woman to look up and see this event that has taken place in her absences. She does the eyebrow thing and simply says "I don't want to know."